Charity Rodeo At Brigadoon

Discussion in 'Horse Showing and Events' started by alyandmontana, Jul 31, 2010.

  1. Late Starter

    Late Starter Well-known Member

    I'm happy to pay for a ticket but was wanting to watch the people I know in the avo like you T and also Denise as well.

    I phoned the mobile no on the flyer & spoke to the lady that answered.
  2. Toyz

    Toyz Well-known Member

    Late starter if you say your here with whom ever thats riding you should be right to watch:)

    Im always there early with my partner and always have a friend tagging along and they dont say anythink:)
  3. TobanMokey736

    TobanMokey736 Well-known Member

    omg nooooo DON't you dare LOL I shall think of it as 'hush' money..... bahahaha
  4. KC Quarter Horses

    KC Quarter Horses Gold Member

    Ditto :) See you there becky! x

    This is Skito LOL
  5. Toyz

    Toyz Well-known Member

    Aww are you coming Jen? Support the son in law haha :p;)
  6. KC Quarter Horses

    KC Quarter Horses Gold Member

    Lol its donna on jens account
  7. Toyz

    Toyz Well-known Member

    haha well in that case support the boyfriend :p See you at the bar:)):)) Are use staying the night?
  8. jadelzwadelz

    jadelzwadelz Active Member

    I've never been to a rodeo. Might have to check it out, sounds fun!!
  9. KC Quarter Horses

    KC Quarter Horses Gold Member

    I dont think so babe, he said he wasnt sure but he doubts it :) (donna here again lol)
  10. Toyz

    Toyz Well-known Member

    There sooooooo much fun!!**)

    Yeah Pete doesn't wanna stay but he will have afew drinks then be like aww we are staying now lol
  11. paula223

    paula223 Gold Member

    Jadelzwadelz you should come **)**) i havent ever been b4
  12. IbanezGirl

    IbanezGirl Well-known Member

    i'll be there, havent been to a rodeo in ages*#):)):))
  13. ellechim69

    ellechim69 Guest

    Only one more sleep to go its going to be fun. Paula we gonna meet at the farm I will be there about 430 looking to leave at 5 so dont be late otherwise there will be no smoke stops and no Macca stops lol
  14. jadelzwadelz

    jadelzwadelz Active Member

    I'm going, I'm going, I'm going and I'm so excited!! Practically dared the OH to tell me we couldn't go....he obviously knows whats good for him!! ;)

    Even organised a mate so I can play silly buggers and have a drinking buddy whose horsey (since OH isn't and will have to drive cause I'm still broken)

    So if anyone wants to say hello I've got a bright blue cast on my wrist and will probably still be walking/moving a bit slow cause of broken ribs!

    Yayayayayayay...did I mention I'm excited???
  15. If I see u I'll come say hi :D
  16. jlnew

    jlnew Well-known Member

    wish i was, but its not going to happen :(
  17. Tempo

    Tempo Well-known Member

    YAY! I *think* I have convinced OH that it will be a GOOD thing to go to!
    Can't wait :)*
  18. ellechim69

    ellechim69 Guest

    If OH dosent want to go you can leave the kids with him and come with me, paula and Sam&max if you want we leaving the agistment centre at about 5
  19. Playin With Fire

    Playin With Fire Well-known Member

    Yay Tempo I finally get to meet you!!! :)
  20. ellechim69

    ellechim69 Guest

    Omg I have been up all night vomitting I hope it just something I ate and it goes away in time for tonight Otherwise Sam&max you will need to pick the tickets up. I will let you know about 2 how it going. I am so peeved I was hanging to go out tonight.

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