Care of wound in the side of jaw

Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by jijrm4, Apr 10, 2014.

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    Hi Everyone,
    I'm new on here. I am looking forward to reading up on some really interesting topics and I am also hoping that I can get some help with a small wound issue that I'm having.

    I am just chasing some suggestions on how I could possibly remedy a small wound in the side of one of our mares jaw.
    Everyday I am picking out fresh grass from the hole so this is holding up the healing process! Obviously as she eats, the hole fills back up again and agina. I can pick out the grass from the side of face using tweezers and flush the wound out from the outside (just trying to explain myself)!!!
    We are not sure how long this injury has been there as she was paddocked until we noticed it about 3 weeks ago when she was bought in with the rest of the horses.
    It's a clean wound, it is not infected or harming/hurting her in anyway! I can clean it out and it doesn't cause her any discomfort at all. It is just unsightly, it does ooze a little tiny bit and attracts flies if her fly veil is taken off.

    Anyway, it doesn't seem to be getting much better. I have spoken to a vet and I will continue washing it out with salt water and keeping it clean by removing the grass as suggested by the vet. The alternative is surgery (which we are 400km from the nearest vet) so I was hoping that someone may have another remedy that they have used in the past as we are very remote and would like to try all possible avenues at home first!

    I would appreciate any help :) I will post a photo later this afternoon or tomorrow.
    TIA :)
  2. Hi there ! I have a product called Tuff Rock Poultice that would seal over the wound while helping it heal . All natural :) when it is dry it's like clay.
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    You could also try stitching a piece of fabric to the fly veil if it covers the area, to keep dirt and grass seeds out but still allow it to breathe.

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