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  1. cobbie

    cobbie Gold Member

    I know this has been done before but with feed prices changing all the time thought i'd do another one.

    Am just wondering what it costs you to feed per horse, if you could include your horses details (height/breed/work) as well and what you feed that would be great :)
  2. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member

    *edit* forgot horse details!*

    Oooook lets give this a go:

    King rising 4 year old arab stallion, currently not in work - only on a hay roll and super fat. He'll be in work soon and back on hard feed but at the moment at $70 for a hay roll and it takes him min 4 weeks to eat he's costing me $17.50 a week!

    Tawny rising 3 year old shetland colt, never in work! - he gets hay off of another hay roll twice a day, he costs a few dollars to feed a week!

    Sadie purebred arabian mare, I hop on now and bum around the paddock on her bareback but couldn't even call it light work! She's also over obese! and Karla soon to be weaning purebred arabian filly, also on watch for being obese! - on a hay roll and super fat. Takes them maybe two weeks to eat so their at $35 a week.

    Cobber 7 year old thoroughbred gelding, light work on and off- he isn't fed anything. Not even a hay roll, he's free.

    Jazz, thoroughbred mare, cooking a foal - she's free too ;).

    I currently have no-one on hard feed however when the colder weather hits Cobber and Jazz will go on something to help with weight and King will be fed due to work requirements. Jazz is pregnant so obviousy will be fed later on too.
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  3. Freestyle

    Freestyle Well-known Member

    I'm feeding 7 horses (3 race horses in full work, mare and 4 month old foal, 1 race horse that is spelling and a 32 year old retiree).

    Including supplements and hay it comes out to just over $30 per horse per week.

    Race horses get powertorque, lucerne chaff, wheaten chaff, hay, electrolytes (regain) and white e.

    spelling, retiree and mare and foal get chaff, lucerne chaff, grower and weaner pellets, copra, hay and vit/min supplements (cell vital and cell grow)
  4. Heifer

    Heifer Gold Member

    Quiz is on week 3 with his ($80) hay roll. He's on a small amount of feed (2 mitavite scoops of lucern chaff and 1.5cups copra a day)
  5. Noelle

    Noelle Gold Member


    Spring - Chaff, lucerne chaff, biotin, Cell Provide : $80 pw

    Reilly - Chaff, lucerne chaff, biotin, Cell Provide : $80 pw

    Collins - Chaff, lucerne chaff, biotin, Economix : $85 pw

    Bobby - Chaff, lucerne chaff, biotin, Gumnuts : $90 pw

    plus 2 bales of hay per day for all 4 horses (included in above prices)

    Somehow I dont know that I wanted to know the above costs :p

    Says a lot for having your own pasture. I have kikuyu paddocks (smallish) which really isnt enough for them.
  6. buggalugs

    buggalugs Well-known Member

    my big guys are on agistment....

    so my wb x tb x ash x paint filly who is 8mths and measured 143cm last week is costing me about $22/week and is on growtorque, lucerne chaff, husk and hay... shes nice and easy!!!
  7. Freestyle

    Freestyle Well-known Member

    Noelle - are you saying that it costs you $335 each week to feed 4 horses?! Ouch!!
  8. Debonair

    Debonair Well-known Member

    i have bare paddocks, 3 horses at them moment go thru...
    1 bale a day meadow ( $5 per bale )
    1 bale in 2 days oaten hay ( $9 per bale )
    1 bag oaten chaff week ( $16 per bag )
    1 bag lucern chaff in 3 weeks ( $19 ber bag )
    speedibeet lasts me couple months ( not sure of price )
    studmaster ( for yearling ) lasts bout 6 weeks (not sure of price )
    museli lasts about 6 weeks too for mare and yearling ( not sure on price...)
    but say $5 per week for each of the last 3...
    so.. bout $90 for the 3..
    15.2hh QH geld 11 yrs in medium work ( when he finally gets sound! )15h 16 yr old Arab mare in light work and 13h bitza yealing geld.
    plus i pay $10 a week for each horse agistment :)*
    then there is feet $120 every 4-5 weeks. bowen or accupuncture generally every 2 months @ $70ish...
    i'm gonna stop now before i start adding up new rugs each season and vet bills!
    but love em and wouldnt have it any other way!
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  9. Bon & Ted

    Bon & Ted Guest

    Jingles - 7 year old, 16.2 big framed mare. In work 4-5 times a week so light work really.
    hard feed is Hygain Balanced and Lucerne chaff. Costs me $18 a week in hard feed + $25 a week in hay = $43 per week total

    Sienna - almost 2.5 years 14hh pony. hard feed costs maybe $3 a week, as it's literally a sympathy feed *#). Whiff of Lucerne, equmin and a handful of muesli + $25 a week in hay = $28 per week total

    they're on a hay roll now, access to it 24/7 gets 7-10 days out of it. But they are now on restricted access LOL so should start getting 2 - 3 weeks out of it :D

