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    Ad Number: 4315

    Does it always seem to be a hassle to find a rider small/light-weight enough to break in or train your small pony or horse? Well, that's where I can help.

    I am a light-weight rider specialising in the breaking and education of ponies and small horses.

    Services I offer:
    -Breaking (Mouthing, Backing, Basic Education)
    -Showing (Ridden)

    Breaking - $250 per week (Min. 4 weeks)
    Training/Educating - $225 per week
    Showing (Ridden) - by negotiation

    All prices are agistment/feed inclusive; up to 2 hard feeds per day + hay, depending on the horses needs. Yards/Paddocks are grassed.

    For more information please contact Leah on 0432129378 or 9733 3442.
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  2. JustJam

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    You accept Stallions but not thoroughbreds? :blink: Poor TB's :cry:

    Not having a go :) - just thought it was funny! :lol: :p :D :bolt:
  3. beks

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    Perhaps it should read at my discretion!:)
  4. JustJam

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    I was going to say, why have it in at all - you can always say no anyway - but I see you have changed it ;) :)*

    It looks like a lovely place! :))

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