Confidence around a Stallion.. Advice please!

Discussion in 'Problem Horses' started by Sniggles, Jun 10, 2011.

  1. RustyRidge Clydesdales

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    Just to add the 'weapon' is not to use to go in and beat the living daylights out of the horse, it is to protect yourself whilst keeping a distance between you and the horse. Come to think of it I think Mr HP has a DVD on his site for this exact thing ;) not a stallion though.
  2. citygirl

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    thank you for clarifying that one. **)

    I have no idea who Mr.HP is..and don't really give...

    I sorry you where badly hurt by a Stallion, but its not the Stallions fault, it the Handlers/Trainers fault before you came alone AND the Idiot who sent you in the paddock with it #(
    If a Stallion really wanted to do you harm, it doesn't matter what you have in your hands { bar a gun} it will not protect you.

    Its all in the training- which we now both agree on **)- does not in-clued "beat the living daylights out of the horse" and sadly thats what came across in your post, and how some people would have taken "you need poly pipe or a lunge whip"
    When people don't know how to deal with a horse in situation like what has been described, they first inexperienced thought/response would be to attack it, and I feel that this is the wrong idea it will only make the Stallion even harder to deal with :(#(

  3. RustyRidge Clydesdales

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    Yes Lee definently not for attacking the stallion with as I am sure that would only cause more aggression, more to protect yourself. In saying that if the horse is taught right from wrong at the beginning of its life there should be no need for it ;) Mr HP is horse problems Australia he has a website worth a read when you have a spare second gives some fantastic advice!
  4. Eccabay

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    I have had experience with a fair few stallions ranging from 2-3 year old colts right up to 28 year olds. The most important thing is to have confidence, and show that confidence. Never, ever let your guard down, and don't turn your back on them.

    I disagree with Citygirl in saying that a whip = weapon. I also disagree that they won't respect you if you don't have one. The key point there is to never use the whip first. (Just like when riding you never use the reins first)
    Eg; He's coming in on your space at feed time
    1 - Look at him and use a firm voice command like 'Back!'
    2 - Give a hand command (I wiggle my index finger)
    3 - If he doesn't move, show him the whip (just raise it)
    4 - He doesnt move... use the whip.

    You give them ample opportunity to show you respect and obey your gentle command, and then know there is a concequence.

    I was working with a young stallion who was like this, just finally had the hormones going and wanted to test them out! It didn't take him long to learn that I was always going to be fair and ask him gently. I don't carry a whip with me anymore as he knows whats expected from him. However, I do carry it with me every now and then if he gets a little rusty! :) I never need to do anything with it though, just have it with me.

    Also, when handling them, always keep their attention. Make sure they know it's not acceptable to even LOOK at another horse when you're leading them, let alone call out or arch their neck away from you. Keeping on top of them and keeping their attention is vital.

    However, I would suggest that unless you can really be confident, don't risk doing anything with him. Like all horses, regardless of gender, they're good at picking up on fear!
  5. citygirl

    citygirl Gold Member

    Eccabay you've got it wrong ! My interpretation of RRC's post was that others would/ should use a whip as a weapon not as an aid.

    I only use whips with my Stallions occasionally, most of the time its at a show when I cant predict other people & their horses, at home its just a halter n lead rope.
    I also turn my back on my Stallions :eek: and I'm happy AND confident to do so..come to think of it, I also turn my back on Friends Stallions, as I know the handerling they have had is correct. **)
    I find it really sad that the stigma around Stallions is so wrong :( peoples ideas of Stallions are that they are mad killing/breeding machines ! yes some are sadly.... which to me means they have NOT had correct Handling. I also know a few Stallions, that most people don't know they are entire because they behave so well when out & about at shows or events.
    Now is this because of the Breed I have in my back yard ? No ! example is I know of a TB Stud down the road, who's Stallion was not nice piece of work to deal with, and the new Handler has turned him around, to a Pleasant boy that ANYONE can go in his yard with & turn their back on. **)

  6. Eccabay

    Eccabay New Member

    Sorry Citygirl, I misunderstood you there then. I converted it in my head as 'Dont use whips ever they are a weapon' lol. Of course, I agree they should not be used as a weapon, but as you said an aid.
    With the stallions I work with (and have known for years now) yes, halter and lead rope is all I use (unless as I said they need a bit of a reminder if they're being a bit full of themselves which does happen every now and then, usually when a mare is talking them up!). And yes, I do turn my backs on them. I guess I should have stated in a way that with the OP's issue where she is not confident with this stallion and he is showing undesirable behaviour then don't turen your back and really assert your authority etc.
    I do not think stallions are crazy breeding machines, I just think that people should never forget they're stallions because as i think it was Caroline who said... they're not just like any other horse.
    I know the horses you're talking about at shows who you don't know are stallions unless you look under them - and yes, they're Arabians. :) I'm lucky enough to have worked with some of them (and fallen in love with them!)
  7. RustyRidge Clydesdales

