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    what?? is that why you don't seem to have to ride around much in turnout classes? Knew there was a reason :) I was told once of a judge checking the backs of peoples daks to make sure that they were a normal colour or something (so no lucky cartoon undies allowed I spose). In the situation you describe they would have got a bit of a shock! The mind boggles......
  2. beccy

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    oww gwad not turn out!!!!! try and use cotton underwear as it minimalises the apperence of lines

  3. Navarre

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    No undies...ooh...that could get uncomfortable!

    Well seeing as I just started and only ride a few times a month or so, then I usually end up hopping on a horse with boardies and sneakers...I am told that is not ideal nag riding wear, but it's not like I prepare to go for a ride or anything...and it's more of a treat to get to walk my girlfriend's horse around :O)

    On the times we do go out for a bush bash, I get into my motocross pants and docs (I'm told that's even worse for riding horses)...Once I have a reason to get some moleskins, then I shall, and perhaps some nice boots and a helmet too.

    And what is this with the sizing of horse clothing? I tried on a (men's) size 30 and it felt like it was equivalent to a size 26! I knew I was getting a little slack around the middle but I don't think that the sizing is right. Is there a different horse standard of measuring inches that's different from the rest or the world or is it really poor clothes making?

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    I usually wear cotton jods and a shirt, low boots and chappettes. I try and wear collared shirts, as I'm fair haired, freckled/moles, blue eyed and have already had to have one melanoma removed (damn viking ancestors) but I need to buy some more for this summer. In winter I usually wear a vest over a shirt - I find I get too hot in jumpers. Sometimes I wear longer board shorts and short boots is it's really hot. Can't even remember the last time I rode in denim jeans, so I can't say how comfortable it would be - I love the comfort of my jods and chappettes too much anyway!

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    When handling horses i always wear jeans (but then again i literally AWLAYS wear jeans) and either my rossi's or my blundies (used to alway be the blundies cos their steelies but they are getting old and they rub a bit now so i just wear my rossi's). When riding i wear jods,chappets and jodi boots. More comfortable i find, and when i get hot i can take off the chappettes quickly and easily, never having to struggle with long boots.

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  6. Jacinta

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    when i ride i usually ride in my joddies, long boots, and a t'shirt. when i did western it was normally jeans coz they r sooooooo.... comfy to ride in. oh and yes must not forget the helmet, never ride without it unless im at the beach!!!

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