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Discussion in 'Horse Racing' started by skiddlez, Dec 16, 2007.

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  1. deschuur

    deschuur Gold Member

    hehehe I stopped at vit and minerals coz I did not want to put down in writing what supplements they really get - I would go into shock for sure*#)
  2. Remaani

    Remaani Guest

    Wow, must be a good doer!
    My 13 odd hh show pony filly was getting her hard feed daily & the buckets were only 10ltrs.

    Wish i could of feed my Tb's ive had on only hard feed in a 10lt bucket, lol.
  3. skiddlez

    skiddlez Gold Member

    OK found out that its a 20L bucket i used to feed both of the boys... and in summer they would get about half a bale or the whole bale which would last byron about nearly a week..... dont know about my TB but he got 2 bickies a day.....But this is an image of him in full fatness.... and byron just before i sold him...
    Do you love his hair doo!???

    this one with me and my nefew is when we first got him! he was such a good boy

    And this is the photo of byron the day before he went to busselton..
  4. skiddlez

    skiddlez Gold Member

    with frank i could sit on him for ages while he was eating his tucker and he didnt mind at all.... i would even slide of him rear end when i had to go.... he was the best TB ever..... he had the smoothest canter i could ever imagen.... i just wish the horsie devil never took him away
  5. Jess&Sabby

    Jess&Sabby Well-known Member

    one feed a day for a tb straight off the track?? i dont think so. 20l or not lol these so called supplements keep a horsey healthy. my mare is retired but she still gets all her supplements and looks great better than some of the horses in work. i seriously think you need to sit down and no matter how much your bf says " oh ill support your horse or your mum says ill help you" what if you break up or your mum isnt able to support you. you need to think worst case scenario. were not trying to be mean but just trying to make you see having a horse is not cheap and really if you cant afford to buy a horse how are you going to afford the up keep of him :(
  6. Mocha

    Mocha Well-known Member

    IMO you shouldn't feed ''one big bucket'' in the evening only. You should split it ino 3 or 4 feeds through out the day.
    As the saying goes, 'little and often' **)
  7. kaylastar11

    kaylastar11 Well-known Member

    When i first got nattrick he was in racing condition. He is a STB so he put weight on a little more easily but it took me a while to get the weight back on him. At the time he was in a long green grass paddock with plenty of feed but i was also feeding bread, pluss 2 feeds a day just to get him back into condition. Now i dont like horses that are skinney, i like them to have at least a little fat on them so they look abit rounder. Dont feed it all at once like Mocha said "little and often". And boy dosn't dad know they can be expensive. lol.
  8. Lauren

    Lauren Gold Member

    My 12 year old thoroughbred (who's in light works, ridden ususally twice a week) costs me $245 a fortnight. Just for his feed (not supplements) and for his agistment (i pay $55 a week).
  9. Liza

    Liza Guest

    :D :D I had one. Her name was 'The Fat Horse" :D :D
  10. skiddlez

    skiddlez Gold Member

    ok forgot to mention i got him 6 months after he was off the track... i think.... but look STOP CRITISIZING ME! ive had enough.... MODS close this thread please i cant put up with this crap
  11. Look mate, for ONCE (and it doesn't happen often around here LOL) people are not criticising you.

    They are worried about you and they are worried you might not be able to properly afford or train a horse. I know you've said you can but bear in mind these people are only going off information given in previous threads. I mean that they only know what you have told them - they don't know anything else because none of them have met you or gotten to know you personally.

    The fact that you're still getting Centrelink payments because you don't yet earn enough at your casual job makes them immediately think that you can't afford a horse and they only think that because they've been in your position before and found out the hard way through lots of heartache that it couldn't be realistically done.

    Also you don't appear to be experienced enough to bring along an OTTB. That DOESN'T mean you're not a good enough rider, experience and ability are two separate things. Hell I know you're riding is up there and good enough, it is experience they are talking about.

    Before you get shitty and close yourself off to what I am telling you, please stop and read this calmly. Take in what I am saying.

    Very few TBs are like Levi and even Levi has his off days. They are hideously frustrating animals to work with, they hot up easily when they don't understand what you want and most simply react and mess about rather than thinking about what you want. Also in regards to Levi, very very few have his temperment. It is very likely that you may get a horrible TB if you don't really know the trainer. Research your trainers first - find out what sort of reputation they have.

    I am not saying you're not a capable rider, I am saying please stop and think about this with a realistic mind. Ignore the fact you're so excited and desperate to have a horse.

    You really really need a regular instructor to help you along. Hell I've been in the saddle for 14 years and I insist on having weekly lessons on Levi. I can't stress exactly HOW IMPORTANT it is to have lessons with a reputable instuctor! Especially when bringing on a green horse.

    Also, join a pony club which will help but Pony Club by itself is not enough - you really really need regular lessons as well. Yes you've got a good seat and good hands but thats not nearly enough to bring along a young horse.

    You really want to buy an educated mount all ready to go that you can gain experience with, get out and show and have fun with. Ex racers are not fun horses - it takes years before they are fun. Ex racers are emotional, have banana backs from racing/flexing one way all the time, often have soundness issues, most have NEVER been on a float before, never felt legs on their sides, never had a kind hand on the reins so most are hard mouthed... the list goes on.

    Also in regards to suppliments, all my horses are on them - each and every one regardless of whether I am showing or not. And I don't show. When I got Levi, I had him vetted and he has to be on Glucosamine Sulfate for the rest of his life to keep him sound for working and that stuff costs around $170 a tub... a tub lasts one month or thereabouts.

    So for heavens sake please stop getting grouchy and uptight about all this. If you truly love horses and truly want to be a good rider and a good owner, listen and take in what is being said.

    Because right now you're acting like a neglector - one of those people that shuts their ears to good advice and ignores what good advice they're given because they're so desperate to own a horse - any horse, and that is the biggest group of people we have to rescue horses from. The people that refuse to listen and get shitty with people trying to give good advice because they "know" it all.

    Then we wind up with horses like Romeo, Viento and Ben. Because something's gone wrong and suddenly it is everyone's fault except the person who did it.

    And I know you're not that person, mate. I know you're not a potential negletor so quit acting like one before it is too late.
  12. Oldhack77

    Oldhack77 Gold Member

    sarah a word of advice - to not be criticised..... i would never ever discuss my financial situation publically online (i may discuss many other thing but not where i stand with money :D ) we live and we learn and if nothing else mate i hope you can take this as a good example ;)

    stop getting angry mate and try to take something from the advice offered - as i said yesterday it is genuine advice and it looks childish to keep snapping and carrying on - you are better than that, i know you are
    Last edited: Dec 18, 2007
  13. skiddlez

    skiddlez Gold Member

    i am listening trust me on that one its just the fact that nobody thinks positive about me. I know i snap but everyone does. I'm keeping my eye out on better jobs and stuff.... people think negative of me and i HATE l littrally HATE that, ive had it all my life, from family and friends. It makes me depressed and think bad things. Do you really want that from me??

    I know i can pay for a horse and THATS, THAT. i know i can pay for suppliments and stuff.. just please just let me be if anything happend ive got my mum and my mums best mate to help me out, they love horses and if one is in need of something and i cant get it which in this case its never happend, they will do it for me.

    I understand your worries but im FINE!
  14. Mod 1

    Mod 1 Moderator

    Please take the word from SC....

    Closed as per OP's request!!
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