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Discussion in 'Horse and Rider Safety' started by crave, Aug 10, 2003.

  1. crave

    crave Well-known Member

    Do you think for safety reasons that there should be rules when out riding? We've been out around the hills in Gidge a number of times and had people scream up from behind us and gallop past without any warning. My TB gets very alarmed and I also have my 2 young girls on their ponies to worry about. We were out when the last endurance day was on and it was a nightmare. There was no notice to anyone that the ride was taking place (to local residents I mean) if I had known we would have ridden somewhere else . Lots of young kids ride out with their freinds up there and could get into a lot of trouble.

  2. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member

    I agree...I always slow down and walk past people when their riding their horses. The I'd wait until we are ages away and speeding up isn't a problem. When in the bush and I see other people I slow down and move closer to them. Its worse to be further away cuz their horses can hear you but can't see you and I know when someone does that when I'm on Arnie is horrible. He goes crazy and doesn't know what direction their coming from. Although the other week Vix (Mys Cutie) and I were out on a ride and we were trotting and went by someone else riding out. It was out of control...we slowed and stopped while her horse bucked, reared, bolted in and out of the ditchs...she had no control...we asked if she was ok and she would like us to wait or follow her so she gets home a much ruder way she told us to get lost. I found this rather rude but calmly walked the horses until we were a safe distance...

  3. Goldpally

    Goldpally Active Member

    I would never bolt up behind someone and pass rudely without saying anything . It is usually nice to say hello - some young girls hooned up behind me and my daughter the other day - said " nice horse " and I replied " he is only a baby" , then they bolted off - good experience for him but they obviously didn't get the hint !!
    I agree that there could be some rules - as added parts to basic road rules .
  4. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member

    Where abouts are your horses Goldpally?...

  5. Goldpally

    Goldpally Active Member

    I live in Boddington and they live on 30 acres about 10 mins away from town . We have great bush riding and if I want to do some " serious" stuff I just float them in to town and use the old pony club facilities or use someone's paddock in town if I have an event on. My parents own 60 acres in Serpentine and if they are spelling they go down there .Until I win lotto and buy a horse property - wishful thinking !!
  6. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member

    Oh ok cuz I was out on a ride the other day with my friend and we came across a mother and daughter riding...We couldn't settle our horses so we had to get away from them fast...also Arnie had his eye on the pony and was trying to get out of my control to have a go...and I said the same thing "nice horse"...

  7. sjb

    sjb New Member

    I agree that rules would be helpful - although unfortunately no amount of rules will give some people some common sense.

    On a related topic, can someone please explain the rules of riding in an arena with others? I believe there are rules in these circumstances (something about 'left shoulder to left shoulder' rings a bell?) but I don't know what they are ..... Thanks
  8. Zahira

    Zahira Well-known Member

    Yep that is correct sjb......
  9. Denny

    Denny Well-known Member

    OK........ Arena Rules...

    Always mount/dismount on the centre line.

    Always walk on an inner track.. not on the outside.

    The following movements ALWAYS have right of way.. Half Pass; Tempi Flying Changes, Piaffe, Passage, Leg Yielding, Shoulder in; Traver and Renver; Canter Pirouettes

    Always give way to some one riding at a faster pace ie walk gives way to trot; trot gives way to canter.

    Pass left shoulder to left shoulder....... except for the above two rules.

    Look Up when riding.... and look to where you are going.... Quite often people get soo bogged down in what they are doing they never look up to see a rider coming towards them in half pass etc....

    When entering an Indoor School always call out "Door Clear" and wait for a rider to answer before opening the door!

    I hope this helps!!!
  10. sjb

    sjb New Member

    Thanks Denny - this is very clear.
  11. Ali

    Ali Well-known Member

    I was reading through some of my UK horse mags on the subject of riding/road safety and some of the things they mentioned seemed abit silly. As an example one was;" If you are having trouble with your mount whilst on a road,raise and lower one arm to signal to on coming traffic to slow down" All well and good in theory BUT if I'm having trouble with a horse I'd been more concerned with keeping both hands on the reins!! Also knowing the lack of hand signal knowledge of most drivers they'd probabley just think you were waving and wave back????????

  12. sjb

    sjb New Member

    I laughed when I read your post as this is exactly what happened to us on Sunday. My partner's thoroughbred was performing high speed spins on the edge of the road for some reason best known to himself and he had lost a stirrup. A car was travelling towards us and the driver was staring at us - hence tending to veer towards us. I help up my hand (like Stop!! - or at least 'please please slow down') and she WAVED back at me, veered back to her side and carried on at around 70kms an hour. I was only grateful she didn't beep!
  13. crave

    crave Well-known Member

    I remember years ago staying on a property in Margaret River and posted on the trees along the very long driveway were signs that read "children at play ..slow down" Wouldnt it be great if we could have the Main Roads Dept. post these signs in known horsey areas?

  14. EmC

    EmC New Member

    Our Shire (Mundaring) has done a similiar thing in the hills. On our road there are signs warning people that there will be horses & riders on the road. It doesn't say slow down but it should as some of the cars still don't slow down! I don't know how widespread these signs are in the shire though!

    This may sound funny to some but we find the motorbikes out on the bush tracks more courteous than the cars on the road!! The bikes either slow down to a virtual stop or do stop until we have passed!!!
  15. sil

    sil Gold Member

    There are road rules in place for both riders and drivers. Essentially as far as the law is concerned, the horse is the same as the bicycle - ie use bicycle road rules.

    Ride on the left, on the road (not the path), Use bike arm signals. Don't ride tandem on a road.

    Wear a safety vest with a warning on the back when you ride like 'caution slow down' or '20' in a red circle


    ~ Do as much as it takes, do as little as it takes. ~
  16. echo

    echo Well-known Member

    Hey when i was doing trail riding on echo a year before i got him. Thats all the people use to do is just hoon their horses past u without any warning... one time echo freake don a bit of wire and pigrooted to the side and bolter about 20 metres then i got him into controll, i heard these older teens saying "i hate it how people just bolt up behind us" now if they new what happend they would have shut up, i have seen then hooning around before i was gonna say a rude remark back but i had to calm echo down without exciting him more

    Mel and Echo

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