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  1. Leti loves Elmo

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    Sorry I meant they just thought it had a withholding period same as HCF did. EVP for christ are over state from were your horses are being trained you have NO IDEA what is going on there stop acting like you do. He is rough as guts and he's very proud of it. There is 3 of us on here that know him and say the say thing about him..

    About 90% of the harness industry Australia wide must be unprofessional then..Unfortunatley the rules are broken and they always will be.

    He has a very unusual system but yes he wins races. He admitted he doesnt wash them on the documentry... He wins because they are fit. Fitter then any other horses in Vic. They are WA fit. Yes there is a difference.
  2. Spider n Toby

    Spider n Toby Gold Member

    A horse won't win or do well, if it isn't in a good state. If the horse is skin and bones like people say these horses are, I can highly doubt that the trainer is continuously producing winners..
  3. EVP

    EVP Gold Member

    What you think I have never seen them in the flesh?
    I have horses in Queensland to.......
    What I've never been to the races or competitions either?

    Yep, I class anyone who breaks the rules as unprofessional - guess I just have a higher standard than some......I call anyone who doesn't know the rules they are meant to play by as completely unprofessional......
    You think footballers don't know the rules of the game?....oh pleease.

    And from an owners perspective this is bad how?
    He wins because they are fit........fitter than any other horses in Vic.....and this is different to what I said "healthy, happy and fit races well"?????

    Ok you say he doesn't wash his horses?

    Can you show me anywhere it says that washing horses makes them race faster?


    Sorry...but thats hilarious. Just as funny as saying that red cars go faster.

    If the fact that my trainer doesn't wash his horses everyday is your reason for the posts.....well I am very sad.....that just breaks my heart. I'll be sure to sprinkle some water over them next time we're down there.

    My Qld horses don't get much bath water either........when you rug them after working them and scrap and towel dry you don't need any shampooing...just a quick hose.

    I think that makes trainers very environmentally conscious!
  4. Spider n Toby

    Spider n Toby Gold Member

    I don't really know many trainers that do wash there horses? A hose down after work yes.. but other then that?

    Wasn't there a famous trainer who NEVER washed or BRUSHED his horses as he wanted to see what there coats was like, as it meant they were healthy?

    Plus washing your horses to often is bad, takes out all the natural minerals or something *#)

    Didn't you know EVP.. Red ones DO go faster! and yours horses are ONLY winning because they are being chased by a car, terrified, emotionally scared, and are a bag of bones with really bad skin diseases.. Tell me.. if there was a horse TAHT bag.. in the PUBLIC EYE.. do you really think nothing would be done? I highly doubt the stewards/vets letting a bag of bones/traumatised/skin diseased horse race that will be seen on tv and in public......';'
  5. Going round in circles

    Going round in circles Active Member

    When I say wash a horse I mine hose down after work this trainer does not hose after work only after race or trial.

    The recipe I gave you had sulfur in it
  6. Leti loves Elmo

    Leti loves Elmo Well-known Member

    Yeah I meant just plain hosing. You made a big deal out of washing for nothing, and its dirty. Leaving dry sweat on them. Its just an example of how rough he is.

    I really dont care about your horses and it really just proves my point more about T.Silivich..doesnt matter how they are trained etc as long as they win. *#)
  7. Spider n Toby

    Spider n Toby Gold Member

    Please enlighten me, and tell me EXACTLY ( a quote would be nice ) where EVP said that, he is her trainer?

    I really don't think names should be mentioned btw, it could be considered slander.
  8. Leti loves Elmo

    Leti loves Elmo Well-known Member

    Why dont you find a sentence where she denies he is her trainer too? As he name has been mentioned twice. I have never said a full name as I dont like it either.
  9. Spider n Toby

    Spider n Toby Gold Member

    She hasn't, but she hasn't said he is either!
  10. EVP

    EVP Gold Member

    I sing the praises of my trainer every cheque *aw sorry I meant chance* I get.

    AND I have mentioned him on this forum numerous times when discussing his very successful training regime. I have probably mentioned his name a dozen times on here. He is one of Australia's greatest trainers and continues to fly the flag for integrity in his daughters do now as well.

