Car/ute/4wd Hire! Cheap! Just for Sunday's! Far fetched I know!

Discussion in 'Horse and Rider Safety' started by Exposure02, Feb 27, 2012.

  1. Exposure02

    Exposure02 New Member

    Does anyone know of somewhere cheap that hires car/ute/4wds on Sundays only, capable of towing 2 horses in a float?

    It's agonizing searching these bigger companies as they charge through the roof for just one day (they all are closed Sundays so the 4wd must be picked up Saturday's and dropped off Monday's therefor charging 3 days worth that I don't need!)

    Please PM me if you know of any! I don't want to run the risk of this thread being deleted due to name dropping of unpaid advertisers etc!

    I'm getting desperate! I've joined ARC and my ride for myself and a friend has fallen through. Understandable. But we're now stuck if we want to go anywhere. I really dont wish to rely on other people (friends) and their vehicles. Its not their responsibility. I know no-one else anyways :(

    Just thought I'd see whats about!

    Cheers, Kate :)
  2. Nicola

    Nicola Active Member

    I've used a ute from Bunnings before. They're open on Sundays. I can't vouch for their utes towing capacity as it was a few years ago and I had never heard of tow capacities etc. I though ute + tow bar = tow vehicle. It towed one horse with no trouble though.

    I've also used a ute before from a small rental company in Mandurah. I can't remember the name of the company but it was cheap and easy to find. Coming down ennis it was on a minor road between rockingham road and the shopping centre. Again I can't vouch for the legal towing capacity of the vehicle as at the time it didn't occur to me to check, but it towed 2 15'2hh horses from bunbury to Perth with no issues
  3. PetaBizz

    PetaBizz Well-known Member

    Please be careful about using the utes from Bunnings. Make sure the towbars are heavy duty and not lightweight ones. Also, something to remember is electric brakes on your floats/cars. If you have an accident, I am not sure that you would be covered by insurance. Which ARC are you guys going to? Maybe someone can help you out for a bit? I have a spare bay to Wanneroo ARC this Sat and have to drop my daughter at Belvoir by 7am so happy to help if you are going to the same ARC??
  4. Exposure02

    Exposure02 New Member

    Thanks Petabiz!

    Yea I looked at Bunnings but I too was concerned about towing horses! It does actually say they are not capable of towing floats, caravans etc so I will steer clear of them.

    I attend Gidge ARC! But we were wanting to attend the ARCA? Interclub hunter challenge on the 22nd April. There is two of though coming from the same place in Helena Valley :( but thankyou for your lovely offer! I have been trying (only minimally just now) to see if anyone from Gidge were able to help out. We'l see, it might be out of many peoples ways to come through where we are :(

    It's just much easier if I can source a vehicle capable of the towing capacity to drive. That way I don't have to rely on others to cart us around haha still finding it much more difficult! I might need to get on my hands a knees and beg my OH to let me get a loan for a bigger car! (fat chance says our finances though)

    I will try investigate the Mandurah places! With any luck they still exist and are fairly cheap still.

  5. cupcake

    cupcake Well-known Member

    Bunnings uses arnt rated high enough for towing, and I've done the looking around and the big hire places are where u will find somthing suitable for towing that weight. And yep they pricy. In the end I bought myself a cheep towing car to get me to arc and shows for the year.
  6. beaudacious

    beaudacious Well-known Member

    Try Mindarie Car Hire. They have a Triton manual ute with a towball that might be suitable.
  7. moodymare

    moodymare Well-known Member

    i got stuck for 2 months without my landcrusier and ended up hiring a hilux from thrifty for a couple of weekends, yes its not cheap but it wasnt too expensive
  8. fishiz3434

    fishiz3434 Active Member

    if you find out the name of the mandurah one could you pm it to me?? :D

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