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Discussion in 'Problem Horses' started by snoopydoo, Aug 27, 2011.

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    Our pony was getting naughty because he worked out that my 9yo would get scared and he'd get out of work for the day. Her confidence wasn't the greatest to start with and he made it worse. She's pretty much given up riding now. :(
    But the positive thing was getting my confident 10yo on him to sort him out. She just rides him through everything he throws at her until he gives up. It is great to watch and now he's finally worked out that playing up means extra work!

    We now have a pony who behaves most of the time and my 10yo really enjoys riding him. The 9yo may go back to riding one day but right now she's happy to just groom and hang out with the ponies.
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    Jaana......she did say the above in the first para...........

    If your child is very timid another older quieter pony might be a better option? Some kids can handle being bucked off numerous time and they get straight back on without a worry....others just the thought of it turns them to tears and can put them off riding forever.

    If you think they are brave enough to keep on trying I'd maybe get an older more capable child rider to school the pony once a week and try and break the habit. Little ponies arn't often well broken in due to their size and they do know the difference when an adult hops on them and then the kid gets back on.

    there's not alot you can do from the ground really other than try and coach whilst she rides and prevent the buck from happening
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    Thanks everyone for your replies.

    Since I first posted this, we have been out for an en masse bush ride with our pony club. She sensibly decided to come with the lead group rather than the faster lot. She was scared even to trot :( and I ended up leading her. My daughter has had enough and even though I'll still work the pony, i think all is lost between them. I thought she would ride through it and now I'm disappointed in myself that I didn't do anything earlier.:confused:';'
    However, we have a wise old girl on lease who jumps a dream SJ round. G is quite happy to ride her so it's not that she doesn't want to ride - just not that pony. And with a generous offer from a fellow stockie, I hope my daughter will still feel able to ride in the future
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    OOps, must have missed it in the first para
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    I agree, jump on the Brat and teach him whose boss again, you never know there may be something that's triggering him off that you can't see from the ground but can assess from his back.
    Do not worry about your weight on him, firstly your tiny and secondly even 'Sh*tland' ponies carried fully grown men back in the day.
    As for Lungeing, if he doesn't understand as to why he's being lunged, could just result in an extremely fit pony, which i'm sure your not chasing in this situation!
    Good Luck with him :D
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    I used to make a nice income back in the UK getting on ponies that had either worked out their young rider one too many times, or simply were 100% confused with what was being asked due to lack of rider skill. Me being the height and weight of a child it was very easy to fix.
    I get on ponies like this armed with spurs and a crop. No long whip it only encourages bucking.
    just worked on transitions with all kinds of contact. Generaly within one session it was easy enough to get the pony to speed up or slow down on any contact.
    just do not give them an option to not do it. ONE ASK ONLY after that they are ordered to do it.
    its too easy to ruin a good pony through nagging them
    if they buck they damn well get the hell forward
    an experienced adult or teenage knows when to remove the aid (instantly) a kid doesnt always feel it so it creates a po'd pony
    never ever ever ever let them do what they want to do unless you asked them to do it. eg pony keeps going forward until you say so, pony speeds up when you say so, pony turns or flexes when you say so.
    get on him, ride him firmly but correctly, or get someone else to

    where so many people go wrong though is that they never praise the poor sod. if he does what you ask well then he is just a little champion isnt he. The key is short sharp aids with the praise and release of the aid the milisecond he does what you ask.
    i dont ever encourage my young rider to do a one rein stop if her pony bucks, do it to often you will end up with a pony who bucks and imediately spins! the pony must go forward immediately (where your spurs and crop come in handy) then go back to what you were doing, if he bucks again, forward again.
    ponies are smart and lazy, if the right thing is easy and over quickly enough they work out its much easier to do that because all of a sudden the bad behaviour results in something uncomfortable for the horse.
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  7. I remember being told when I was a kid (and was mightily offended LOL but totally agree with it now) that a kids horse/pony should never be ridden by just kids - they need periodic tuning up with an experienced adult or capable teen.
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    You're not talking about my sister are you snoopydoo, we've just got out of a very similar situation :eek:

    11.2hh sh!tland x welsh mare
    10yr old slightly timid but usually capable rider who just didn't have the confidence to get up the pony and tell her off to an appropriate level: every time she drove the pony forward after a buck she just bucked again. She never got off the pony though as your daughter does, although she came back to walk or halted to get herself together.

    We looked into pain issues, changed her feed (she was getting a lot when we first got her), she was being regually exercised, but in the end we just had to accept that she had just worked out what she could get away with with my poor sister on board and took advantage of that. Her bucks were truly massive, I didn't even want to get on her to sort her our after seeing them, it was a credit to my sister that she never came off.

    We put her on the lunge to see if she just wanted to get it out of her system, but she thought about it but didn't dare. I would much rather that she had fizzed it all out on the lunge than with my sister on board, but it wasn't really the issue.

    Very smart little pony, very sweet but just too naughty for poor sis to cope with and when she said she was losing confidence and getting on other horses expecting them to do the same we decided we'd given it our best shot and she was going back to her owners (luckily we just had her on lease). You'd think that by the age of 23-25 she would know better, but I think she just had years of practise *#)

    Definitely get on it, at 57kg you're about my weight and I wouldn't have hesitated to get on her if my own confidence hadn't been lacking and I valued my life :eek:

    I wish you the best of luck, we're currently looking for something that isn't going to take advantage of her sensitivity but at this stage it's probably going to have to have no legs *#):))
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    We currently have a very well behaved 5yr welsh who is ridden once a week by a confident young rider, and what a difference this makes to him. Jess is only 4 and is not ready to deal with pony issues. hes a dream pony with respect and behaviour to match. and we plan to keep it this way. If you can find a young confident rider it worth the investment.
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    Daughter has stopped riding the naughty girl. She was getting a bit too big for her anyway. After fluffing around for a bit, she has decided to ride the slightly bigger fella we have (12hh) who has been the most fantastic lead line pony for the last few years. It's been a shock to him to be asked to do things again, but they're both doing well. I've taught her how to lunge so that if she can't ride he can ge the exercise and bond with him that way. She's loving that. :D
    He does put in the odd pigroot, but a growl and smack stops that. I was nervous because i knew he does this but she's been getting stuck into him. She's so much more confident on him so hopefully it's onwards and upwards from here.:)*

    The naughty wee girl is still here and now doing the lead line stuff with my younger daughter who is enjoying her cos she can canter on the lead!! I can just about run fast enough. I'm riding her between times and she's starting to get the message that life is unpleasant if she plays up.
  11. Hey Snoopydoo , have you noticed while leading on foot , that if you "canter" the pony usually will too ! Great . . . until one of your non-horsey neighbours drives past and happens to see you !:)
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    Snoop if it was me id ride the buck out of it... i can not withstand ponies being naughty..... been bitten far to much by them little snods.
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    glad to read all is working out Snoop **)

    pmsl BB - I can just picture it :D


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