Bushfire Toodyay

Discussion in 'Open Discussions' started by oldtenth, Dec 29, 2009.

  1. casperjesse

    casperjesse Well-known Member

    I really hope it hasn't flared up again. As said these poor people have been thru enough.
    I looked on the fesa alerts and nothing there. Hopefully just being cautious and it was nothing much.
  2. Marianne

    Marianne Gold Member

    Wow. Well done all of you saints that are helping the poor animals and people who are suffering during this time.
  3. jlnew

    jlnew Well-known Member

    i would so like to offer my paddocks (i have 157 acres of grass) but im 400km away :( however, if your desperate, and are willing to make the trek
    email me at jlnew@live.com.au

    they are not set up for horses, only cattle, and theres a stallion next door, but i have nothing on the grass at hte moment.
  4. mirawee

    mirawee Gold Member

    I have had two people call me offering help. The only place I have put my phone number is on here to offer help myself. I have given them other options on who to contact since I have nothing to do with coordinating anything. Since I was half asleep when the guy rang this morning I forgot to ask where he got my number from :confused: So if anyone is giving numbers out that people can contact can they please make sure it is the right ones :)
  5. HorseSlave

    HorseSlave Well-known Member

    LOL mirawee - we've been getting phone calls from all over the countryside. To tell the truth... I only went fire fighting to get away from the blasted telephone.... ;)
  6. mirawee

    mirawee Gold Member

    LOL HorseSlave, at least you are actually in Toodyay and are part of dealing with the fires :D Phone calls are from people I don't know who say they have been given my number. I think I need to walk around with the phone numbers of who they actually need to contact in front of me LOL.
  7. Happypaint

    Happypaint Well-known Member

    Took a load of hay up to Gamblin's for her yesterday and we were blown away with the view of where the fire had been through. How scarey it must have been for everyone! Just amazing the job that the Firies and Vollies have done when you see nothing but black/burnt areas and the houses still standing amongst it all!

    Met Minimo who was doing an awesome job with the cute little joey Ash along with the help of her OH, Maike and Nannoo. You guys are all awesome!!

    So relieved to be able to give Nat a big hug and see that all her family and horses are all ok. Best part was being able to give my mare Niki a big hug as it has been ages since I saw her!!

    Awesome job that everyone is doing in pulling together to help out up there!! True Aussie inspiration and spirit!!!
  8. wheatbeltanimalrescue

    wheatbeltanimalrescue Well-known Member

    Would be very interesting to find out who is giving your number out to people!!! I have a contact list of everyone volunteered to help which i will forward to Dee Smith who is one of the animal rescue co-ordinators but had planned on giving it to RSPCA but seeing as they have pulled out now there is no point. Dee will be the only one i will give the contact list to so i can promise these strangers haven't got your number through me :confused:
  9. mirawee

    mirawee Gold Member

    WAR, next person who rings me I will ask where they got my number from :D Has only been 2 over the last 2 days so nothing too strenuous, and for both I have given them other contact options so no big deal really :) Just strange LOL.

    What is the RSPCA's excuse for pulling out? I would have thought it was a welfare issue to deal with the animals that are seriously injured or lacking food!
  10. Anna E

    Anna E Guest

    Got back from two days at Toodyay last night (and funnily enough I never made it to New Year! IN bed asleep by 10 after 2 glasses of wine..!).
    Kudos to Minimo and WheatbeltAnimalRescue and their respective husbands for putting in a long tiring and sometimes harrowing day yesterday.
    On the positive side there were very few reports of severe burns on the animal side. Some sheep had to be euthanased other than that no major injuries - on the horse side I didn't get called to anything other than stray horses which were reunited with their owners yesterday.
    The RSPCA spent a day yesterday feeding and watering animals still on people's properties but since there weren't many injured animals they went home. Now that people are allowed back to their properties feed and water requirements are starting to be sorted out. I'm sure if injured wildlife start to come in they'll come back to help, but they didn't have a lot to do yesterday.
    There were reports of one burned dog and cat but no one has been able to find them. The main mortalities seem to be chooks#(.
    Hell of a sight - that fire looks to have been as hot as last year's Vic fires. I'm stunned no one died, to be honest. I spent yesterday doing house to house up there and the main thing people will be needing is feed, but also (in a week or two) FENCING. I couldn't get a handle on how much horse gear had been lost, but a hell of lot of fences are gone. After the first shock passes, people just want to be able to put their boundaries back up so that they can keep their animals at home and start somsort of return to "normality".
  11. mirawee

    mirawee Gold Member

    Fair enough for the RSPCA not to be there then :)
  12. HorseSlave

    HorseSlave Well-known Member

    The firies were taking time out to do this too - I spend more time sorting out animals than putting out fires when we were mopping up 2 days ago.

    Nooooo :( I was delighted to find healthy and very alive chooks in some pretty surprising places - I was starting to assume they were invincible!

    There are already a couple of people organising feed logistics, I suspect they're going to have more that they can give out **)

    The fencing thing is another issue. I remember watching a TV report on a group of volunteers who had built hundreds of kms of fences for the Vic fires. This is a much smaller area with less large landholdings, but perhaps that's another area volunteers could assist with in a week or so when things start to settle down a bit.

