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Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by Antyk, Nov 4, 2007.

  1. Antyk

    Antyk Well-known Member

    I bought 2 kool master cotton combos for my 2 friesians and they had those silly little push together plastic clips on the leg straps, I saw the clips and thought to myself they don't look very strong maybe I should change them for some metal dog clips that rugs usually have, then as it happens I ran out of time and put them on as they were (silly silly me) in a matter of 2 days the clips had broken one rug was now in 3 pieces and the other was found in the middle of the paddock in one piece just one strap broken, how he managed to get out of it and still have it all done up is beyond me.

    Hence now if I see those silly plastic clips on leg straps I will change them out before the rug even goes on.
  2. Elanda

    Elanda Gold Member

    yep, I have a Canta cotton combo, came with "lovely" plastic clips, all broken by second use. Why would people making horse rugs bother to save 20c when it could mean turning people of buying the rugs altogether:confused:
  3. Maree4

    Maree4 Gold Member

    I love the good old metal slips, winnie has only managed to break the metal clips on one rug, his canvas, but they were not the best quality, other than that never had a problem. Have you managed to save at least one of the rugs:D
  4. Horsetalk

    Horsetalk Well-known Member

    Had the same problem with the plastik clips. Lasted one good roll and snapped. Brand new rug in bits and pieces now.#(

    It was not cheap, WA made and that company has plastic clips on canvas rugs also...

    And do they have a friendly service, NO they don't, they abuse you over the phone.#( #( #(

    Go the metall clips.:D
  5. deschuur

    deschuur Gold Member

    I have metal clips on all my rugs, once had a rug with plastic ones that did not last 20mins:(

    However Frits still manages to destroy rugs on a regular basis or if I am lucky he manages to get out of them.

    I find that Frits gets toooo hot in rugs anyway so spends most of the year without rugs, only time I rug him is for flies and now that he has destroyed that rug he is on his own. I also found that he sweated under rugs, even cotton ones, which was worse for his coat because of the salt in the sweat than him being exposed to sunlight.
  6. Elanda

    Elanda Gold Member

    Check that they are cotton rugs not poly cotton. Most rugs are poly cotton, you can get pure cotton if you look around.
  7. deschuur

    deschuur Gold Member

    he has had both, but the latest one was a pure cotton, he still gets hot under them.
  8. Heifer

    Heifer Gold Member

    my canvases and cottons have plastic clips and ive never ever had a problem with them breaking? they wear them full time all winter - 2 canvas rugs, 2 canvas neck rugs, 2 cotton rugs, 2 cotton neck rugs - not one clip broken? how are they breaking them? I thought if anyone would be tough on rugs buckley would be - he's umm active haha! and paddocked 24/7
  9. Antyk

    Antyk Well-known Member

    I have found that they are breaking while the horse is rolling, I think it has a lot to do with the quality of the plastic clips,s some last longer than others but in the end they will all break.
  10. El_equine

    El_equine Well-known Member

    I always swap the plastic clips & I replace them with stainless steel metal clips, they cost a bit more, but they outlast the life of the rug.
    I have also taken to looking around a bit more for rugs that have a higher cotton content, the poly cotton is easier to clean but not really suitable for real hot or static days (JMHO) :)
  11. Marianne

    Marianne Gold Member

    I have 4 skypark rugs, two cottons two cottoncanvas. Three of these rugs are over 7 years old and I've never had any problems with the clips. The rugs are still in great condition. A couple of nicks out of them here and there. I think the benifit of the plastic clip is that if your horse gets into trouble then the clip will release itself.

    I think with rugs you get what you pay for.

    Over the weekend I bought one of those Breeze Way rugs for my girl. I'd held of until now as she was still growing. Very nice fit. You get the best of both worlds. If you're like me and prefer your horse nude then this rug gives you the compromise. It's a half nude rug more or less.

    Just found out that Kool Coat are doing a similar idea of half/half and that's going to retail for just under $100 so $30 cheaper then the Breezeway rug. Food for thought. They are due into store soonish
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  12. izzy2512

    izzy2512 Gold Member

    My sunsets canvas has clips and it's lasted, but my horse is kinda lazy in the paddock hhaha
  13. supersezabell

    supersezabell Well-known Member

    *touchwood* i must be lucky haha we've had success with plastic straps- 2 of my ponys colder month rugs have them- cotton and polar fleece and my dads horses cotton and 2 polarfleeces (spares) have them and outta all of them being used 2/3 seasons now have only had 1 clip break on my ponys fleece which was actually my fault when i didnt realise the clip had pushed through the wrong bit and one of the "forks" broke off lol.
  14. Heifer

    Heifer Gold Member

    id rather the clips broke then have them rip off the rug... so i like the plastic clips. plus they are nicer to do up in freezing weather!
  15. C HORSE

    C HORSE Well-known Member

    I rather the plastic clips as the metal snap clips get sand in them and are a pain to open or the spring goes and they stay open..
    I have never had a plastic clip break on me yet....
    I love the skye park cottons they last for years.

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