Club Foot - can it be passed on?

Discussion in 'Breeding Horses' started by Megzee, Feb 28, 2008.

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    I've been quietly observing hooves for a while. I appears to me that many horses with short backs will have a tendency to have one front hoof a bit boxy and the other longer in the toe. This is due to how they learned to graze. Putting one hoof in front and one back. In the case of the 4 month old, he may be getting too much goodness from his feeds from mum AND helping her with her meals. He's had a growth spurt. JMO
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    That looks like my mares club foot, but i think hers was slightly more upright infront but not in the heel but yeh as i said had NO probs whatso ever competing or doing any discipline on her :) (and she is now a permanent games pony with a new family)
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    Hi Equus

    Hi Equus -

    All very interesting reading. Obviously some club feet and other hoof malformations must be hereditary, but we barefoot trim plus agist and train for other people, and have managed to trim out and correct the club feet on two horses (different breeds) that were apparently caused originally by incorrect shoeing and/or trimming. (Like too high in the heel and too short in the toe over a prolonged period.)

    Never found that their movement was much affected except you'd think it probably would be if the horse was in heavy work - more importantly, the incorrect pressure on a club hoof would, you would assume, cause problems higher up in joints and shoulders, etc. which might affect soundness.

    Just another story to add to the mix!

    Wouldn't advocate shoeing to correct but that's just a personal opinion. :)*

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