    However, before anyone jumps onto this... it would need to be co-ordinated with a local group like the Shire or something.
  13. tammyprez

    tammyprez Well-known Member

    soooooooo glad every ones ok!!! hopefully no stockies had their houses burnt down!!!!! i thought it was very brave of those people to save their houses when i watched that thing on telly yesterday. . . some one had lived in that house for i dunno how many yrs(a long time tho) and they stood up and fought!!!!!!!!!
  14. wheatbeltanimalrescue

    wheatbeltanimalrescue Well-known Member

    Sadly there was an awful lot of perished wildlife that didnt make it out apparently and quite a few domestic animals too.
    Considering the ferocious nature of the fire i am suprised anything made it out alive!!!

    Now, i will start a new thread for this BUT just so people realise what its about i have had an email from Dee Rohan(Smith). some of you may know her as she was the president of the WA Rangers association for some time and is now CEO of Wiluna Shire. She is very involved in Animal recovery work and has requested we get together to start compiling a contact list of volunteers in conjunction with one of her contacts in Kwinana who has been planning this group for some time.
    So my question is............................... is there anyone who has given me their contact details over the last few days who DOES NOT wish to go on this contact list????
    The aim of this group will be to come up with a more organised plan and volunteer contact list in the event that such a bush fire/incident should happen again. I really hope you all want to be on the list but please if you wish to be taken off my contacts let me know.

    Cheers, Karen
  15. Anna E

    Anna E Guest

    Hey WheatbeltAR - I feel really bad 'cos I never got chance to say hi - I met your OH and briefly glimpsed someone who I assume was you *#) giving your OH a kiss! But too much going on to stop and talk.
    Firies are heroes - no other way to put it.
    I'm sure there were a lot of animal losses but it seems to be that either animals escaped OK or were killed pretty fast - which sounds awful but is better than escaping with severe burns.. The wildlife issue wil run and run no doubt about that - in Vic we were still coming across injured wildlife after 2 weeks. There were also a lot of roos wandering about looking very confused who I assume were escaped/released pets.
    WheatbeltAR if a list comes together it would be good if the Ag Dept had a copy as well, if that can be arranged.
    I'll PM you with contact details.
  16. Nannoo

    Nannoo Well-known Member

    One thing I am curious about is why the vets who did the round in the morning did not carry veterinary supplies?? Or did they? When the properties were checked by the vets the badly injured livestock were shot BUT from the sound of it those kept alive were not treated!??
    My OH received a phone call in the afternoon, just after giving first aid to Minimoo's joey 'Ash', from a distraught landowner who had half their sheep shot by the people doing the rounds in the morning but was advised that none of the vets were carrying antibiotics or pain relief so couldn't help the injured ones and the Toodyay vet was not available!? My OH and I went to the property and treated the sheep and supplied the owner with antibiotics, pain relief and burns cream. Very simple but important! We were not in Toodyay for any official reason, we just came out with supplies packed ready to help if needed. I'm glad we did but would really like to know why no one else was carrying veterinary supplies, or correct me if I'm wrong?!

    And I must say there is such a community spirit in the town, it is heartwarming. I hope all humans and animals recover. We helped an elderly lady check on all her animals as she was too frightened to go on her own, not knowing what state she would find them in. Luckily they were all alive and well.
  17. casperjesse

    casperjesse Well-known Member

    Nannoo what a lovely thing you did for the old lady and I bet finding her animals alive was a highlight for you. After so much sadness a happy story like that is needed. **)
  18. wheatbeltanimalrescue

    wheatbeltanimalrescue Well-known Member

    PMSL I would hope it was me you spotted giving him a kiss! hahahaha yeah woulda been me - jeans, boots and a navy polo shirt with Wheatbelt Animal Rescue on it ;)
  19. wheatbeltanimalrescue

    wheatbeltanimalrescue Well-known Member

    Yeah i heard the same that the other vets did not carry much in the way of supplies. One vet must have had anti biotics at one point as i'm sure minimo said he gave a ewe an anti b shot and then realised (after it was pointed out) that the sheep had other problems and needed putting down.
    Double check with minimo on that one but i'm pretty sure thats what went on.
    Not too sure what the story with those vets was but i know one of them got bogged and my o/h had to go pull him out!!! :p
  20. Roodog

    Roodog Active Member

    Toodyay Fire

    Went out again today to help, ended up doing duty at stockfeed depot at racecourse.. They are co-ordinating feed supplies through Christine Maroni, 0414 772 237. Just to say what what amazing people have come out to help, the farmer who is helping load feed with his tractor actually had the largest loss of livestock and still came to Toodyay's aid in between moving sheep to safer properties. Thanks to Wheatbelt Animal Resue and Minnimo for all their work, also thank to Brian for dragging sorry butt around Yesterday. I'm still getting the kinks out of my legs, don't fold up like I used to... Definately keep me on the contact list, my Mum and I will be helping out where ever we can. We have so many friends in Toodyay and some who have lost everything... Makes me so grateful to have a home to come back to and see my animals safe, no matter how rude they are....

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