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    Does any one know of or ever heard of a qh sire called butterscotch bingo trying to get some background info and keep hitting a dead end also after info on a mare called jetalong????
    grateful for any help:))
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    Hi i know someone who should be able to help, will pm you her number :) Butterscotch Bingo is the grandsire of one of my mares
  3. Butterscotch Bingo was purchased from the eastern states by the US cattle company and went up North of WA over 2 decades ago. He was owned by an American lady, called Diana. He spent nearly all his life on the station. As an old stallion he was sold to QLD. Last time I heard of him being alive was around 10 years ago.
    Diana moved down south (Boyup brook or Boyunup) area with a son of his and few daughters.
    Sorry, that's all I know.

    Name Sex AQHA

    JETALONG Gelding AX-322 19/07/2000 Chestnut Active - - -
    JETALONG CASSIDY Stallion AX-782 12/11/2004 Black Active - - -
    JETALONG PIXIE Mare R2-6825 03/08/1981 Brown Dead (Jun09) - - -
    JETALONGS ADMIRAL Stallion Q-30242 17/10/1993 Bay Active - - -
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    Hi Wanano, Diana gave me a call this morning she's heard someone on stockies was looking for information on Butterscotch Bingo. Diana did own Butterscotch Bingo and she said he was never sold on, she still has his papers and photos ... she's more than happy to help you out however she can and has also given me her email which i will pm you :)
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    Butterscotch lives on in his mares

    Hi Wanano,

    Here the story on Butterscotch Bingo :)

    Outback Cattle & Horse Co purchased the stallion from Winderadeen in 1983 as a yearling, in which a woman by the name of Diana Mathewson managed the station Quanbun & horse stud which is located right near Fitzroy Crossing WA(In The Kimberly's).

    And upon Diana retiring in 2004, Diana relocated to Balingup WA and took 28 head of horse with her - Arbians & QH's.
    And Buttersotch Bingo was sent(not sold) as an old horse to QLD with a horse trainer to be used as a stud over stock horse mares.
    I myself spoke to the horse trainer in 2008 as I was also searching for these good old bloodlines but sadly old Butterscotch had already passed away.
    However the horse trainer advised me that he still has progeny of Butterscotch Bingo available but only by ASH mares.

    Diana still has and owns butterscotch bingo mares, and they are amazingly bred and she also has stock occasionally for sale and currently one in fact being a Butterscotch Bingo mare - Bingos Uber Minchen.

    If you would like to learn and here more about this fabulous old bloodline and Dianas history please feel free to contact me and I will put you in direct contact with Diana herself.

    Talk soon,

    Jodi Abbott

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