Cost of owning a horse

Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by jessg, Sep 6, 2009.

  1. sil

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    Yes, and yes. It will just come down to the horse - there's a good chance if you purchase a horse that is already going barefoot with just a trim, that it won't need shoes for ongoing work, unless you change to doing a lot of riding/competition.
  2. Midas

    Midas Well-known Member

    every 4 weeks I worm both...

    I give them equi-jewel, livamol, bio-bloom(which is $128 for 3 kg which lasts just over a month), sun flower seed and paprika:)
  3. Coda Cowgirl

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    Midas have you ever added up your costs? i just did yours cos they seemed really high and OMG i would never be able to afford that! you seriously have two very spoilt horses!....can i come back as a horse owned by you!?!:)*:)*
  4. Pockets

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    Cost of owning a horse...every spare cent you'll ever have and then some:D well worth it though(of course the OH wouldn't agree-even then I halve the cost of everything for his benefit lol!!)!
  5. Midas

    Midas Well-known Member

    OMG NO I've never ever added it all together!! I don't want to!! I'm way to scared of the total firgure:eek:
    the only weekly expense is agistment the rest is sort of scattered so yeah I never have a total figure!!
    oh don't tell me wht it is either :)

    They are vey very spoilt! :p

    Sure you can... make sure you're an Arab :p
  6. Babe

    Babe Well-known Member

    lol I walked into this a bit...gulped ...and am edging my way out...SO not working how much i spend on my 2 :eek:
    I feel a bit shakey too:p
  7. mzgtr

    mzgtr Well-known Member

    Well I'm a budget hunter and I buy a lot of horse things from wholesalers or second hand or e***.

    cotton - 20
    woolen - 30
    canvas - 10
    doona - 35
    (all off e*** / canvas second hand)

    saddle - free from a friend
    bridle - 20 (wholesale new)
    whip - 5 (second hand)
    saddle blankets - between 10-20 have a few
    stirrups - 15 new ebay
    stirrup irons - 5 (second hand)
    rope halter attached with led - 25 (wholesale new) can straight tie with it
    boots front / rear - 30 (new ebay)
    bell boots - 10 (wholesaler new)

    No agistment on own property

    Feed - cut own hay, only feed when they are ridden so cost is little about 40 every 3 weeks if that

    So it depends you can buy gear cheap if you look around and buy second hand. You can just buy what you need but it depends if you want everything or can just cope with what is needed.
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  8. morris

    morris Active Member

    I'm a budget hunter too- I learnt my lesson after spending $1000s on lovely new gear (not including saddles and bridles!) for getting my precious horse 2 years ago. As she was the first horse I had owned since I was a child I had no gear of my own to start with. So I went shopping and bought everything she could need, only to discover that horses are 100% dirty, and 100% guaranteed to ruin every rug they own sooner or later (probably sooner).
    so buy secondhand, it will save you a fortune, and a lot of heartbreak when all your nice things are invariably dragged through the mud!
  9. raindear

    raindear Well-known Member

    OMG I hope their are no OH'S reading this!!!! WE WILL BE ALL DOOMED I SAY DOOMED!!!!*#)*#)
  10. horse girl Jess

    horse girl Jess Well-known Member

    Ok I'll add it all up as a yearly cost to make it easier. I've got a large pony who goes barefoot as is a pretty good doer, I also keep him at a friends house so agistment is cheaper then average. In my agistment everything is done for me except I supply the hard feed and make them up (so it's basically 3/4 board but hay is included).

    So this is what I pay:
    3/4 board (at $50 a week) per week: $50 per year: $2750
    Oaten chaff ($16 a bag which lasts 5 weeks) = per week: $3.20 per year: $176
    Lucearn chaff ($18 a bag which lasts 5 weeks) = per week: $3.60 per year: $198
    Pony cubes ($22 a bag which lasts 4 weeks) = per week: $5.50 per year: $302.50
    Supplement (VitaFit On Show, think it's $32 for 5kg tub which lasts 3 months) = per week: $2.70 per year: $128
    Trim ($40 about every 6 weeks) = per week: $4.45 per year: $360
    Single tube dose (I get the one on special, usually about $15, every 8 weeks) = per week: $1.90 per year: $103.15
    General check up and work (once a year for $120) = per week: $2.20 per year: $120
    Average cost-
    per week: $73.55 per year $4045.25.

