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    HALODON New Member

    I am posting on here for one of our agistees about their pony.
    He has had a cough for about two weeks now, he gets a bit of a runny/pus nose also. But he is not showing signs of anyhting, he is happy as larry, eating normal, everthing normal except he coughs and has runny nose.
    The vet came out on Tuesday and so far she thinks it is an allergy to something, so he is getting his hay watered down before eating and a very wet hard feed. So far nothig has changed apart from the fact that it seems he is actually getting worse';'
    I think the vet is coming again tomorrow to see him.

    Would you know what this is? from any experience you may have had with something similar.
  2. EVP

    EVP Gold Member

    Yep could def be an allergic reaction to the change in the seasons (pollen, dust, hair, new grasses).....but it could also be an infection of some kind - hence the yellowy snot. *yuck*

    Does he have a temperature? Check that. How old is pony? Has pony been transported lately or got a new paddock friend?

    He could have a respiratory infection or nasal/sinus infection, or something happening with teeth...all these thing can contribute to the snot.

    At worst the vet will prob give some Pen, but if he suggest Pen see if you can get it in oral form (powder).....Tucoprim, Bromotrimadine, Uniprim....ect...
    that way you won't have to needle twice a day.

    Good luck!! :)*

    HALODON New Member

    No we havent checked his temperature, good idea!
    He is 5 in December and hasnt been transported anywhere recently, he got a new paddock buddy about 7 weeks ago.
    He is growing tushes though, so that could have something to do with the snot?

    Thanks for the great advice:) much appreciated!
  4. EVP

    EVP Gold Member

    Yeah check his temp......maybe the paddock chum bought some baggage with him....I wouldn't have though it would take that long to incubate something, but who knows if it went elsewhere first and got him last.....lolol

    Get the vet to put on a gag and check out his teeth (with a torch)....all the way to the back......if the cheek teeth are involved you want to check it.

    Even if the vet can't find anything too specific, he might give a broad-spectrum antibiotic anyway.....but see if he'll give you powder or paste....I would HATE to needle a pony!!! ;)

    HALODON New Member

    My mare is in the paddock next to these two, they have contact over the fence and she is all good.
    I will make sure the vet checks his teeth out:) and im glad I can ask for a powder for pen! I had no idea you could. PHEW, I hate needles.
    He hasn't had his teeth done in over a year also which is most likely contributing to the snot if it is a tooth thing, we just cannot get a dentist up here to do any of our horses, have been trying since March or something to get one up. Dont think they can find the time.
  6. Marlee

    Marlee Well-known Member

    My TB gets respiratory infections quite a lot, probably caused by allergies. He is on anti-biotics for it now, third time in two years. If I leave it he has developed pneumonia so worth getting it checked out. He tends to cough phlegm out of his mouth more than his nose though. Took him to the vets once and they said he looked fine but I got them to scope him and his throat was full of phelgm, anti-biotics usually clears it.

    I also wet down all his feed and put hay on the ground or damp in a low hanging bag so he has to look down to eat. Still seems to get an infection every so often though.

    HALODON New Member

    yes, will look ionto that also. He gets fed from the ground for his hay usually and his hard feed is hanging only 30cm from the ground. Although I was looking at the agistees feed yesterday and their chaff seemed a bit more dusty than usual chaff, alot more dusty than mine. I thought that could be irritating him a bit.

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