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    I think we all agree on the same thing just different wording ;) if you dont know the stallion then be more cautious and alert. Heck I have a 2yr old Colt here who I can go out and jump on in the paddock without any gear and the dog gets on to LOL. It is all about the stallion and his temperament.
  8. Deb2

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  9. RustyRidge Clydesdales

    RustyRidge Clydesdales Well-known Member

    Do you know what the stupid thing is, the other poor girl who worked there went in the following day to muck out his yard. And he went at her as she was bent over picking up manure!!! Lucky she was quick enough to put her arm up and most of the injuries where to her arm and not her poor face :mad:
    The stallion was then left hobbled in his yard, it was just wrong on so many levels :(
  10. Stockmans Farm

    Stockmans Farm Active Member

    WOW I cannot beleive the horror stories!

    It certainly makes me appreciate how quiet my boys are!!

    I was a little nervous buying a clydie stallion but he has been a dream!

    I'm a big believer in not treating my stallions any different to any of my other horses! They get paddocked with mares, geldings foals etc. After all they are a heard animal and it's there job to sort a herd out and organise heirachy.

    How can you promote a nasty stallion? I love taking mine to shows and interacting them with other horses, people and environments! I encourage people to come over and say hi and give them cuddles ( generally cactus is asleep as it must be all to much to trot around and be pretty for 5 mins :) ) and I think that is the biggest compliment they get is being so quiet!!

    I feel so sorry for those poor stallions who have to be paddocked/penned away from other horses, musnt be a very nice life for a herd animal!
  11. Northern Peregrine

    Northern Peregrine Well-known Member

    Speaking of igits..just in addition to my post about my daughter being attacked while cleaning a box and ending up in hospital..she went back to work three weeks later ( still fairly beat up) and she told me that when she said she was scared to go into that particular stallion's yard the stud owner actually shut her in the stallions box ..with the make her "get over it". She was banging on the door to get out! I'm serious. I told her she must complain etc but she refused to take it any further because she wanted to keep the job. She doesn't work there now anyway...doesn't work with horses at all.
  12. RustyRidge Clydesdales

    RustyRidge Clydesdales Well-known Member

    OMG :eek: :mad: what a idiot!!!!!
  13. Diana

    Diana Gold Member

    :eek: :eek: that's horrible!!!!! What kind of idiotic b****** would DO THAT!?!?
  14. Northern Peregrine

    Northern Peregrine Well-known Member

    Well I actually didn't believe it at first when she told me..I thought she must be exaggerating because surely no one in their right mind would do that to anyone. But she wasn't exaggerating ..he really did that. He did let her out after a few minutes..only because she was screaming though. Just as well that stallion didn't get upset and go for a second round or the owner would have had some explaining to do in the Coroners Court. I believe that would have been a criminal act! I think it WAS a criminal act anyway, in more than one way. I do wish she had taken it further because, aside from that lunacy, there was also a lot of issues about her not getting paid for the three weeks she was unable to work and other stuff...but there you go. The world is full of tossers...
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  15. rbk

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    old advice

    "ask a stallion. Tell a gelding. Negotiate with a mare"

    Who is the leader of the herd in the wild????

    Clue - its not the stallion.
  16. RustyRidge Clydesdales

    RustyRidge Clydesdales Well-known Member

    And in the human world ;) :D
  17. Showtiime

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    I agree! Its not like you are beating him! You need that 'weapon' haha if he does strike out at you or bite, or rear etc etc the list goes on.
    If The many stallions ive handled wanted to be a dangerous jerk and try anything, that whip in my boot bloody helps. Telling him you are boss!
  18. Showtiime

    Showtiime New Member

    well at least the kitchen to men :p

    that akward moment when Beyonce realises that woman dont run the world, they run the kitchen

    according to men hahahah
  19. EVP

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    YEP. Stay out of there.
  20. Lilac

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    Let her out ? What sort of yard was it ? She should of have been able to open the door / gate herself from the inside of the yard and let herself out.

    I handle and ride stallions on daily basis and Im yet to see this sort of thing happening though, all sounds a bit weird to me. No employer would want that on their insurance record.

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