    These are just his maintenance costs so any rugs/clipping/events etc also add up! He's pretty darn cheap considering what others pay. I have $2000 set aside for emergency vet fees and also for if my car decides it wants to retire early (hopefully it's enough for if they both decide to poop them selves at the same time!). I do have parents that are there to back me up if everything goes drastic, if I didn't I'd be in big trouble if something went wrong. My boy is really cheap to keep, I'm at uni so couldn't afford to keep anything more expensive. As for my gear, I've built it up over the years but I remember getting my first horse and being stuck with lots of gear to buy and not much money!
    So gear wise (essential stuff, I won't include all the luxuries) it's cost me roughly this:
    Bates caprilli dressage saddle (bought second hand in near new condition)= $1500 mounted
    leather bridle= $80
    saddle pad= $30
    Derby classic helmet= $180
    Short boots= $80
    Grooming kit= $20 (body brush, dandy brush, hoof pick, brush, sponge)
    Halter & leadrope= $25 for the set

    I had saddle issues and found the caprilli fitted him best, I could not afford to have bought it new so hunted around and ended up getting it from Nagmart (best thing I've bought, I got that instead of going on a New Zealand ski trip!). I previously had an AP winter 500 which did nothing for my position but it was a great hard saddle, it just didn't fit. I always have my guy rugged, I don't like to leave them unrugged unless it's very hot. At the moment he's wearing $550 worth of rugs :( all of which I got as super savings at 50% of their normal price (mainly off eb*y, fantastic for getting cheap horse stuff). I had him clipped so had to get many more rugs. If winter I think you could get away with a minimum of 1 lined combo (synthetics are my favorite but canvas are also good) which would set you back about $150 or half that if you were a good bargain hunter (I wait for the end/start of winter sales where everything is half price as they want to get rid of the old season stock). Then of cause I have lots of extras like nicer branded boots, gaiters, nicer joddies, float boots, exercise boots etc all sorts of stuff that I don't actually need at all. My helmet I chose to get a nicer brand, I couldn't have got one much cheaper and it would still be as good. When I first got my own stuff it was all cheapie stuff, but over the years I've replaced it with nicer gear :)

    I hope this helps!
  11. MyShadowfax

    MyShadowfax Well-known Member

    I don't think owning a horse HAS to be expensive - the trick is to get the right horse! My horse has great hooves (never shod, just barefoot trimmed every 3 months!) and is a good doer - I give her hay in the morning and a small amount of copra, economix & chaff at night just so she is getting her minerals. I do have her agisted with friends so it is quite cheap. I have had her a year now so this is what I have spent through the year excluding feed:

    Worming every 6 weeks - $170
    Hooves - $125
    Agistment - $1040
    Teeth - $120
    Insurance - NEGATIVE $340 (my premium is $360pm but I have claimed back on vet bills...WELL WORTH IT!!!!)
    Vet Bills (leg injury) - $300 (excess for insurance)
    Summer Rugs - $80 (2 x Kool Coats I bought on sale)
    Winter Rugs - $300 (2 x Saxon rugs also on sale, and I use the Summer rugs and under rugs) Shadow is NOT a rug wrecker though so these will last me a few years!
    NH Lessons - $330 (I only had a few of these as a refresher)

    TOTAL - $2125 (works out to about $40pw + feed)

    I already had saddles/bridles/grooming stuff etc

    Like I said, it can be affordable - just find the right horse and have insurance :)
  12. Bon & Ted

    Bon & Ted Guest

    I have 2 easy keepers BUT I find I'm always going out and buying new tack, and then needing to upgrade a few weeks/couple of months later as it didn't turn out to be what I need. (eg bits, bridles etc)

    I don't pay agistment, I live at home and pay my way there and the horses happen to live in the backyard.

