Blackwood Marathon time again

Discussion in 'Horse Showing and Events' started by Katsin, Oct 8, 2014.

  1. Katsin

    Katsin Active Member

    Who is competing or just going this year?

    I will be competing on my porky, home bred and educated pony. Should be interesting!!

    We will definitely not be competitive but I am looking forward to one of the prettiest rides in this bit of the world.

    Say hi if you are there just look for the buckskin equine staffy.
  2. Playin With Fire

    Playin With Fire Well-known Member

    I would have loved to do it this year but didn't even think about trying to make it happen.

    Will definitely be a beautiful ride!!
  3. kiraSpark

    kiraSpark Gold Member

    I rode last year and had a great time! Not going this year as it clashes with a campdraft.

    My horse is a campdrafting Quarter Horse, and so was quite used to the hustle and bustle, noise, and goings-on, and he wasn't worried about the other (some out of control) horses. I could see him looking at them as if 'whats their problem?' :p

    I would only want to compete on a horse I was pretty sure of though - there are some people who are only slightly in control of their horses! Several OTT -looking ones, and lots of Arabs too but mostly a mixed bunch. Lots of horses were rearing and carrying on a bit at the start.

    Everyone was really friendly and it was a great atmosphere, almost like a party vibe, and people were really polite when passing you on course, and making sure everyone was ok.

    My horse wasnt particularly fit by any means, we just (60%) trotted and cantered (40%) most of the course and passed the heart-rate check well under target. Having an unfazed horse helps here too!

    I'd do it again for sure, had a great time! Lovely ride too.:)*
    Its actually a bit of a novelty to compete on your horse and have more than 40 seconds to do it (campdrafting course time limit) Haha :rockon:
  4. Remaani

    Remaani Guest

    I last did the Blackwood years ago (2005) - geez we had a fantastic time!
    We had 3 teams & i was B team.
    Rode a Purebred Arabian gelding, he was very naughty the 1st KM & i had a good time reminding him it wasn't a race (although to a lot it is LOL), thank god for a brain that kicked in after a KM lol. Funny how all the pre training & good manners blew out the window when the excitement & rush at the start of the ride - especially when other riders got their bibs first so other horses cantering (or galloping!) off can stir up even the most sensible horse!

    He finished sound, within time & passed the vet check well, had the BEST weekend. :)

    Have a great time Katsin. **)
  5. Black Ice

    Black Ice Well-known Member

    What's it all about? Have heard it mentioned but no idea what it really is... will go ask Google, he/she'll know I'm sure!
  6. Katsin

    Katsin Active Member

    The Blackwood Marathon is a relay race between Boyup Brook and Bridgetown. Runners start at Boyup then canoeists, lunch, then swimmers, horse riders and finally cyclists finish in Bridgetown. It has been running for 27 (I think) years.

    The horse section is unique in that it is 17km long, a race, with up to 90 horses and you must pass the vet check for your team to complete. They do have a section for teams with out a horses but none of the big prizes or kudos.

    The weather can be 34 degrees or hotter or it can be so foul that it is hailing. It is a real test of your horsemanship and a heap of fun!!!! The ride itself is just georgeous between 2 bridges and goes along the river and along gravel roads and paddocks with views of the Blackwood River valley.

    Last time I competed it was on an aged, very chilled out Arab who couldn't care less about all the excitement. This time, who knows, with a 7 year old, arab x quarterhorse x riding pony x cyldie (mongrel) who is not a been there and done it type. But I did breed her and break her in myself so at least I know her quite well.

    Hope this sheds some light for you Black Ice.
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  7. Katsin

    Katsin Active Member

    What a great day!

    The porky pony was a star, the weather was perfect if a little wet and very few people got vetted out. We did have the second slowest time for the day but we did have a lovely time. I was very proud of my barefoot, solid little horse!

    Just need a few more riders for next year as the numbers were down (about 60), but there was a former Perth Cup winner running - just to give a job after racing.

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