Claireb - photos of hooves to critique

Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by Shenalar, Jan 18, 2011.

  1. Shenalar

    Shenalar Well-known Member

    Sorry it took so long to get these Claireb - not sure if you remember from the thread a few weeks ago so the story in short is:

    WB X TB - had shoes on all his life till we got him - now been without shoes 5 - 6 months, never been lame but at his last lesson, the instructor said he was short stepping in one side and 'needs' shoes.

    You said to email some pics to you and you would have a look at the conformation of his feet for us to see if you think he does need shoes. If it's ok with you, I put them up here as it might be educational for others :)

    He is due for another trim next week - good time to put shoes on him if you think he does need them :)

    Hope the photos are ok - if not, I will get some more.

    front right

    front right side view

    front right underneath

    front left
  2. Shenalar

    Shenalar Well-known Member

    front left side view

    front left underneath

    right back

    right back side view

    left back

    left back side view

    I didn't take the underneath of the back feet, as the instructor indicated that she thought front shoes might be enough - but can get them if you need them :)

    Thanks in advance!!
  3. Cadabby

    Cadabby Well-known Member

    Thanks for posting these! It will definitely be interesting and educational. Looks like a lot of bar/heel growth to me, but I know next to nothing so will watch this thread with interest **)
  4. Shenalar

    Shenalar Well-known Member

  5. Kyara

    Kyara Well-known Member

    I will be watching this thread. :)
  6. Claireb

    Claireb Well-known Member


    I have pm'd you.

  7. Anna E

    Anna E Guest

    The suspense is killing me (as a foot addicted person LOL)!
    Would love to know what Claire said but can quite understand why she might not want to put it all over the forum.
  8. Shenalar

    Shenalar Well-known Member

    Yeah I can understand why too Anna E (sadly)

    Nothing majorly wrong with horses feet - a really good analysis and helpful for me :)

    If it's ok with Claireb I could PM you with the info Anna?
  9. Talkingshell

    Talkingshell Well-known Member

    Hell....I am trying to be discreet but look at the's probably the reason why he is slightly lame because the bars are digging into his corum :(

    I just can't farthom how could FARRIER have missed that, it should have been pared back to level of the sole! Not only that but the walls are just far too long as well.

  10. mirawee

    mirawee Gold Member

    That is not necessarily the initial trim ;) I know Shenalar is up near me and seriously the amount of hoof my guys are growing in between 6 week trims atm is amazing! Particularly given how hard the ground is up here!

    Claireb trims my "special" (in more ways than one ROFL) horses and 4 weeks after my yearling was done you would have said she was several weeks overdue! So now I get to do weekly tidy ups to keep on top of it - lucky me *#)

    Not saying that it is the same in this horse's case, but certainly it is something to consider since he is due again now.

    The bars and heel on the other hand do not look good to me.
  11. Cadabby

    Cadabby Well-known Member

    Would really love to know also if Claire gives her OK to PM :eek:
  12. Talkingshell

    Talkingshell Well-known Member

    Yes your correct as some horse's feet just grows fast in 4-6 weeks and it looks like as if it was not being trimmed for say 2/3 months! However what I see in this photo he has good sole, just need to get this bars/heels removed then the horse will feel so much better, might be a little ouchy to begin with. Again what I see he has good walls, so that would help! :)
  13. Shenalar

    Shenalar Well-known Member

    Yeah - I'm not quite sure what to say here :)

    I didn't post the pics to try and have a go at my farrier.

    The question really is whether or not the feet indicate that this horse needs shoes - and since the farrier is due again next week I thought this was a good time to ask.
  14. Talkingshell

    Talkingshell Well-known Member

    No, your horse does not need shoes unless he is ridden on rocky grounds...just needs to get the bars/heels removed, then the horse will be ok :)
  15. mirawee

    mirawee Gold Member

    Shenalar, I did the same just over a year ago with Diva :p

    I still use the same farrier with all my other horses but Diva now gets "special" treatment as she just wasn't coping as well as she should have. My yearling also gets "special" treatment now as Claire has a lot more patience than most other farrier ROFL.

    What did Claireb say about needing shoes? To me his overall feet don't look bad and so I wouldn't think he does need shoes? But then not all horses can cope even if nothing looks wrong!
  16. Shenalar

    Shenalar Well-known Member

    Our paddocks are all gravel & rock lol

    The only sand is in the arena........ he is regularly ridden on trails around the property
  17. mirawee

    mirawee Gold Member

    TS, you really should come and visit one day... He would live on rocky ground unless Shenalar has done something strange to her part of Gidge *#) Seriously rocks breed in Gidgegannup ;)
  18. Shenalar

    Shenalar Well-known Member

    She hasn't anwered that one yet mirawee :)

    I've taken comfort from the fact that he didn't even look sore from the first day his shoes came off - so I felt there was hope.

    It was just that the instructor said he appeared to be short stepping on one side at the start of a lesson - she said he wasn't lame but needed shoes.....
    I'm not sure if he was still short stepping at the end of the lesson but I don't think he was.

    I didn't realise Claireb came up our way mirawee - that might be my answer :)
  19. Talkingshell

    Talkingshell Well-known Member

    Wow....he's living on rocks/gravel :eek:, well in that case your horse is doing ok and his feet isn't breaking away at all. I can't say if he needs shoes because he is doing ok on this type of ground.

    I would love to have my horses on rock/gravel grounds as it does help to toughen up the feet and have sturdy feet.

  20. Shenalar

    Shenalar Well-known Member

    lol - I should take a photo of our ground here!!

    the question really was whether conformationally the hooves need shoes :)

    I have 5 horses here - all feet tough as nails, and none of them shod :)

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