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Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by Jonty3, Jan 15, 2010.

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    yes normally there is underlying problems such as saddles and teeth or incorrect riding, and a good therypist no matter the disipline will try help as best they can to identify - from what they can tell- possible causes :) but i do regular maintenance.. every 6-8 weeks and bits in between myself- and now c.p is getting worked pretty hard... at least an hour training 5-6 days a week with trail rides thrown in there too. i have made a special note to get another one soon as we are starting to ask for more collection, and harder work- shoulder in, travers, half pass, and im being firmer in my riding too- not letting him be a slacker!!! we have a purpose now and so its training not just riding :)
    when she came out the other week- she noted c.p was a bit sore all over- which ment he was just really starting to use himself properly- it wasnt confined to one spot so i was happy about that! ill get one early as i have summer series which i am wanting him to be moving well for and also the training regeime is pretty full on so dont want him to be sore and want to catch it early to avaoid any soreness issues before it happens :)
    i know i need one!! but he will always come first! hahaha as is always the case with horsie people!
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    I had bowen done on my mare,and the bowen lady didnt pick up that my mare had back pain. When she surely did according to the vet,saddle fitter,friends,instructor.
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    my mare hasnt been done with either (silly girl wouldnt go on the float). i did do the equestricare massage clinic and found it extremely interesting. do bits and bobs of what i learnt on my mares.

    mums mare has had both bowen and massage. she seemed to have a better improvement with massage.

    id go massage first at least then any deeper issues are at the surface when bowen is done rather than it missing deep issues
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    if i could afford regular bowen therapy for my horse again, i so would! but new car, increased rent & agistment = few luxuries like regular massage. instead we have to make do with every few months/when it's needed.

    as others have said, it's 'horses for courses'. i get sports massage done on my boy & when he was new, he needed "more". not because the massage wasn't effective but because the horse was new, we weren't coping together & i wanted to cover my ass & give him the best overall chance at getting along with me. a friend had used this bowen therapist & recommended her, so i just gave her a ring randomly. i also had money to spare at that stage & was keen to seek options about this horse.

    well. i simply cannot recommend this practitioner enough. i HATE that i can't use her regularly anymore (we did every month for about 8 or so months & then less commonly & now we haven't seen her for ages & ages). like others have said, it's a holistic approach & she provided a lot of different services for me and my horse. she was a GODSEND and precisely what i needed at that time to help me get along with my horse better. i didn't use her because i felt the bowen helped more, but because *she* was wonderful & really opened up the lines of communication between my horse and i, thru her other mad skillz.

    OTOH my horse has had deep tissue/sports massage & that is OBVIOUSLY helpful to him physically.
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    LOVE bowen! I actually just had 2 treatments myself and one for my horse. I hadn't had one myself for 2 years at least partly because was pregnant and had no pain LOL! and then took a while to get around to it.. which translates to when the pain got bad enough i did something about it!

    Anyway, i had forgotten how well it works for me, i feel great and wish i had gotten onto it sooner. Before bubs i combined it with clinical pilates (under a physio) but rarely had physio treatment as i find they just want you to come back time and again and i just wasn't getting results. But the pilates strenghtened my core which was causing most of my back issues anyway. So I also started back at pilates last week YAY!

    My horses love bowen, you can see the benefits during and of course after the treatment, they get so relaxed once the muscles have been released and their whole body posture can change dramatically as it did in the case of my horse during the first treatments he had a few years ago.

    I also like the fact that you and the horse can be treated often by the same practicitioner (if they are qualified to do so of course) as many issues under saddle are created by the rider LOL!

    Before i tried bowen for my horses I also used massage which i found very beneficial as well, just prefer bowen IMO.
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    Ahhh a good thread for me!

    Ok, i need help. I used someone (Chiro) to do a horse about 10 yrs ago, Ivan Haggerty (Chiro), but last horse i had that was muscle sore, a couple of years back, SY member Ali did some massage on her & she was sound the next day.

    Now ATM one of my weanlings (whom is ALWAYS hurting herself!) is outta whack. She stuck her head between 2 steel rails & pulled back, she is very sore but i myself can't work out where exactly even when running my hands over her. She won't eat from ground level so hay, hard feed & water are at shoulder level to make it easier for her. When breaking into a trot, she's rather unco. We had her on bute but she also has suspected ulcers (on Ulcerguard ATM) so we stopped the bute (vet recommendation). Now she's still bright, alert & happy but yet not her actual normal self.
    What is more beneficial? Chiro, Bowen or Massage?
    Any recommendations of someone more local to my area (York - Avon Valley) as i'll only have the one to do (& possibly a friends mare) but don't think it's worth having a Perth based person drive all the way up?

    Isn't it typical, having 1 horse forever in the walls whilst the other weanling has not got a scratch on her! :D
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    Thanks to the 2 members that PM'd me.
    Have decided to go with a Chiropractor first (though vet said massage would be enough but i'm not convinced) then see what progress we have before trying Bowen/Massage etc.
    I've had recommendations to use Dean White or Kevin Kelly.

    However if i can get someone local (as i mentioned before i will only have 1 or 2 horses to do), it'll be easier, now can anyone in the Northam/York are recommend someone? I do know a lady with racehorses in Northam (think her name is Kathy Boyle??? :confused:) use to have a Chiro come up & do horses in the Avon Valley area - but i don't know for sure if her name is Kathy & can't think of the Chiro's name, so need some details if anyone knows whom i mean.
    Thanks. :))
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    Have PM'd you :D
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    Great thread
    I'm a massage therapist, Humans and did Equine massage in the UK, no longer practice. Just do friends and their horses and my big ponies.

    I prefer Bowen for both my horses and myself. I have a friend whom I swap with.

    I would love to have the money to study Bowen.
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    does anyone have daen whites number been trying to find it for ages!


    Spa massage is beneficial both for physically as well as mentally health. Not in UK in every country people have massage to relax their stiffed body and mind. It can relieve their body pain and boost their body to face the other day.

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