Court bans woman from owning horses

Discussion in 'News Items' started by Firedance, May 11, 2010.

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    Court bans woman from owning horses
    Posted Thu Apr 29, 2010 2:39pm AEST

    Map: Geraldton 6530 The RSPCA has welcomed a Geraldton magistrate's decision to permanently ban a woman convicted of animal cruelty from owning horses.

    a woman was found guilty yesterday of failing to provide five horses with enough food and failing to take reasonable steps to alleviate the harm and suffering of a goose.

    she was fined $4,000 and ordered to pay the RSPCA more than $27,000 in costs associated with rehabilitating the animals.

    The society's Tim Mayne says the penalty sends a clear message to would-be offenders.

    "The court was shocked to hear the condition of the horses, as would anyone who's owned horses or animals," he said.

    "The handing out of this sentence is a clear message to people that if they're going to own animals, they have a clear responsibility to take care of them, feed them properly and not neglect them."

    Outside the court, she insisted she had done nothing wrong and said she was disappointed at the decision.

    "I fed my horses and my gander, I love my animals, I've got no life without my animals, they are my life," she said.
  2. WildandFree

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    bout bloody time someone got done for animal cruelty people get off way to softy

  3. Teddie1980

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    Yay a win for the animals!!!
  4. Second Chance was asked if we could arrange foster/adoption homes for these horses but we are FULL.

    If you can offer short or long term homes for these horses please contact the RSPCA shelter directly. There are 3 standardbred geldings, a TB mare, a TB x mare and a Shetland stallion.
  5. rimes

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    Well done on the courts banning someone from owning animals, it should happen more often.

    Just a question Merrylegs, if the lady has to "pay the RSPCA more than $27,000 in costs associated with rehabilitating the animals" Where does the money go, does it go to the volunteers that look after these starved horses???
    Surely getting that amount of money, the RSPCA can afford to look after these horses themselves. I am not starting a fight in anyway(just curious :D), just wondering what happens with the money when so many volunteers rehabilitate these animals at their own cost (or do they???).
  6. Eoroe

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    Halleluijah :)

    Good to hear - the comment that she didnt feel she did anything wrong, perfectly sums up WHY it was the best descision that she has been banned.

    honselty - I think she should be banned from owning any animals or having children. She obviouslty lack all skills in empathy.

    Good result **)
  7. That I just don't know - I imagine some would go toward all the vet bills and believe me if they were in poor enough condition to be seized and the court to ban her they must have been horrific - but other than that I couldn't say as I don't know how it all works.

    The RSPCA's biggest drama with these horses is lack of places to put them - they already have several in their very limited paddocks at the shelter from another recent case, like us they're struggling for room.
  8. Bon & Ted

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    hey ML, do you know with the short term homes needed if they will help you out with the funds to feed them?

    I have a couple of spots at my mums place...
  9. Babe

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    Where are the horses located at the moment??
  10. Bon & Ted - I don't know I am sorry, please contact the RSPCA to find out.

    Babe - 3 are coming to Perth this week (or perhaps have already arrived?) and the others are still in Geraldton but will be brought down too.
  11. chick_with_a_chainsaw

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    well clearly not properly/if at all if they have been taken off her
  12. Exactly CWAC - so many people do not and cannot realise that its not just feeding. Also they often will not realise that they aren't feeding nearly enough (Topaz, Hope, Romeo... the list goes on), they're feeding the wrong thing (like ponies we got that were living on chicken feed!), or they're feeding too much! Sometimes they're feeding but the horse's hooves go years without care or injuries do not get seen to by a vet when they need it.

    This attitude is so common and exactly why prosecutions can be vital in protecting animals.

    And sometimes they're just downright liars. So sad. :(
  13. Sharaway

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    yep, we looked at one that was free the other day, she was feeding it an icecream container of kind and cool a day, if she had time with the baby to remember to feed it, and was wondering why it was skin and bone, did I mention she still rode it like this.

    The good news here is that she with some help from the vet, the transport people and myself has made the right decision to have the horse put down before it falls over dead.

    Note, horse had other issue also.
  14. oldnag

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    What astounds me is when the owners of these neglected horses throw their arms up in the air and say "What??? I didn't do anthing wrong, poor me"? Makes me nuts... Are they really that stupid.

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