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    Hmm, yep WEG... I just opened the page that said "Australian Equestrian Olympic Record". Didn't stop to think that that wouldn't actually be the Olympics *#) On closer examination it is actually for WEG! Very strange LOL
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    As I've said back a few pages ago now... I-myself breed for 'Breed" first then if we get colour its an added bonus to a healthy happy foal.

    My 'coloured' horses are a registered Breed first- and have to be able to hold their own out in the ring along side other horses/ponies of that Breed...if they cant compete at A class shows and hold their own in the ring, then they are not promoted as suitable Breeding animals.

    Solid coloured foals from 'coloured' parents should be top quality & even more if need be, as they are representing my Breeding program,and so far I'm pleased with the Solid coloured foals we have and had on the ground to-date.

    I have never said any of my coloured horses/ponies are 100% colour producers- because I don't want the "only for colour' buyers knocking down my door, - A good horse is just that- a good horse no matter what colour it is.

    Sadly I do see a few not so nice conformational / temperamented 'coloured horses/ponies' being advertised as 'this and that' and nothing like what the owner say it is.....
    so please buyers be aware of the pit falls & sales pitches you may fall into, do your research into Breed Standards, go and view progeny and find out if the seller is recommended by other fellow horsey people or by the Societies / associations **)

    Happy foaling or Breeding


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