Can all horses do liberty?

Discussion in 'Training Horses' started by theherd22, May 2, 2013.

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    The charging round "liberty" that you saw back then is very different to the "liberty" that we do.
    That liberty was usually judging a horses moving while using shakers etc to get them to move out.

    "liberty" comps are as above, where they have to work through obstacles, and stay with their handler or be sent through, over, under things, without breaking stride, whether, walk, trot, canter

    Horse Agility World Champions 2012 Dawn & Bear - Wild Agility & Liberty Clips - YouTube
    OLHA Buddy Liberty November 2013 - YouTube
    Horse agility LIBERTY - YouTube

    how we start
    Horse Agility WA - Chrissy Clinic 2013 - YouTube
    Hope that give you an idea, we compete either at competitions locally or via video internationally
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    Cara lives around the corner from me ;) I love watching her kids :D
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    He he Lil Bean, she's awesome fun hey!
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    Liberty can be challenging with horses that are calm & confident, disinclined to participate. And very rewarding. It's how you find the things that motivate them. Pushing on them does not work - at least not for long. I have had great success with two such horses through the Parelli program. And it will help with confidence too.
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    Hopefully we will see different types of ways at the state champs.
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    That is why, getting your horse to do well at liberty, takes a lot of training and practice. It's not about finding a horse that will naturally follow you it is about taking ANY horse and training it to want to stay with you and not want to be else where. Different horses will take longer and be more challenging than others, but with time, patience and good training any horse can be taught to do liberty. It is no different to starting a horse under saddle. Depending on the horses training and the amount of time or inclination and knowledge of the rider the horse can be taught to go bridleless. Most people aren't too worried or don't know how to go about getting their horse light enough to do this, so don't spend the time and learn how to do it. But it can still be done by those so inclined and yes that goes for any horse also.
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    Anybody is welcome to come and see me working at liberty, it can be hilarous, (my big fat bum, falling over something and my pony or mare looking at me like here we go again).

    If I can do it anyone can, but as RVP says it takes time and training...

    Google: horse agility Liberty

    and you will see numerous people with their liberty entries and many types of horses.

    Here are some international entries:

    Buddy Liberty OLHA Sept13 - YouTube

    Coby Liberty July 13 OLHA - YouTube
    OLHA Coby Equagility July 13 - YouTube

    Pep liberty 13 July - YouTube

    Zyta OLHA may liberty 2013 - YouTube
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