Colic article and treatments?????

Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by moodymare, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. sambo

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    Great thread guys**)

    Something i will always ponder too, is the fact that there are sooo many variables to individual cases and that is why i would like to see more controlled tests happening. As it stands i will continue to use it because i believe in the wisdom of people before us! Weather or not they are vets or the old horseman!!!!;) :))
  2. Happypaint

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    I agree with you whole heartedly Sambo! Stop to listen to an old horseman and you pick up some incredible things that can be very useful. Some ideas may need tinkering with but most are good........just look at other horse a lot of old horsemanship common sense is repackaged and relabled as "Natural Horsemanship" or "Parelli". The horse industry, fortunately, is more focussed these days on the "BEST" wellbeing of the horse. Even a lot of Human modern medical treatments are coming back to having traditional and old fashioned treatments utilised. It is discussions and transfering of information and experiences like this that aids in the development of new ideas and remedies for problems..........this in itself is a form of research so that we can make educated decisions on the treatment and care of our horses. You can read all the books in the world but nothing will educate you like real life experience or discussions with others that have the experience be they horsemen or vets. :D
  3. finding_nemo

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    I agree with everything Bon and Ted have said whole heartedly.
    I have had nothing but fantastic results with HP sand colic prevention recipe. I use it as as it was supposed to be used and that is as a prevention. No body has said it is a miracle cure.

    Prior to using the recipe my horse was scouring badly. Took him to the vet who drenced him for sand. Horse still scouring six weeks later so the vet re drenched him. Eight weeks later still scouring badly so I tried Mr HP's recipe as I couldnt see how it could harm him. After feeding him the recipe I checked his poops for sand and was amazed at how much sand was in them. A week of so later my horse was the picture of health. His coat was glowing with dapples and guess what - no more scours. The proof was in the pudding.
  4. retroremedy

    retroremedy Well-known Member

    That is what I am saying B&T nothing is 100% effective however this "drench" hasnt had ANY percentage of effectiveness proven at all and this is all the expert have stated in their opinions in this thread!

    Read your first line again B&T, not everything is 100% effective! It will depend on a number of factors besides the type of preventative and treatment methods for the colic eg. age of the horse, consistency of preventative measures etc. Probably the most important thing to remember when a horse "dies" of colic is that the colic may not have been sand colic but another type eg. twisted bowel, tumor obstruction etc...psyllium/oil is not going to help with these at all!

    That is certainly your choice but you have to be careful making blanket statements like that because one day in an emergency you might find yourself very happy to holding the LP drench bucket for the vet! :)

    Yes Sambo, I agree lots of variables! :)

    Happypaint, you have made a couple of interesting statements. You say that modern medicine is turning back to old fashion tradition world is modern medicine and I would be genuinely interested to see your reasons behind this statement because from my "practical experience" this is definitely not the case!
  5. retroremedy

    retroremedy Well-known Member

    Strangely I have experienced the same level of success by following veterinary advice and my horses are even shod *#) and they too look the picture of health with shiny coats and my favourite recorder of good health "sparkly eyes" ;)
  6. Jumping Bean

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    I am sorry for Warwick, looks like he may have wasted his valuable time studying veterinary medicine for years, he should have just put on a cowboy hat and started a website up perhaps and claimed himself to be a horseman :).
  7. retroremedy

    retroremedy Well-known Member

    I am not bagging the treatment B&T, I am saying that its effectiveness has not been proven.....same as what has already been explained very patiently by a man who has drenched thousands of horses and probably has some of the best practical knowledge on the treatment of sand colic in Australia.

    Because you think it works does not mean that it does. My grandfather ate 10 oranges a day in the belief that it protected him from cancer....he never got cancer so does that mean the 10 oranges a day worked???

    This is how you prove something as study it and measure its effectiveness if any and compare it against no treatment at all and other methods!! Just because you consider it is effective NOW does not mean your horse is full of sand or it isnt the hay you are feeding that is doing a good job at removing the sand!!
  8. finding_nemo

    finding_nemo Active Member

    Sorry Retroremedy I m obviously thick as I have missed your point or were you just being sarcastic?? What has being shod got to do with this topic??

    I was just stating That I have used HP's recipe and it worked for me and has worked for many of my friends as well so I dont know why you have to get so uppity.

  9. retroremedy

    retroremedy Well-known Member

    So you can see inside your horse??!! You cannot tell it is effective at all!! Sand comes out normally with no specific remedy given...just hay!!!!!

