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Discussion in 'Colour Questions' started by branwyn_ponies, Apr 19, 2011.

  1. branwyn_ponies

    branwyn_ponies New Member

    Ok, Im not the brightest when it comes to the Grey gene and whether they have dominant or recessive lol.

    But I was curious as to what people think... Ive stumbled across a filly whos greyed out and just wondering what people thought for when she eventually has babies... what she would throw? The horse coat colour calculator thing tells me I have approx a 50% chance colour or a colour that will grey out.


    The boy she would go to is a Pally Roan- out of a Pally and a Cremello (does that give him single or double cream gene?)

    She is "Brown" turned grey.... out of a "Brown" to Grey mare by a Pally stallion.

    So.... what do people think I would get?
  2. valdez

    valdez Well-known Member

    Its still 50/50 it does not matter what colour the stallion is or the parents of the mare. If there is a grey parent the chances are 50/50.
  3. Elanda

    Elanda Gold Member

    possibility of nearly anything. Basically you are looking at a Palomino x Bay mating with the addition of grey and roan modifiers:)
    with only the details given this is what you could get...

    7.29% -
    Gray (Buckskin)
    7.29% -
    Bay Roan
    7.29% -
    Gray (Bay Roan)
    7.29% -
    Gray (Bay)
    7.29% -
    7.29% -
    Buckskin Roan
    7.29% -
    7.29% -
    Gray (Buckskin Roan)
    4.17% -
    Chestnut Roan
    4.17% -
    4.17% -
    Gray (Chestnut)
    4.17% -
    Gray (Palomino Roan)
    4.17% -
    Gray (Palomino)
    4.17% -
    4.17% -
    Palomino Roan
    4.17% -
    Gray (Chestnut Roan)
    1.04% -
    Blue Roan
    1.04% -
    1.04% -
    Gray (Blue Roan)
    1.04% -
    Smoky Blue Roan
    1.04% -
    Gray (Smoky Black)
    1.04% -
    Gray (Smoky Blue Roan)
    1.04% -
    Smoky Black
    1.04% -
    Gray (Black)
  4. Cav

    Cav Gold Member

    I bred with a white grey mare (whose sire and dam were both white grey) to a chestnut stallion. I got a grey filly who held her base colour for a long time. I then bred that filly as a mare to a black brown stallion...I got a grey filly who still shows a lot of her base colour. This mares full brother though is black/brown - same colour as sire - no grey whatsoever. The mare was since bred and (3rd generation now to solid colour stallions) has now produced THREE solid coloured foals to 2 different chestnut stallions. So...I have "outbred" the grey :)
  5. sil

    sil Gold Member

    I think you would get a foal

  6. samm

    samm Gold Member

    50/50 of the foal greying out.Mare would be heterozygous for grey not homozygous as she's by a pali stallion.

    If a horse is homozygous for grey then ALL progeny will grey ,heterozygous 50% will grey. Mare can't be homozygous as only one of her parents is grey.
    Grey is not really a colour but a factor and can mask any other colour.

    Hope this helps.
  7. citygirl

    citygirl Gold Member

    pmsl sil :D

    Cav- one day you might get that b*****y throw-back *#)

    I love the colour-caculator- but not when it tells me I have a chance of grey #( { and thats all the time if I'm using my grey stock } :D

  8. Cav

    Cav Gold Member

    Never...keep breeding to can you get a throwback?
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  9. erilyn

    erilyn Well-known Member

    To clarify - you have a 50% chance of getting grey offspring, not 50% of the offspring will be grey. The mare could through her grey gene every time so that's 100% of the offspring; or never, which would be 0% of the offspring!

    Unless one of the parents is homozygous grey there is always a chance of solid coloured offspring.:)*
  10. mirawee

    mirawee Gold Member

    As has been said, you have a 50% chance of the foal being grey.

    As to what other colours she is certainly an interesting one LOL. There is also the possibility that even though she looked brown she might have actually been buckskin given the palomino dad.

    I would be tempted to colour test her to find out exactly what she has. But only out of interest it wouldn't make any difference to anything LOL **)

    The mares 4th foal could be a grey. Just because her first 3 aren't doesn't decrease the odds of the next one being grey :)
  11. Cav

    Cav Gold Member

    Dont jinx me Mirawee :p**):)*;)
  12. branwyn_ponies

    branwyn_ponies New Member

    Thanks everyone, been very informative :).

    And so I would hope Sil :)* hehe
  13. uno

    uno Active Member

    have you looked back along the mares pedigree to see what colours her parentage have passed on. there is a lot of cream in Wyann puss in pink's background and your colts sire wendamar figaro has had 9 of his 21 babies turn grey. Also 5 of figaros parents on the sires side are also grey
    so with your filly being born brown turning grey there is a very good chance of a grey baby.
    by the way I own your colts full brother. Jamiru Pick Pocket

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