    But hay - currently paying $200 per month
    Hard feed - maybe $15 - $20 a week MAX including supps
    Worming every 6-8 weeks - $30 - 40
    Trimming - every 6 - 8 weeks is around $110 ( I do inbetween light rasps)
    Lessons - I aim for weekly, but alot of the time it's fortnightly so $50 each

    So my out of pocket expense isn't the weekly upkeep but it's the constant "this is no good anymore I need this one now" I've learned to now just bite the bullet and get quality items for important things so it won't happen again. But I use second hand quality things where I can also.
  13. Yarraman

    Yarraman Well-known Member

    ROFL so so true. My OH only knows half of what I spend. *#)
  14. KPF

    KPF Well-known Member

    cost of owning a horse = Lots!:p

    Its more a way of life ROFL!;)

    Best of luck - at least you are actually thinking about it aan planning instead of going in head first!:)
  15. Ivy's Poison

    Ivy's Poison New Member

    OMG! some horses r getn very spoilt out there. some costs just freak me out, lol! tho there r alot of factors to consider, I think that u can keep a horse at a reasonable price and some of u obviously agree. I think being a bargain hunter, not expecting to have the best (all the time), a good fitting saddle I think is important, and a good doing horse that does not need shoes is a great start. If u can have u'r horse on u'r own place will save heaps on agisting aswell. I can't c it costing the earth (touchwood no huge vet bills, etc)

    I've been out of the horse industry for ova 7 yrs now (due to children) and have never actually owned or leased a horse(that is my goal before i reach 30 to own my own) altho have always had something to do with horses. I'm trying to get as many opinions as i can and b very sensible about it as horses can b very costly, b for i get my own.

    I'm wanting to get back into the horses slowly (as my kids come first) and natural horsemanship and breaking r wat i'm interested in at the moment. my last job was breaking baby thoroughbreds and thats wat i feel comfy doing (breaking any breed).
    So back to the cost of horses, it is interesting to get a wide variety of opinions and just by having a read has been a benifit to me, thank you.:)
  16. glam

    glam New Member

    i agist, need to feed every morsal, and my boy is only trimmed, dentist twice a year, wormed regular but that still only costs about $70 a week plus extra for lessons,comps etc i budget $100 and bank any change for anything else i need.
  17. Lauren

    Lauren Gold Member

    Ok will work out weekly how much is spent on Reddy lol.
    $20 every 6 weeks for Farrier
    $20 every 6 weeks for worming

    $40 a week for DIY agistment
    $20 a week for fuel to drive out their once a day
    $30 a week for feed

    So i'd say just under $100 a week to keep him.. woah that's way more expensive than i thought :| LOL
  18. dopeyqh

    dopeyqh Active Member

    Hi JessG,

    Awesome to hear you're looking for your first horse, there is nothing like owning your own horse to spoil! :) Umm... I've had 2 horses (on my 2nd now) and my 1st was a Thoroughbred. For him the costs were like...

    Shoes- $90 - $110, per shoeing (every 6 weeks)

    Worming- $20, every worming (every 6 weeks)

    Dentist- $100, once every year

    Feed- $70 for like chaff, muesli, pollard...

    Agistment- $60 p/w but that was great, they organised feet and dentist and farrier and everything for me... Sadly they've shut down... :(

    Then there were the lessons. Get lessons if its your first horse coz if stuff goes wrong or you're struggling to make him/her work well for you, lessons are absolutely invaluable :D! My lessons were $60 for like an hour and a half every 2 weeks.

    My second horse is a QH x Appy so his costs are less...

    Feet (Trim)- Free (we know a guy who does feet) but it would be usually $35-$40.

    Worming- $20 every 6 weeks

    Dentist- $100 once per year

    Feed- Haybales for around $20 for 2 bales I think... ;) not too sure!

    We have our own property now so we don't pay agistment costs and I don't get lessons anymore (I have really good rider friends that teach me instead! :D)

    But he doesn't need hard feed! Generally I think I'd recommend getting a horse that doesn't require hard feed coz its harder and more expensive! Breeds like QH's, Appy's, Clydies generally don't require as much feed as Warmbloods or Thoroughbreds!

    Good luck! :)
  19. himitsu

    himitsu Well-known Member

    just a note to say that usually you get what you paid for with saddlery - well in that you cant generally get really good stuff cheap, but the chain stores do give you crap stuff for high prices!!!! if you want quality gear that will last and continue to look good and fit/work well it costs a little mroe but works out better in the long run :)
  20. corporate pride

    corporate pride Well-known Member

    the bolded is not what i would pay for any of those... the bridle i use everyday was $35, my bridles (show aswell) are about equal to that
    my spurs where like $30, lead and halter is pay about a total of $20 for both, my rugs are like 3 times what u pay :)

    anyways i only pay $100 a month for a paddock with facilities and tack storage (and truck parking) is all up to where u are....i'm lucky my horse is fat and gets stuff all, i only go through chaff and pellets in comp season

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