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Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by Lucyloo, Jul 12, 2014.

  1. Lucyloo

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    I am hoping someone can give me some advice or make me feel a tiny bit better. I have been advised to retire my boy due to arthritis and I am absolutely gutted! It was a massive shock as things were going so well. Took him for a second opinion Thursday and my jaw just about hit the ground when I saw the bony growth. I didnt realise something like that can grow so quick!! Vet advised best to retire him. I could inject but may not last long. He is still happy and happy to feed his face all day but I am gutted as we would spend hours together out in the bush, he's my best friend. am trying to think of any miracle thing I could do just to be able to go on walks with him. What's people's experiences retiring a younger horse? Does retirement mean absolutely nothing at a ll?
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  2. Meischa

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    Use it or lose it!

    I also have a young horse with arthritis, and it IS a horrible shock :( I got a horse Chiro in and he told me, use or lose it. Just gentle walking is good to keep them moving. She is on Pentosan injections and TuffRock EJF also.

    Best of luck!
  3. kp

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    How old is your horse, what do you use him for, is he lame, what joint is affected?
  4. Lucyloo

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    He is 15 which probably isnt thag young but to me it is and I was using him for bush rides. He was lame but is improving. He is lame on the circle on one direction (not very good with the correct language sorry). And it's the pastern joints. I was under the impression that moving a joint was better e.g going for walks otherwise he will stiffen up but this may not be the case since he is lame. He is paddock sound, not that I really understand what thy means. (He is my first horse!)
  5. kp

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    Unfortunately these things are reasonably common. The pastern joints are probably the worst joints to have this in. Once he is sound, I cant see why you couldnt take him for bush rides at walk. Pentosan will help him out. Keeping him moving will help. But too much exercise is not a good thing either. Sorry your horse has this.

    KINGSBONES Active Member

    Do some research into feeding tumeric, I have personally seen it work wonders and it's well worth investigating. Best of luck

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