Bug eye or Mask?

Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by monomeeth, Nov 8, 2007.

  1. monomeeth

    monomeeth Well-known Member

    I have to buy Possum a new fly thingy. She has the typical QH thing of having a big jaw and wide head, and the fly hoods just don't seem to fit her properly. She gets them off frequently because they annoy her, and that is bad because the flies go after the white sclera on one of her eyes like crazy.

    I haven't really tried the bugeyes/masks etc, but was thinking that with them being soft and stretchy, she might like one better.

    So, who uses either the mask-style ones or the bug-eyed style ones, do your horses like them, and do they stay on? Which is better?


  2. simbin

    simbin Gold Member

    I tried a bug eye on a horse who use to rip his off. It worked for a while and then he managed to tear it trying to get it off. Just didnt want anything on his face. The only way I could keep one on was to buy one that had loops that I could slide through his halter.
  3. Heifer

    Heifer Gold Member

    ive used both, i prefer the mask because they arent so hot and they last for multiple seasons! Try Flyveils by Design - they are excellent!
  4. CrazyDolly

    CrazyDolly New Member

    Bug eyes with halter loops are fantastic. I use it on my QH stallion because he has the big beautiul QH jowl that traditional fly masks don't fit. I use the one with the full windscreen front, so it's not bug eye, it's got one big "eye" if you can picture that.
  5. monomeeth

    monomeeth Well-known Member

    Thanks CD, I'll try one for Poss.

    Thanks Heifer, I have a flyveils by design fly screen mask for Poss now. The last one was pretty good, but this new one is just all wrong for her. It is too narrow in the jaw, too narrow across the eyes, and sits right on the bump on her nose and rubs the fur there.


  6. Raider

    Raider Well-known Member

    What about the older style cord ones?? May not be as effective as the mask ones but has to be better then nothing if you cant get one that fits.
  7. monomeeth

    monomeeth Well-known Member

    Hi Raider, I think the crazy flies we've got right now would still get to her. They really go for this one eye, to the the point where they all collect around her face and leave her body alone. She doesn't even need a fly rug! It's funny how different horses are affected in different ways. My last girl was a bright bay too, but got eaten alive all over, and they'd particularly go for her white legs and make them bleed. This girl *seems* to have a thinner skin, but is fine on her body.

    Oh well, the great bug-eye experiment will have to wait; I tried both Midland horsie stores and neither had any left! She will survive with her old one till I can get one, I just want her to be more comfy.

    Thanks for posting, everyone!


  8. flash

    flash New Member

    I use a full fly mask that covers the nose as well, as my boy has a white nose.

    I keep it on practically all year round, vet's orders for the white eye. Nev hates it though, he's always coming up with new ways to get it off!
  9. Sweet Euphoria

    Sweet Euphoria Well-known Member

    I also have a problem with fly veils staying on my boy. I bought one of the roma ones from horseland yesterday and it fits really well...on sale too **)
  10. ljp

    ljp Well-known Member

    I use a mask style on my QH (yes, typical head) and my ASH (long, heavy head) Yes flies do occasionally get in because I don't like them too tight (leave little hair abbrassions on face otherwise) but I sorta think anything is better then nothing. They do work. My horses are far less aggitated. No experience with bug eye but I'm not against them I just find masks work for me so I wouldnt bother trying something else, cheers.

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