BRAND Queries in here please

Discussion in 'Horse Racing' started by HalcyonStables, Sep 18, 2008.

  1. Painted

    Painted Active Member

    Horses prior to 2003 will not come up on the website, so if you want to find you'll have to contact the studbook and they'll look in the archives and give the wanted information. Sorry I couldnt help you more...
  2. racehorsemad

    racehorsemad New Member

    Thanks for trying :)
  3. Picup436

    Picup436 Active Member


    Can someone look up a brand for me please?

    Its lazy H9P, 10/1

    Chestnut mare, by Key Business.

    Thanks so much
  4. mihu

    mihu Active Member

    Mare is called PHOENIX STEEL by KEY BUSINESS out of BAMBOO QUEEN(ZABALETA). Had 20 starts 1-3-1 $14,915 Also had one foal which died after birth.
  5. Picup436

    Picup436 Active Member

    Thanks so much :D
  6. flynn_luvs_carrots

    flynn_luvs_carrots New Member

    can anyone find any information on my ex-racehorse please?
    Colour: Chestnut
    Markings: Stripe and three socks
    Age: 20
    Left shoulder brand: Underlined 3
    Right shoulder brand: 2 over 3
  7. darrriver

    darrriver New Member

    Looking for a registered name for a TB

    Just wondering if anyone can find the racing name and who owns it for a TB with the brand "C K UNDER BAR OVER ARROW DOT" on the near side shoulder and 1 over 9 on off side shoulder. She is a brown mare:)
  8. NaeNae87

    NaeNae87 Well-known Member

    Does this sound like her?

    Boots Lass (AUS) 1999

    Life Number: AUS00722099
    brown mare
    Date of Birth: 23/09/1999
    Microchip Number: N/A
    DNA Typed: N
    by Boot Hill (AUS) 1984
    from Kamaret Lass (AUS) 1983
    bred by Mr E Croft, Qld
    Career: 8-0-0-0
    Prizemoney: $250

  9. NaeNae87

    NaeNae87 Well-known Member

    Can you take a pic of the brand? I can't find any brand matching 3 OVER BAR or even LAZY W OVER BAR.
  10. flynn_luvs_carrots

    flynn_luvs_carrots New Member

    I couldn't get a clear photo of his brand, he's decided to grow his winter coat :rolleyes: Hopefully the image works, the brand just looks like a lighter part of his coat though.
  11. NaeNae87

    NaeNae87 Well-known Member

    Are you able to make the image any bigger? I can barely see it :)
  12. ChesterPie

    ChesterPie New Member

    Hi everyone,

    Was just wondering if someone could help me out with this brand? I'd like to know more about my boy :)

    left shoulder: C
    right shouler: 3 over 9 (1999 not 2009)

    He's a 16.2hh, chestnut TB gelding with 4 white socks and a big stripe that's amost a blaze.

    Don't think I need to post pics as it's pretty straightforward? Plus my internet is being slow...any help would be appreciated!
  13. South Boulder Boy

    South Boulder Boy Well-known Member

    Your horse is blah blah blah
    Lol funny name. Won $11,400, 12 races 1 win.

    Australian Stud Book - Horse
  14. ChesterPie

    ChesterPie New Member

    Is that definitely him? We were told he never raced lol. Is the capital 'C' the brand from Coolmore? Or is that just wishful not sure who Dr G McLeod is?
  15. NaeNae87

    NaeNae87 Well-known Member

    Here is his ID certificate. Does it look like him?
    There are 11 owners with a C brand, one of those is Coolmore.... Not sure if there are any in the industry that can confirm a possible Coolmore connection???
  16. ChesterPie

    ChesterPie New Member

    That's definitely him! How exciting, thanks so much guys it's nice to know his history and to have some I.D. for him! Lol so doubt it's Coolmore's brand then, definitely wishful thinking :p. would be great if someone could confirm that though.
  17. ChesterPie

    ChesterPie New Member

    So, after some research I have found that he is from Camoquhill Stud in Tasmania :). Thanks for your help!
  18. Flyfree

    Flyfree New Member

    Brand search

    Hi wondering if anyone can help with this brand



    Thanks so much in advance going battty trying to look it up
    cheers :)
  19. NaeNae87

    NaeNae87 Well-known Member

    Is it 2009 or 1999?

    2009 is
    Need A Lift (AUS) 2009
    Life Number: AUS00991523
    chestnut filly
    Date of Birth: 23/10/2009
    Microchip Number: 985100010970849
    DNA Typed: Y
    by Passenger (AUS) 2003
    from Mimala May (AUS) 2003
    bred by Mr C Marino, WA
    Career: 4-1-2-1
    Prizemoney: $11,210
    Last raced in Pinjarra on 14/4/2013

    1999 is

    Highest Aim (AUS) 1999
    Life Number: AUS00728422
    bay gelding
    Date of Birth: 15/08/1999
    Microchip Number: N/A
    DNA Typed: N
    by Marooned (GB) 1981
    from Ambitious Task (NZ) 1982
    bred by Mr C Marino, WA
    Career: 15-0-0-1
    Prizemoney: $1,350
    Last Raced in Bunbury 20/11/2005
  20. Flyfree

    Flyfree New Member

    Def not a chestnut must be the bay
    thanks so much

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