Coliban Designer Gene Program is a success!

Discussion in 'Breeding Horses' started by Coliban Quarter Horse Stud, Apr 4, 2014.

  1. Hi all:)
    More and more people are using DGP every year.
    We have already 3 mares ( out of 6) prebooked in utero.
    Smooth Lil Jet Chex by Jet Boom, her baby will go to NSW


    Coliban Thirty Eight Spin by Spin On Command, her baby is prebooked a year ahead, for 2015 drop to go to NSW


    Coliban Gold N Metal by Metallic Oak ( exp USA), Bunny's baby will go to Mt Isa, QLD.


    Coliban Metallic Bars by Metallic Oak is available for brebooking.
    She is tested CrCr Rn Aa
    All the above mentioned mares are in foal to Tru Blu Texan ( imp)


    Our imported mare Call For Zippo is sold to QLD. Currently she is in foal to Lazy Loper ( we are retaining this foal to be offered for sale at a later stage)


    Please don't hesitate to inquire.
  2. Delkara Honey Bars baby was sold in utero to Vic yesterday morning.


    The old girl is looking fab for her age:)
    Thanks for looking:)

  3. GoneRama

    GoneRama Gold Member

    Far out Lena, you got any left for sale for this years drop?! :blink:
  4. We still can offer one more mare in utero and we are done:)
  5. shyloh

    shyloh Well-known Member

    love your horses lena always in fab condition :)**)
  6. Dream Merchant

    Dream Merchant Active Member

    Have to say, would love a baby from your cremello roan mare, she is a stunner and a half.
  7. Whats stopping you?';' She is avail for prebooking in utero:D
    By the way photos don't do her justice. Come over a have a look for yourself.
  8. Hi All:)
    We are thrilled to announce that Call For Zippo's foal by Lazy Loper has been sold in utero and will go to Canberra. Our plan to retain this baby didn't work, the offer was too good to refuse:)
    We have reached our quota for in utero sales:). We are practically sold out again before foals are born.
    We are keeping 2 unsold foals as substitute options in case something goes wrong as means of precaution. We are very glad that the current market doesn't affect our sales.
  9. We are sold out in utero. It is the first year since we developed the Designer Gene Program that all the foals we put on the market were presold before they were born.
    Tru Blu Texan's book for Live Cover is full. It is his last year at public stud.
    We have only 3 services of his Frozen Semen left for 2014 breeding season. Live foals have been achieved from it. It is stored at Olive Grove vets, Bullsbrook, WA.
    This is your last opportunity to breed your own baby, after that is you are after his foal you would have to buy it from us.
    Thanks for looking:)

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