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Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by horsescomefirst, Sep 18, 2010.

  1. horsescomefirst

    horsescomefirst Well-known Member

    can i ask EVP why you arnt training your own horses since you know so much??:confused:
  2. EVP

    EVP Gold Member

    Thats easy.........I KNOW when I don't have what it takes to do something really well, and am smart enough to leave it to the experts. I breed em, someone else trains em......racers and performance horses.
  3. Jonty3

    Jonty3 Guest

    Let it go mature enough to say enough is enough!
  4. EVP

    EVP Gold Member

    Seriously Jonty its no big deal.........don't fret over it........its been a good informative thread even if slightly off-track.

    It has highlighted many things about racing that probably not many people knew.....especially since the racing codes are in conflict over the use of *that hormone that will remain unnamed....lolol*.

    It is legal to use in the my first few posts in the other thread stated, there are moves afoot to bring harness in-line with gallops in this regard.

    The question asked has been asked at many levels.....Is the use of hormones 'performing enhancing'?? I guess that depends on the individual.
    Once "legal" people can do as they see fit.........ethically though it does warrant discussion?

    If a mare races/competes terribly because of her behaviour, is given hormones and then races/competes well, did the drugs give her an advantage she would otherwise not have got? And is this advantage considered "performance enhancing"???????????

    Interesting, because once given the green light in racing codes, most things flow through to performance horses ect.
  5. Jonty3

    Jonty3 Guest

    Ok as long as you shake hands and make up, im cool with that!

    (wouldnt go the kissing bit)
  6. EVP

    EVP Gold Member

    Well I don't think that will happen any time soon.......but I don't get all personal and rude.....
    If you put it out there, someone will call you on it, and thats a FORUM!

    Viva democracy! @)
  7. Jonty3

    Jonty3 Guest

    ha ha....:D
  8. glittabug

    glittabug New Member

    **) Horsecomesfirst...thought I would let you know what has absolutely worked for my pony! After the biopsy results were examined at Murdoch, I was given 'Advantan' to rub onto the affected areas once a day for one week. This was also bandaged and a bell boot put on the hoof, thus eliminating any sunlight on the scabs. Well...the whole lot has GONE!!! It cleared up before my eyes!!! Now this may not work for every case but I now have a pony I can show and compete with. I will continue to cover the legs, through the Summer, with flyboots as this will also cut out some of the sunlight. It may, or may not, have been greasy heel....who knows!! What I do know for sure it that IT'S GONE!!! Very interesting discussion, by the way!!!**)
  9. EVP

    EVP Gold Member

    So glad that this preparation worked for your boy.......nothing worse than something that just won't clear up. The cream is used widely for Eczema, as it has a good anti-inflamatory result. This is because the active ingredient is is a corticosteriod.

    As such the use of this product might contravene the Rules of Racing...
    Steriodal compounds can cause problems so this would need to be clarified with the Chief Veterinary officer.
  10. glittabug

    glittabug New Member

    Hiya. Yes the Vets have said this can cause problems if given IV but the cream does not act 'systemically'??? and is not nearly as strong when applied to the surface area. Quite honestly, I was beginning to despair that I would EVER find a solution. I believe it is swabbable for a week after the last application, so that would need to be examined when competing. For the present I am just happy to look at this 'beautiful leg' again!! No scabs, no cracks, no swelling......just pink skin and white hair!!!! YES!!!!! :) ;) :)
  11. EVP

    EVP Gold Member

    Isn't it funny we all love seeing horses born with "bling" and chrome....until we as owner/riders have to manage there little feeties....lolol

    Sometimes when those over the counter remedies don't work you have to pull out the big guns....and honestly horses hate sore feet....even a stone bruise will have them whinging!!
    Glad he's on the mend!! :)*

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