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Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by LoveLouie, Apr 19, 2013.

  1. LoveLouie

    LoveLouie Well-known Member

    Well I have never had a horse with bot fly eggs until now, I have been scraping the eggs off when they lay on him. But I was wondering if there's anything you can do to prevent them. Thanks
  2. Braids Dale

    Braids Dale New Member

    I feed apple cider vinegar and garlic as well as spraying the ponies legs and body if unrugged with flyspray each morning.
  3. Nicki

    Nicki Well-known Member

    I fed ACV & garlic for a few years and have never seen more than one or two eggs on my horses in the past, even when all other horses on the property have a lot. Last year I changed to just ACV and still had good results. This year I haven't fed it for several months and the ponies are covered in eggs just like all the other horses.

    The ACV also seems to reduce flies irritating the eye area, I never had to use flyveils until this year, they were particularly bad in our area.

    To deal with large quantities of already present eggs, especially in mane and tail where it's difficult to remove them, wipe with a kerosene soaked rag to kill the eggs. They will either fall off on their own or you can scrape them off at your leisure with a bot knife or nit comb.
  4. LoveLouie

    LoveLouie Well-known Member

    Thanks guys :) acv it is as I also feed garlic
  5. RVP Horses

    RVP Horses Well-known Member

    I'm feeding mine ACV and Granulated garlic but this year they are still getting bot eggs.:mad: How much ACV and how much garlic are people feeding that are having good results. Maybe I need to increase it this year?
  6. Braids Dale

    Braids Dale New Member

    I read in a Kohnke book 250ml/day ACV for botflys, and I have also seen a company who sells it say 100ml/day with 10g garlic. I feed a teaspoon garlic and ~100-150ml ACV.

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