    I am not bagging it (I have said this multiple times now), saying it is has NOT been proven to be effective is not bagging is the truth!!
  10. Pockets

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    ROFPMSL I reckon he'll survive he has plenty of loyal clients and he has a habit of being right..........:) did ya notice I'm using the best butter Warwick;)
  11. retroremedy

    retroremedy Well-known Member

    I am just adding my own success of recognised veterinary treatment towards the health of my different from what you have done ;)
  12. Jumping Bean

    Jumping Bean Well-known Member

    Yes I think I will have to put my horse on the float and drag him around to Midland/Bullsbrook shortly :). I think Mundi may be a bit far to ask anyone to travel lol! But my beast needs some lumps checking, I know where to take him for an opinoion I value ;). Yup Pockets, finest dairy blend!!! :p :D Hehehehe.
  13. sambo

    sambo Well-known Member

    Why would you feel sorry for a Vet???

    Nobody has bagged anyone for doing what they do. Everyone is a valued opinion weather they are vets or not. What is wrong with discussing the idea's????:confused: So we give the vets all the reins and never ask questions. I ask questions and expect answers. If you don't....... Where does that leave us. It's just like going to the DR's and not asking why you are having this medication or that treatment. You are a number to the Dr and if you don't speak up, you will be less informed and not in control of how you would like things to be!!!

    And also, it wouldn't be the first time a vet has become a vet because they cut the grade. Not because they where into horses!!!

    There is nothing wrong with asking!!!!:)

    Edit to say, that is not directed at anyone!
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  14. retroremedy

    retroremedy Well-known Member

    Actually lots of "natural treatments" have been "proved" to work!! Hay as been proven to work and that is pretty natural!! And again for many times saying it hasnt been proven effective is NOT saying it has been proven to be uneffective!!

    You also dont know how much sand is remaining in your horses gut and you also dont know that a LP epsom salt drench wouldnt remove more sand and be more effective!! :) See you are trying to read into my words that I am "bashing" this drench... I am just saying if and how effective it is is unknown!!

    Sambo I agree anyone can have an opinion but sometimes an opinion can have more value than anothers and some people can have an opinion not necessarily based on any fact but on beliefs and emotions that ignore the need for evidence or they might have come to an opinion without enough education or knowledge or experience to understand the fact Warwick didnt have an opinion about the drench he just basically said it would be unprofessional for him to use a remedy that didnt have its pro's and con's measured :)

    What anyone can have is a choice ;)
  15. sambo

    sambo Well-known Member

    Exactly RR**) **) I think J Oleary says the same thing!!!!:)
  16. Feuer

    Feuer Guest

    Oh wow...this thread is still continuing along the same lines:p

    Can we all just agree that we ALL have our horses best interests at heart **)

    RR...yes I understand what you are saying and for the umpteenth time I will say that I was very very very sceptical of this particular drench...I only bought the recipe to see what the heck was in it!

    And then i only tried it on my horse becoz of all the rave reviews on it seemed to I dont have any evidence unless you would like me to post you the sand from my horses manure after they have passed it?:D

    All I can say is that my mare in particular is a much much happier horse from colicking yet this year at all...and yes by now she wouldve colicked...I could place a bet on it:p

    Am not in anyway taking anythig away from good of my good firends fathers is a vet...and he does all my veterinary work on my horses....I trust him as a vet for sure and would never say that his opinion is worth nothing against a "cowboy wearing a hat" :p

    It is fab to have a discussion like this going...but please stop with all the "I know better act" Honestly we all come to agreeing on one thing and that is the best health care possible for our horses.

    And for the horses are shod and take vitamins Not sure where that same in to the debate but there we have it :D
  17. retroremedy

    retroremedy Well-known Member

    LOL I think it has been more you guys getting strangely up in arms about supposed "drench bashing" when none has taken place! :p
  18. Feuer

    Feuer Guest

    Im not sure why you think it is "strange" behaviour but you certainly wanted reactions from your posts....if you reread them and the way they came across:confused:
    No-one here is suggesting this remedy is the be all and end all....dunno why you took it upon yourself to discredit it so badly...when we were putting our views across.
  19. retroremedy

    retroremedy Well-known Member

    Point out in my posts exactly where I have discredited it??? :confused: This is exactly why I have found the reaction so strange!
  20. Feuer

    Feuer Guest

    Wow almost every post you have you want me to highlight the whole lot??
    The worst though is this

    Originally Posted by retroremedy View Post
    I have also personally heard of 2 horses that died from sand colic after using the HP drench for there is a couple of anecdotal reports of unsuccess which purely highlights the need for the drench's effectiveness to be proven!!

    Dont forget this is a pucblic forum and anyone can read this statement#(

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