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Discussion in 'Feeding Horses' started by Faxie, Nov 16, 2008.

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    The answer, in summary, is yes, people have fed celery seed and noticed an improvement. Feeding celery seed does not necessarily cause an improvement, however.
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    Great plan love it WW. :D**) Still grinning here ha ha. *#)
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    Hi Horsetalk!! Maybe you were Somewhere Else? :D
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    Can't get used to DS lol, just work one hour longer, silly me. :D
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    celery seeds are great for helping stiff horses, you dont soak them and you should only give 1tbs a day and mix them into the feed.
  6. Ziggy the Piggy

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    Hmmm, VERY interesting thread, although some of you lost me with all the gobbly-gook science stuff.:D

    I've just been advised by my vet to start my horse on celery seeds, to assist with mild arthritis, and I'm interested to note that you all say one tablespoon per day.....I'm sure the vet said about half a cup, but that sounds like too much. What do you think?

    Does any one know if it's okay to give to a broodmare in foal? She's at about 32 weeks, and I would'nt want to harm the foal. Mare has a little filling in/on one knee (old problem) that does'nt seem to bother her much, but wondered if the magic celery seeds could cure (so long as she does not read some of these opposing threads) hehe!:D
  7. TB4Me

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    Given the other properties of celery seed (diuretic etc), half a cup sounds like an awful lot.
    Dunno about the pregnant mare though - unless she's in real pain from the knee problem I'd probably leave her alone until the foal is weaned, who knows if the active ingredients in celery seeds are transmitted across the placenta or in milk and what effect that would have (if any)...
  8. Ziggy the Piggy

    Ziggy the Piggy Active Member

    Good point TB4ME....think I'll wait until after foal is born and weaned before I 'experiment' with her.

    I'll start my gelding on one tablespoon, and see how he goes.

    Just bought a kilo from Nicholson rd S/feeder at a cost of $12 for the kilo....seems quite high! Who's getting it cheaper than that down Byford way?

  9. cobbie

    cobbie Gold Member

    It is $8.95 kg from my health food store down the rd or $8.10 from budget stockfeeders (when I add time and petrol to get to stockfeed i'd rather pay the few cents more!)
  10. dressagedivaII

    dressagedivaII Well-known Member

    half a cup does sound a bit much, i also go to budget stockfeeds for mine and they gave me a little scoop (1 tbs), which helped measure out mine:)
  11. Ziggy the Piggy

    Ziggy the Piggy Active Member

    I know this is an old thread, but seeing as I'm laid up in bed with a back thats gone on the blink, I thought I'd give an update or progress report on Ziggy since starting him on celery seeds.

    I'm very happy to report that he is moving freely now and all filling from hind legs completely gone.

    Now bear in mind when lame the vet diagnosed an abscese above heel on hind foot, and that was treated with antibiotics and poulticed, but mild arthritis changes in hocks was also diagnosed via xrays at the same time, hense the commencement of celery seeds.

    Ziggy is much freer in all limbs, and I am so impressed that I have started the kids pony on the seeds also to see if it helps with his clicky fetlock joint.

    Thumbs up from me.**)
  12. banjo

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    good onya ziggy

    i have started my old boy (22) on celery seeds as he has skin cancer lumps all over. and after two weeks have noticed that the lumps have gone down in size???? maybe the seeds are causing the toxins to move around the body and dispell.

  13. Babe

    Babe Well-known Member

    Half a cup sounds a bout right to me.....didnt somone say previously they had their dog in 1 tablespoon a day? as advised by a vet? How much bigger is a horse?

    Well I had my mare on it for about 6 monhts.....didnt notice much of an improvement.

    Not sure how I feel about feeding herbs...I did go the whole herb bit with my warmblood mare....about 6 months worth...noticed not one iota of diffrence to her. I have enjoyed reading this thread.
  14. gmfs46

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    When you speak of celery seeds, are you speaking of bulk buying seeds or ones you buy in stores in shaker bottles?
  15. gmfs46

    gmfs46 New Member

    This has been a enlightment of learning.........I am new at this horse raising......and this celery seed is awesome......I think i've learned more in 20 minutes of horse learning then any other sites I've gone to. Thanks!!
  16. blitzen

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    Bulk. Available in most horse stores for about $12/kg
  17. Faxie

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    Whoa now this is an OLD thread lol, i dont even remember putting it up!!! Incidentally i did put my horse on them but didnt notice any difference so ceased after 6 mths...
  18. GoWelshCobs

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    i have upped my TB's dose to 2 table spoons and the difference can be heared no more clicking and clacking at every step.
  19. ufc4836

    ufc4836 New Member

    Thanks for sharing the info. Very Useful.
  20. Diesel91

    Diesel91 Well-known Member

    I've been using this for about 2 weeks now and have had great improvement :) My boys legs would get quite swollen in the heat and since being on the seeds have not had one swollen leg and no lameness from sore legs :):)

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