    Oh and we have NO grazing, lovely bare paddocks *#)
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  10. pso

    pso Gold Member

    I'll keep out of this supplements alone cost more than some of you feed!:p
  11. Bec:)
    do you buy feed or grow your own?:)
  12. MinninupRoad

    MinninupRoad Well-known Member

    I am on full board agistment which costs me $115 a week, including chaff, lucerne, flakey bran and 2 biscuits of hay a day (and he is on reticulated, well rested paddocks from 7-5 everyday), I add to his feed Equibalance at $30 a bag, lasts just under 2 weeks, and Micro Barley that lasts me like a month, at around $22 a bag, and electrolytes which costs me like $30 and lasts months and months !!!! not sure what that equals to weekly, but it is the cheapest option/best results I have tried so far =)
  13. My horse is a 17hh 11yo Thoroughbred gelding, in medium work.

    He's on Ad-Lib hay, lucerne chaff, vit & min supp, Pegasus Liberty, Ricebran & Copra.

    He eats half a hayroll a week.

    = $42.50 hayroll
    = $12.50 in hardfeed/supps

    = $55 per week to feed

    My other boy is currently on spell, (7yo 16hh TB gelding) he's on half a hay roll a week and supps so he comes to $44 per week.
  14. weezal

    weezal New Member

    I have an 8yo 16.2 TB just coming back into work and he is costing me around $45/week to feed.

    Per day he gets

    2 biscuits lucerne hay (about 3kg)
    1kg lucerne chaff
    800g oaten chaff
    1.5kg steam rolled barley
    1kg copra
    + he is paddocked on grass 24/7

    My other horse is a semi retired 15hh stock horse x quarter horse and he is on 5+ acres of mostly knee length lush grass and I just give him a little bucket of feed probably twice a week as a treat so only costs me a few dollars.
  15. Pepsea

    Pepsea Gold Member

    jayke is on his hay roll, not overly sure how long it will take him to finish, it;s been a week and looks liek there will be another 3-4weeks. $50

    so hay ill say 4 weeks

    liberty $4.50
    shandy chaff $3.80

    weekly $ 20.80

    curretnyl being brought back into work, fat, 3.5yo... food will go up as hes in more work :D and in better condiiton(hes too fat!!)
  16. Cornflower

    Cornflower Well-known Member

    I don't know exactly, and i want to keep it that way when it comes to how much my horse is costing me *#)

    But i'd say about $40pw.

    My boy is 12yo, 16.2h, TB, and doing bugger all. Though, hopefully, he will start light work soon.

    He gets 2 hard feeds per day, making just over half of those 20L buckets.
    Equal amount oaten and lucerne chaff
    Cell Provide
    Plus 2 bics hay AM, and 3 bics PM.

    He's stabled at night, and in a paddock during the day. Our paddocks have stayed ok, and they get rotated, but the grasses are pretty-much just 'pick', except for 2 paddocks, which are overgrown.
    I agist.
  17. Nemesis

    Nemesis Well-known Member

    On meadow hay 1 roll lasts one of my arabs 4 weeks. At $44 each thats about $1.57 per day per horse.

    On grain instead of hay (10 litres - being 2.8kg's per day ) I buy a mix of at least 800kg/s which costs me $220 thats oats, lupins, chaff, minerals and conola oil. This ends up at about $.76 per day per horse.

    None of my horses work hard but they are fat as mud on this feed and so usually dont require this full amount. So I usually mix and match between the hay and grain depending on the individual horses, so these amounts are the asolute max for me, only gets cheaper from there. Ofcourse they also have access to mineral blocks as well and pasture in the paddocks when it finally rains lol
  18. glam

    glam New Member

    Hi I have to 2 horses at 2 locations.

    1is a 9yr stb geld - he is on 43 acres of improved pasture with only 3 other horses. He also recieves 1 kg pellets 250g luc chaff and vit& min so he costs about $8 a week.

    2 is a 4 yr stb geld on about10 acres of grass. He receives2.8 kg pellets 500gm luc chaff 1 cup oil and vit&MINS so about $25 aweek

    Plus $35 in agistment for both.
  19. Bruce the Goose

    Bruce the Goose Well-known Member

    I have 2 16hh TB both in full work, roughly $50 - $55 per week each

    Lucerne Chaff
    Oaten Chaff
    Flaked barley
    Cell provide
    Muscle xl after work
    handful of bran

    Wheaten round bales (feed out by hand not off roll)

    Not really any grass or paddock feed available.

    Cheers Tracey
  20. Elanda

    Elanda Gold Member

    Around $5 - $10 a week**)

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