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  1. mihu

    mihu Active Member

    Ali, your mare raced 28 starts, 1-1-1 $8220.
    She's had two foals both fillies in 2009/2010 both unnamed and 2010 is only one be verified/registered.
    Dropped out of studbook as returns haven't been kept up, last service was to Barely A Moment 25/09/12 so most of likely has slipped.
  2. Ali

    Ali Well-known Member

    Thanks for that Mihu. I know she actually has a filly foal on her now ready to be weaned. The owners are involved with racing so its strange that they haven't kept the returns up to date but I know that both her older foals were sold as riding horses/show hacks.
  3. charneychippy142

    charneychippy142 New Member

    And now i have the joy of working with this gentleman <3 x
  4. Justalittle

    Justalittle New Member

    Brand search

    C diamond C
    Chestnut Gelding

    Hes an older horse the numbers werent clear but thats what it looked like

  5. JenJardine

    JenJardine New Member

    Rescue horse identity


    I rescued a horse from a group in NSW. This horse was to go to the Echuca sales, but lucky for me i was able to re-home her prior. Evidently she was owned by a 70 year old man previously....

    I was wondering if anyone can help with identifying her. She is a brown mare with the following brands:

    - C on the near side and
    -168/7 (which i believe means that she was the 168th foul in 1997.

    She only arrived today so i havent clipped her brands or anything yet.

    Any help would be most appreciated!
  6. Clairemarie

    Clairemarie New Member

    Hi there
    I'm new to this forum and was just wondering if there is someone out there that could help me find some information on a thoroughbred gelding I have just been given. Poor guy has been moved on from person to person quite a lot and I have been given no info at all!
    His brand is NCS and has a 90 over a 5.
    Any info at all would be greatly appreciated!! :)
  7. Georgie123

    Georgie123 New Member

    Please help me

    Hi im having difficulty finding any details on my ex racer who unfortunately I no longer have due to personal reasons. I loved her dearly because she was the first horse I ever owned but I could never find out any of her history.
    The only details I have are
    left shoulder branded with BB
    Right shoulder branded with 2 over a 3
    She is a chestnut mare 16hh with no markings other than some white patches on her butt, but Im not sure whether she had the markings when she was racing.
    Would really appreciate it if someone could give me any information on her career.
  8. Bushpony

    Bushpony New Member

    Looking for mares breeding history

    Just wondering if anyone could look up a mares breeding/servicing history. Her name is Mioshi 17yo by Hideyoshi. Not sure how much information would be available but anything you could find would be helpful as we are looking to breed from her.
  9. Chunkii

    Chunkii New Member

    Looking for infomation on TB Brand

    Hi Im looking for information on a brand its a T cojoined with E (the top of the T is also the top of the E) with a 4 over 14 he is a bay gelding any help would be greatly appreciated :)*
  10. Chevaloz

    Chevaloz New Member

    I'm searching for my guys details too if anyone can help.
    N/S has dot HE conjoined. O/S 2 over 2.
  11. clare

    clare New Member

    harry.jpg hi I was wondering if any body could help me im trying to find out info on a OTTB we were given as a rescue horse. we know he is around 10 y.o. and he is over 17hh chestnut with white star and white marking on hind leg fetlock area? gelding off side shoulder has a 33 over 5 and near side is pictured below shoulder.jpg
  12. kim anderson

    kim anderson New Member

    Hoping anyone can help me out... Trying to find the race name of my thoroughbred, if he has in fact been raced.
    I know he was bred at Emirates park in Australia by his brand. He was also the 91st foal in 2002 but not sure where to go from here ... Any help would be greatly appreciated
  13. Nina_Nine

    Nina_Nine New Member

    Could anyone help me identify some thoroughbreds? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
    First is a dark bay/brown gelding with 3 socks and a blaze. Brands are BM and 67 over 0. He was born in 2000 and bred at Highview Stud but I couldn't find any more info...
    Second is a chestnut mare with one sock and a blaze. Brands are NSF and 11 over 5. I'm think she was born in 1995 but it could be 2005.
  14. hjshine

    hjshine New Member

    This is a long shot, but I thought I would try. I've done extensive searching in my home state and cannot find any information on a brand (could have saved a lot of time if I had read that Tasmania doesn't permit symbol brands though!)

    She has been rescued after abandonment, so there is no other information to go on. Born 2013 somewhere outside Tassie. Cannot open the studbook site, but will keep looking. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

  15. Raineyes

    Raineyes New Member

    Is anyone able to tell me any details about the brand B over V? For a bay 10 year old thoroughbred mare. We believe she's at least had one foal possibly two and apparently last raced in 2012
  16. MidnightBlue

    MidnightBlue New Member

    Could someone please identify this horse for me and send me a link to the website that has the information? Thank you.

    Y.O.B: 2001

    Colour: Bay

    Sex: Gelding

    Right shoulder brand: 1 over 1

    Left shoulder brand: TL3
  17. Kat_821

    Kat_821 New Member

    Hi I'm looking for the brand MBV with a dash over the M 46 over 0 16 year old chestnut gelding if any one could please help me out
  18. Anna <3 Horses

    Anna <3 Horses New Member

    Hi, I'm also looking for more information about my horse. He is a chestnut gelding and was born in 1996.
    Brand on his off side is 1 over 6, the brand on his nearside is a 7 with a dash over the top BB.

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  19. Makayla

    Makayla New Member

    Hey can any one help me find a tb gelding brand?

    Gelding chestnuts
    It's c diamond c
    Number is
    He is 10 this year
    Iv had him for 4 years when I picked him up his name is brew but I don't think that's his name.

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