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    My mare is a relatively easy keeper with one exception. She needs a lot of chiro work due to an injury. This costs $90 every couple of months.

    She is at home so I dont pay agistment.

    All she eats is meadow hay and lupins with free choice supplements. She gets hard fed in winter.

    Weekly feed average summer $20, winter $40.

    She is not normally rugged, in summer or winter (though she does have a sheet for when flies are worst). Lasts 2 years. $20/ year.

    I haven't ever had a farrier to her, I trim.

    I reckon I spend about $400 on tack/ clothing (that I dont make back when I sell) each year. But I have only gotten set up with this horse under saddle in the last two years. So it should settle down soon.

    I think I would have spent $1000 in the five years I have owned this horse on the vet ($750 just last year). Average $200

    Dentist is $60, comes every 6 months.

    Worming and vaccinations $3.40 a week.

    We have spent around $250 per horse in property maintenance and improvements each year per horse.

    This comes to a grand total of $3126

    No showing, no insurance or rego and no float hire. Even though she is cheap to feed it is still by far the largest expense.

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