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Discussion in 'Problem Horses' started by Katiee, Jul 23, 2012.

  1. Katiee

    Katiee New Member

    Hey guys, after some homemade ideas for toys for my filly. She is on a dirt paddock fed twice a day and has hay all day. Just after some toys to keep her mind busy
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  2. Blackbat

    Blackbat Well-known Member

    Borrow a playmate?
  3. Katiee

    Katiee New Member

    I've tried putting my horses in with her 1 at a time for a few days each horse but they all hate her and just boot her non stop
  4. NaeNae87

    NaeNae87 Well-known Member

    Maybe a jolly ball or one of those hopper things that kids use, from Kmart... Similar but cheaper... Umm also those treat dispenser balls. Like a horsie kong.
  5. LNT

    LNT Well-known Member

    my neighbour has a young horse paddocked alone, and it plays with an orange traffic cone, loves it!! he also has what looks like a buoy? its white and a length of rope attached to it, he plays with that thing for hours, soccers it around, picks it up and tosses it, i could watch him for hours...very entertaining :)
  6. whitepantheress

    whitepantheress Well-known Member

    a plastic bottle with a very small hole or several, filled mollasses, and hung on a rope is entertaining....

    so are balls... <.< ...... >.> ........ o_O
  7. beaudacious

    beaudacious Well-known Member

    One of the horses at work loves playing with tyres :)
  8. Deb2

    Deb2 Guest

    Its a shame she is missing out on interaction. Its so important for them.

    Can you hide food treats around the paddock? Even biscuits of hay put into different spots might entertain her a little.
  9. Katiee

    Katiee New Member

    Thanks for some great ideas guys.!!

    I know deb it's a shame I even tried putting her out with the lot but one by one our other horses had a go at her, even my minis. I have no idea why they're usually good with new horses.
  10. janm3680

    janm3680 New Member


    A friend of mine told me a trick that kept my girl entertained for days and days. Get a whole cabbage, push a hole through the middle. Take a lid from a coffee jar or something similar, put a hole through the middle of that. Get a length of rope, tie a knot in one end push the other end through the lid then the cabbage and hang it up somewhere it can swing free.. they'll spend hours trying to get a bite of the cabbage..

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