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Discussion in 'Feeding Horses' started by Horselady, Aug 27, 2013.

  1. Horselady

    Horselady New Member

    can anyone recoment a cooling pellet to feed? i previously had my mare on pony maintenance cubes which made her quite 'hot'. any recomendation would be awesome
  2. Caroline

    Caroline Well-known Member

    No pellets are cooling as such. If your horse got hot on pony cubes, then I could only suggest Hygain Zero, or just don't feed pellets. "Over fed and under worked" will create hot behaviour every time also. :blink:

    All pellets/cubes contain cereal grains and cereal by-products with high starch levels contributing to fizzy behaviour in lots of horses. You could always try flaked lupins instead for good starch-free energy and quality protein?? **)

    Depends on what you what to achieve by feeding the mare also?? That will dictate what to feed and how much.
  3. Skittled

    Skittled Well-known Member

    Its not just pellets that can heat a horse. As Caroline said "Over fed and under worked" will create hot behaviour every time.

    Have a look at your feed and your horses work schedule. Also think about how you horse holds weight and your situtation. FeedXL I have found to be good in figuring out a good feeding program.

    But for non heating pellets that I have used in the past: cool max, kind'n'kool and claytons pellets.
  4. Indigo King

    Indigo King New Member

    I have a mare that can get quite hot, as a 3 year old we had her on grower and weaner pellets but she was getting to much protein from them even with a moderate work load.

    We decided to try the Xtra cool pellets and they made quite a big difference but she was still getting a bit hot.

    I emailed a lady at Kentucky Equine Research to get a food analysis/diet made up for her. She was previously on

    Chaff (as we didnt have a great supply of hay at the time)X
    Xtra cool cubes
    Hay/Pasture (all day)

    KER recommended

    Oaten Chaff
    Pegasus Equibalance
    30g of salt (only at night)
    Hay/Pasture (all day)

    and said that if she was a horse that was on the lighter side to add flaked barely to her feed as that is a slow releasing feed.

    If you feed sweetbulk, KER said that the sugar and starch in this feed can be to much for some horses which can lead to them being a bit hot.

    After changing her diet to chaff, equibalance, flaked barley and salt at night (we also give her a herbal supplement called moody mare mix) we have noticed a very dramatic change in her attitude, concentration and she is a lot more relaxed.

    Hope this helps :)
  5. Caroline

    Caroline Well-known Member

    Yep. A concentrate vs complete feed product dilemma!! ';':stir:

    Generally only hard worked horses or broodmares need 3 - 5kg of a commercial complete feed daily (Breeda, XtraCool, Release, Coolmax etc).

    Concentrate feed products like Hygain Balanced or Mitavite Promita or Pegasus EquiBalance are great for most other horses in light to medium work.

    And a quality min/vit supplement like Cell-Vital or Cell-Provide, Ferahmo, or Nutrequin if your horse is just a paddock puff!! :)*
  6. WildandFree

    WildandFree Well-known Member

    and they pure processed crap you may as well send the horse to eat at a takeaway joint

    a good hay roll good grass and small chaff both oaten and lucerne feed with minerals that is a cool feed have used it for years keeps the weight on keeps them mellow
  7. ZaZa

    ZaZa Guest

    Wow, that's a big claim to make. Surely you've done some research (more so that a company like Pegasus or Hygain obviously) to reach a conclusion like that, so would you care to share your findings ? ;)
    Quite often hay, chaff and vit/mins is NOT enough to keep condition on a working horse either. If may work for a semi retired, good doer standy but a hard keeper T/B might need a whole lot more.

    I agree with Caroline - if you're insistent on feeding a pellet then try Hygain Zero. If you're wanting something to hold a little weight on but not heat the horse up then you could also try something like Hygain TruGain or any other high fat/lower protein product. Maybe even skip all these things and just add some oil to her feed ??
  8. Freestyle

    Freestyle Well-known Member

    Does it have to be a "pellet" as such?

    If you want a complete feed, I've had good results with Hygain Showtorque when fed to a hot tb. Otherwise a simple diet of lucerne, lupins and hay, along with an oil and a quality supplement is a good option :)

    Trugain is also a great feed, but you will also need to add a supplement to it.

    I love hygain feeds and all my ponies get at least one of their products. You can actually get them to do a feed analysis for you, which could be a good option :)

    Remember though, some horses will be hot no matter what you feed. As soon as they start feeling good, they will be a handful. That's where careful training and a good instructor are priceless. Good luck!
  9. Horselady

    Horselady New Member

    thanks for all the advice everyone. i wouldnt say she is overfed and underworked. She is in moderate work (45mins 5 days a week) and she currently gets a large scoop and half of oaten chaff, small scoop of copra and she did get a small scoop of pony maint cubes which i have taken out.
    i did a trial where i didnt give her the pellets for 2wks and she was as good as gold. As soon as i put her back on them she started acting 'hot' (pigrooting ect).
    it dosnt necesarily have to be a pellet. im more after something tasty and something to keep her condition as she has a lovely nice round bum id like to keep. she seems to only pick at her food since ive taken the pellets out, i have tried adding molasses but she still dosnt seem overly interested. shes a very picky little lady ;)
  10. Freestyle

    Freestyle Well-known Member

  11. WildandFree

    WildandFree Well-known Member

    don't have issue with hygain etc but i do with claytons pellets and kind and kool and yes i have done my research
  12. Deb2

    Deb2 Guest

    I have had very good results with Mytavite Xtra-cool pellets.

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