    Tall poppy syndrome....there will be those that will never get a chance to stand on the they rubbish winners from the car park.

    Its absolute crock that he doesn't "hose his horses".........the time that doco was made was when the western area of Victoria was experiencing its greatest dry spell. Queensland ect and parts of WA would be no different.

    I'm sure if the horses could talk they say they'd prefer to drink the water rather than bathe in it.....lolol

    There are trainers.....and then their are horsemen.....Peter Manning is a horseman, he lets his number of winners talk for him.....lolol

    I'm 300K richer for knowing him.

    And this comment says everything there is to say:-

    He has a very unusual system but yes he wins races. He admitted he doesnt wash them on the documentry... He wins because they are fit. Fitter then any other horses in Vic.

    Really, what else do people own race horses for?
  11. Going round in circles

    Going round in circles Active Member

    Well I'm not a tall poppy and I have worked with many group one winners. I have personlly trained group 2 winners mine haven't had that extra bit of spark to go to group 1 but Im happy with what I have done and I don't tell rumors I only say what I have seen or heard with my own eyes and ears
  12. Jonty3

    Jonty3 Guest

    Can we go back to the original comments on this thread....?
  13. Mater

    Mater Well-known Member

    But this is better than a soap opera.

    "You said this"
    "No I didn't, but you said this"
    "but you're wrong"
    "no you are"
    "well you smell bad and your mother dresses you funny"
    "don't say that about my friend"
    "who asked you?"
    "hey leave her alone"

    etc. etc.
  14. EVP

    EVP Gold Member

    Then I suggest you get together all your information and take it to officials.
    The reason for MY persistence about the Rules of Racing is for the very same reason......the rules exist for a reason. Am I passionate about the code of racing - yep you bet. Am I passionate about drug cleanness and integrity in racing - you bet. Correcting someone who makes ridiculous statements about drugs and their allowance in racing had to be commented on - even if those people didn't like being corrected or exposed. Posting that stuff is no different to someone posting about neglected riding horses or cases of abuse........ethics comes in lots of forms.

    By your own admission you haven't had Group 1 such I think you proved the point I was making.
    Your achievements are probably wonderful and are very much deserved.....but to assume that the people who do it better don't deserve their acclaim is not very flattering to the sport of racing - either code.

    Some people do thing better and get better results........its those that don't quiet get there that will always want to cover up their own inadequacies by rubbishing those at the top of the tree.....
    Instead of being happy for successes at every level of racing - from the single horse trainer, to the big outfit.....those people just don't like to see others doing well.
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  15. Going round in circles

    Going round in circles Active Member

    If I went to the stewards about what I know there would be no industry your trainer would get done to.

    Trainers can get race day drugs from stock feeders and these will not swab.

    The big trainers have the money for testing their gear so they don't get caught.

    All the trainers that I know in wa and vic all cheat
  16. Going round in circles

    Going round in circles Active Member

    Also some of the group 1 winner that i have worked with have been horses that I did the training program for and worked personally the trainer didn't get on with them so handed to me put the horse wasn't in my name as trainer so I can't take the credit.

    All the stables I have worked in I get up to foreman position in a few months have even been asked to move to america as a assisstant trainer but I will not leave oz
  17. Jonty3

    Jonty3 Guest

    This is pretty good, but not really benefiting do realise when mods get a hold of this they are going to close this thread!

    Take your he said she saids elsewhere, although I am having a laugh at these two bitching and moaning about racing etc....

    Isnt there a racing thread also??? yes go there instead!
  18. Going round in circles

    Going round in circles Active Member

    You are right jonty3 I got a bit heated sorry.

    I just don't like people acting high and mighty when they don't know the truth
  19. Jonty3

    Jonty3 Guest

    ok, I think we all got the message!
  20. EVP

    EVP Gold Member

    I think authorities in any sport take legitimate complaints from credible sources VERY seriously.

    Of course someone crying foul without industry credibility won't get past the elevators.

    If all the trainers you know in WA & Victoria are cheats.....I suggest a new circle of friends.....lololol

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