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Discussion in 'Breeding Horses' started by proud_equestrian, Feb 2, 2014.

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    With covering a black mare with GRU/BR (breeder is getting him tested to see if he is buckskin or smokey black) stallion- I would most possibly end up with a Pally (I think :rolleyes: ) is this correct? :p

    Any colour breeders feel free to advise?
    I am excited about the new bub (colour doesn't phase me I am just really interested to know :D)
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    It's hard to say without knowing the colours of the mare's parents. If she carries a chestnut gene you may get a palomino foal if you breed her to a buckskin stallion. I certainly don't think palomino is the most likely outcome though.

    I must go and have a look at that colour calculator posted by Seedy Toe! When I was working out what colour my foal might be I spent a long time calculating the likelihood of each possible outcome (without knowing the sire's phenotype). Ended up crosseyed!!
  4. You'd need to test your mare and the stallion you think of breeding her to for Red and Black factor ( E and e) and also for their Agouti statuses first to be able to see possible outcomes:)
    To make things more complicated you should also test further if a Bay Agouti A they might carry, in fact is a brown Agouti At.
    Otherwise you'd be guessing till cows come home.*#)
    Have fun and good luck:):D
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    OK- thanks peoples.
    I think I will just wait and be patient and enjoy the surprise hahahah

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