Bridle Lameness

Discussion in 'Training Horses' started by naj, Nov 4, 2002.

  1. naj

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    has anyone heard or have had a horse with bridle lameness? i know a horse that has had its teeth etc checked but continues to bob its head in a strange fashion and does wierd things with its mouth
  2. beccy

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    Some horses chew the bit or grind their teeth especially when not relaxed and turns into a bad habbit. When they chew on a nutcracker action bit it bumps the roof of the mouth, causing the horse to chuck its head about. Best way to fix that is with a mullen mouth / straight bar (no nut cracker action jointed bits)

    But im not sure if this is what you were referring to

  3. Platinum

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    A friend of mine has a horse with this problem too. She has tried numerous things but found the only thing to work was a straight bar bit made out of the very soft white rubber. It is extremely flexible and the horse has actually started to work round and is happy. Sometimes I think it is just a matter of playing arond with different bits unitl you find one that suits the horse.
  4. sil

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    I think I have an article somewhere on bridle lameness, lemme see if I can find it.

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  5. Arnie

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    My last horse had bridle lameness. Because I had too of a harsh bit in her mouth. I simply changed the bit and had to re-teach her to cum up into the bit...

  6. Sassy

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    we had a horse here that used to do the same thing, constantly throw her head up when the bridle was on, we tried everything with bits but nothing changed, in the end we got a chyropractor to her and it turns out she had a major headache and the bridle just irritated it all the time.
  7. Bethy

    Bethy Gold Member

    A friend of mine had a really highly trained dressage horse and she sold him. She saw him a few months later and he had become bridle lame, especially on the left side because the girl had a really stiff and strong left hand and had him jammed that way all the time. It is a pity really cos he is a really nice horse (i used to have lessons on him for a while). So thats another way that a horse could be bridle lame.
  8. lee

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    Hi' A lot of people talk about bridle "lameness" but I don't think it really exists. If your horse is nodding it's head as in not putting weight evenly on all four feet then i would suggest it's physically lame. You can restrict movement with the bridle & make the stride a bit shortened or choppy but u shouldn't stop even weight distribution. I would get a chyro out to eliminate back or neck problems & have a good look at his feet for any slight soreness. Failing all that y not try a hackamore or some other bitless bridle.
  9. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member

    What are the symptons for bridle lameness and what can cause it?...

  10. Jesk

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    Alot of people think there horses have bridle lameness but can also be head shacking.Pays to look in to it
  11. Denny

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    Bridle lamness is caused by an interferring rider. The horse will be sound in the paddock or on the lunge but when ridden appears lame. (head bobbing etc)

    Generally the horse is not being ridden forward enough and the rider is hanging on to the reins or pulling back. I would correct this by placing the rider in a light forward seat and bridging the reins and keeping the horse forward. This allows the horse to have an even contact not one thats saying "go,stop,go, stop" every stride. (does this make sense)

    I love to then take the reins off the rider, put then on the lunge and teach them how to use there seat and body to slow and steady to the horse......
  12. C HORSE

    C HORSE Well-known Member

    I received my Hoofbeats Mag in the mail today and there is an article on Bridle Lameness in there.
    I havent read it yet so I cant comment on it??
    Also they have these new horse rugs in there that I have never seen before??? They have a web site (the neck rugs are attached differently) the rugs look really nice but the neck rugs look strange the way that they are attached.. I have a bit of a horse rug fettish I always have more than I need, my last horse had a whole wardrobe of rugs just about one for each day!!!! (a huge waste of money but you get that) plus I think living in a warmer climate might slow me down in the horse rug Dept as I dont think I will need a lot of rugs.But I surpose there is always the good old summer ones!!!!!
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