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Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by Sallie, Oct 23, 2008.

  1. Sallie

    Sallie Well-known Member

    Just thought i would share some important information i just found out.

    I currently have one of my mares insured with Pet plan for lost of use. She has come down with colic 3 times this year so thought i would add vet cover to my plan. I have just been told if your horse has had colic before and it comes down with it again they will not cover it with their vet cover........

    Not impressed at all. Has any one else been informed about this ??? Please share
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  2. Sharaway

    Sharaway Guest

    Thats SOP for insurers, they will not insure for known illness or pre existing injury and illness etc.

    Human health insurance can be the same.
  3. Sallie

    Sallie Well-known Member

    Yer i get that but "Colic" thats a bit over the top. Colic can be casused by many different things
  4. Trojane

    Trojane Well-known Member

    Unfortunately some horses are more prone to colic than others so if a horse has a history of colic it becomes suspect. Insurance companies are the ones that know - they study the statistics to cover themselves.
  5. wattle6180

    wattle6180 Gold Member

    Maybe if your horse has had a specific colic then it can be insured for all other types of colic?

    Surely they can't just label colic under one heading?
  6. Sallie

    Sallie Well-known Member

    Asked that "colic in general" Once they have had it your unable to claim again or claim at all
  7. EVP

    EVP Gold Member

    I kinda figure that this is fair. After all you have a pre-existing condition that you admit your horse has had 3 times already this year. An insurer is not going to open itself up for expensive colic surgery for a horse that presents with a history of the complaint.

    But you more than likely can still have your vet cover policy but it won't cover colic investigation or surgery....but all other things.

    For the cost of a premium of say $1,000 per year I think colic surgery and post operative care ect would be 5 times plus that?
    So that premiums are kept comparitively and to a minium for all horse owners who wish to insure, policy disclosure regulations and conditions are very important.
  8. hutchi

    hutchi Well-known Member

    Suerely if it has had it once or twice it shouldn't matter, expecially depending on how old it is and where it is kept ie. sandy area
    If a horse is 5 and has had colic several times they might be less likely to cover it over a horse that is 12 and has colic the same amount of times...
  9. EVP

    EVP Gold Member

    Its the same with health insurance.......if you have a history of heart condition and want to get private health cover......they will either decline it after disclosure, or make special conditions.

    They don't see it as a once off that might have had a contributory factor...they see it was a higher risk of fund outlay....

    Maybe the studies show that horses who have had colic before (of any type) are more likely to suffer an attack again sometime in their lives?

    What-ever the reasons, I bet you won't find any other insurer who would offer cover of any pre-existing condition. The risk factor is elevated and thats a no-no for insurance.
  10. Sallie

    Sallie Well-known Member

    Horse in question has never had colic in her life prior (just turned 9). She is kept on grass, feed well and had only be drenched a couple of months prior.

    I understand what they are saying and rules are rules. However I bet there are heaps of people out there who think that they would be covered. In WA very few horses in their life would have not come down with at least a mild colic and been treated for it.

    My main concern was to share with others as I'm sure most people who have vet cover with Petplan would think a colic would be covered. Only if they have never had it before is the case
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  11. Sharaway

    Sharaway Guest

    There is a horse having had colic, and you treated it, what the insurer dont know, we wont be telling them, however as soon as a vet has treated the horse then it becomes part of the horses history, therefor the insurer can choose to not accept the risk of insuring the horse for colic, you can still insure the horse, just hope it doesnt need colic surgery or dies from colic.
  12. RPS

    RPS Well-known Member

    Pet Plan will not cover any type of pre-existing injury or illness at all.

    My horse has had stitches in the chest area due to a fairly minor cut. I disclosed this to them ( as you have to do ) or they have the option of cancelling your policy for non disclosure. They put a big note on the policy to say that the cut and stitched area is excluded from cover.

    This is very standard. The way I look at it I have 2 choices accept the cover they are prepared to provide or go elsewhere. No other company does the amount of vet cover they do.

    You must tell them though if your horse has a history of colic, if you don't and then make a claim they will check with your vet ( you sign to say they can when you sign a claim form ). If they find you haven't told them and determine that if you had they wouldn't have covered you they are entitled to decline the claim and cancel your policy for non disclosure WITHOUT refund of all the money you have paid them.

    Better to be honest than pay all that money and then have no cover at all and have to declare to every other insurance company you have cover with that you have done this.
  13. horseychic

    horseychic Well-known Member

    I looked at getting my nags insured but when i got the quote back decided not to go ahead as they would not insure the miniatures for colic:confused: :confused: so i just have a credit card which is used for vet emergencies only.
  14. RPS

    RPS Well-known Member

    A standard colic surgery and aftercare vet bill will set you back $8000 - $12000.:( but well worth it
  15. Oldhack77

    Oldhack77 Gold Member

    ;) i think sallie is just trying to bring it everyones attention - incase some policies need to be checked - would hate to pay the premium for insurance which will never be covered.......... like my last broker :(
  16. hutchi

    hutchi Well-known Member

    Sunny got sand induced colic during July of this year - will this mean I am not covered for any colic bills? (Sorry if that's a stupid question)
  17. hutchi

    hutchi Well-known Member

    Just called and got my answer - hmm not the answer I wanted :(
    How frustrating
  18. RPS

    RPS Well-known Member

    It depends on whether or not your horse was insured at the time of the colic.

    If you were insured before colic occured yes you are covered, they can't change the cover during the term of the insurance. They may exclude colic when you renew the policy ( they are able to do this )

    If you weren't insured when colic occured then they WILL NOT cover your horse for colic. You must tell them.
  19. hutchi

    hutchi Well-known Member

    No he was not - I have just got him, so I didnt have him when he had colic.
    Yes I called up and asked, hence told them. I wouldn't not tell them.
  20. RPS

    RPS Well-known Member

    Bugger #( - gotta suck seing as you just bought him.

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