Colic article and treatments?????

Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by moodymare, Mar 19, 2008.

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    That is it???!!! :confused:

    So how is that different from the discussions on the FAILURE of LP or LP epsom salts or psyllium???

    What if the people next door who owned the horse thats death still worries you reads this forum and finds out you didnt agree with their treatment measures!!

    This is a case of 2 horses that did use the drench as part of preventative measures that ended up still dying of colic?? How does that bash this drench when I have already discussed that when it comes to colic so many other factors come into play!! I think I have been extremely fair!!
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  2. pso

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    settle gals...

    you each have your own opinions...lets not fight over them!;)

  3. Feuer

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    **) pso :)))
  4. moodymare

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    I created a monster:( , thanks again for all the advice and opinions its great to see everyone so passionate about our four legged friends
  5. SMR

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    Wow! I have read through this whole thread (albeit in stages) and there's lots of good info here. I always worry about whether or not to drench as I have not had to consider "sand colic" until I came to WA.

    Feuer, I think things may have been taken out of context because you are so passionate about this HP drench. I don't think anybody was trying to say they know best.

    Personally (being a sciencey person :D ), I prefer to see scientific proof before I take on board other claims - statements are easy to make, but does not equate to facts. Without all other variables being removed, it is not possible to make claims as nobody ever really knows what caused events to happen. (hmmm...I was trying to clarify some earlier points, but I don't think I'm adding anything :D )

    LOL moodymare - I wouldn't call it a monster, it's good to be able to read about people's experiences - it allows us to make better informed decisions ;)

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