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  1. horsescomefirst

    horsescomefirst Well-known Member

    can someone please tell me which stud carpenetto stands/stood??

    im after some history on him :)
  2. dearme

    dearme New Member

    He stands at Greenfields Lodge in Capel. what information would you like to know?
  3. cobbie

    cobbie Gold Member

    My girl is by him and she is just the best little horse :)*
  4. horsescomefirst

    horsescomefirst Well-known Member

    um ANYTHING!!

    i just bought a yearling by him at the auction today and i dont follow TB much. i know his oldest are 3yr olds so im guessing hes fairly new. has he thrown winners etc and whats his service fee??

    anything else you can add will be fantastic!! :))
  5. cobbie

    cobbie Gold Member

    Mine is 5 this year. On google it says his stud fee is $2,500

    Would love to see some pics of your yearling so far all the ones i've seen are quite similar looking :)

    My girl is very pretty, small at 14.3 1/2hh and a very good doer, extremely quiet and sweet :) She never saw a track nor have most of the ones i've seen advertised
  6. dearme

    dearme New Member

    is it a filly or gelding?? all the ones ive dealt with are shocking to break in, the fillys are real fighters, and the colts/geldings are almost dangerously flighty etc.
    they are all pretty generally having a blaze and socks, srevice fee cant remember exactly but not alot over $1200. has had 1 winner, on the coast. at bunbury, he was a staying horse in america so his progeny run well over ground.
  7. horsescomefirst

    horsescomefirst Well-known Member

    gonna post pics tomorrow when i go back to pck him up ;)

    he is black going grey with a massive white blaze.

    on his breeding papers it said the oldest are 3 so those were old papers then.

    he is SO quiet and the most placid on in the whole sale!!

    bit on the small side

    another trainer told me today they have 3 and are all mad!!

    if hes a cheap stallion im guessing hes not a topliner and with only 1 winner it dosnt look promising does it??

    dam won 5

    winners in 1st 2nd and 3rd dam and group 1 and 2 winners in 3rd dam

    cant wait to post pics**)
  8. horsescomefirst

    horsescomefirst Well-known Member

    what did you google to find him??
  9. cobbie

    cobbie Gold Member

    I just googled Carpanetto it has a photo of him also (first link to come up)

    Perhaps the racing life turns them mad, mine is certainly not!
  10. horsescomefirst

    horsescomefirst Well-known Member

    i cant find him!! whe i google it comes up with all these italiam chicks and places
    i wanna see a pic of him!! what colour is he?? :))
  11. dearme

    dearme New Member

  12. cobbie

    cobbie Gold Member

    This is mine, she has done well in her first year in the show ring


  13. tazzie13

    tazzie13 Active Member

    i used to own a carpanetto and it was a GOAT sorry to offened she used to buck like nothing she was a turd the amount of times i fell of her was just a joke hot headed thing she was lol i pre trained her then sent her of to be raced she was no good most of them cant run to save them selves no offense but i dont have a high opinion of them DUE to my personal expierences with them

    oh and also just to add the only one i know of that goes any good is class to go thats all
    my filly's mum had really good bloodline and had winners on her side and mine couldnt run dont want to crush your dream or anything but it cost us about 3grand all up to find out she was no good and thats cheap
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  14. horsescomefirst

    horsescomefirst Well-known Member

    well it dosnt look to promising then!! so my bargain now has no hope for racing and has an apparent hernia??!!';'

    i thought for once in my life i had some goof luck and a great day :confused:

    oh well worse comes to worse, hes a lovely pet haha
  15. mylittlepony

    mylittlepony Well-known Member

    Don't write off your new horse until he as at least trialled. Some of the cheapest buys have turned into brilliant racehorses ie: Takeover Target!
    Carpanetto doesn't have good reputation. His progeny have a reputation for being flighty and dirty, but thats not to say all of them are like it. Tarz lovely filly is great example.
    They haven't done any good at the track, but Carpanetto was a distance horse, and not too many people have actually tried his progeny over distance.
    I suggest breaking your new boy in and taking him straight through to a jumpout if he copes with it ok, and then chuck him out for a lovely long spell before bringing him into full work.
    You never know, you might just have a group one winner there!
  16. cobbie

    cobbie Gold Member

    I WISH my girl was hot, she is so god dam lazy it drives me mad, she is fed on grain etc and still nothing, she certainly can get air in the paddock if she wants to but has never had any dirt under saddle or on the ground what so ever, a 3 year old child hangs off her and leads her around **)

    Like MLP said don't write him off completely, I don't think he will make a race horse but carpanetto seems to produce good show horses and if he is anything like my girl you will have a lovely little horse. It's a shame he has such a bad rep though as they aren't all like that!
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  17. Picup436

    Picup436 Active Member

    I have a carpanetto filly, she's awesome. I am in the process of starting her, and she hasn't put a foot wrong once. Not even a hint of dirt in her at all. She had an accident as a bub and has a pretty horrible scar on her backside, so was pretty skittish when I first got her but now that we have her trust she's a ripper. I would think that if she had been treated differently than I did with her she could be a bit of a handful, because she does have times where she's had a "I dunno if i want to do this" moment but she's always gotten past it really quickly, and got on with the job at hand.

    She's not really big, I would've said a touch under 15hh, but stocky.

    This is her with the saddle on for the first time

  18. horsescomefirst

    horsescomefirst Well-known Member

    i have put up some pics in the mundijong sales thread in open discussions :)*
  19. sprint44

    sprint44 New Member

    Well guys i have a very promising Carpenetto filly ... has only had 2 starts for a close up 7th at ascot and at pinjarraa 7th but had really had enough and was ready for a spell ... she is most beautiful , well natured filly and a dream to have in the stable , so i really think the bad raps that carpenetto has on here is unjust ......i have seena couple at the track and they seem really well natured before u get to down about your buy think again as some of the best horse cost very little ... one of my stable stars cost $1250 and has earned just short of 50k from 7 starts!!!... give her a crack and if u need any advice dont hesitate to message me .... good luck **)
  20. horsescomefirst

    horsescomefirst Well-known Member

    well thanks heaps for that**) i was getting very negative abou him#( from all the comments. ill just see if he grows a little bit more! he seems so placid! **)

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