Black Caviar - Australian Story

Discussion in 'Horse Racing' started by LisaJ, Sep 5, 2011.

  1. Sharaway

    Sharaway Well-known Member

    Exactly Sherridin, save me typing a novel lol
  2. eventingchild

    eventingchild Well-known Member


    if you don't like racing, stay out of the racing threads. Simple.
  3. Sharaway

    Sharaway Well-known Member

    Now now there child, this thread started in Open not in racing, so I do as a rule keep out of the racing section for just that reason.

    Racing isn't the issue, it's the blatant hypocrisy that a winner is treated like gold and hailed a national hero but the path to her success as paved in the blood and body's of those that don't make the grade.

    Just keeping it real for all those of you wearing blinkers and rose coloured glasses.
  4. mylittlepony

    mylittlepony Well-known Member

    Yes there are plenty who don't make it as a racehorse and end up being put down or sent to the dogger. Thats a fact in racing. That doesnt make all racing people heartless people who don't care about their horses. It makes them realists.
    Sharaway, would you rather we let all the horses who dont make it, starve to death in a paddock rather than put them down?
    We can only sell so many after racing, we can only give so many away.
    I personally would rather shoot a horse or send it to the doggers, than give it away.
    It's usually the free horses who end up starving to death in a paddock. Or end up on Second Chances doorstep if they are lucky. Better to send them to the dogger for a quick, humane end imo.

    Yes the market has been flooded, and for too long. But that is changing now. Last year many breeders only put half the mares in foal that they normally would. They have put down many many mares, whose breeding was questionable and not needed in the current market. They have cut down majorly on numbers and again this year will not be breeding as many as they used too.
    But It really doesnt matter what changes the industry makes. People will always find something to complain about.:}
  5. Sharaway

    Sharaway Well-known Member

    That really good to know that breeders are now looking at culling out the older non profitable mares, breeding less because no one is buying, producing less because the sale prices are down.

    Yes it really is a proactive industry to be proud of.
  6. Lin

    Lin Well-known Member

    ???? Er, this thread is in the Racing section. And there isn't one in the Open Section.

    Those non-rose coloured glasses are making you go blind, Sharaway. ;)
  7. TBPA

    TBPA Well-known Member

    How is it any different to any other horse industry? Unfortunately only some horses get to be pets the majority are stock. You don't get to romanitise horses just because they are noble. Stock only get spent on them their $ value this is a sad fact of any form of farming. Unfortunately primary industry has to exist this way or go broke. I think you'll find that warmbloods in germany are the same horses are romantic but commercial realities are not. If you want to be truely ethical you can not justify riding a horse at all hell even keeping it. Join PETA that looks like great fun.
  8. Wildwood

    Wildwood Well-known Member

    I think what Sharaway is trying to say is that this thread was posted in open last night and then was obviously moved to racing. sharaway was just keeping track of the thread like I am by opening it!
  9. eventingchild

    eventingchild Well-known Member

    wow, just like in EVERY SPORT!...
  10. sherridin

    sherridin Well-known Member

    Wastage of some sort IS part of racing, not all horses will pay their way. AND THAT is part of being an owner. The risk and investment is high but mostly the turnover profit is low. But, I do feel that owners should in some way be accountable for their horse's future - whether it is pts or rehomed.
    But then I would imagine less people would want to become owners.

    The entire horse industry is a problem. Too many horses, not enough homes, not enough money, not enough good horsemen.

    IMHO, I think that there are many ways the racing industry can better itself and the horses that keep this industry going :}
  11. Firedance

    Firedance Well-known Member

    Yeah well I have a much more important question to ask

    eeeeeeeeeeeeee were those two lady owners lesbians or something???

    The doting look of one into the eyes of the other had me wondering eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    and it went on and on and on eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  12. mylittlepony

    mylittlepony Well-known Member

    Like I said in my previous post. It doesn't matter what we do, people will always find something to complain about.:}
  13. Pockets

    Pockets Gold Member

    Black Caviar is just awesome-love to see such a kind,contented eye in such a champion! Jez is right horses like her love racing, they live for it! The ones that don't, don't make it-did anyone read the article in the last hoofbeats about how lucky we are to have such easy access to quality TB's....the ones that don't make it on the track and go on to other careers!
  14. Malakand

    Malakand Active Member

    According to this program she is racing again this Saturday, 8 October. I don't follow racing generally but would love to know when this girl is racing next - is it Saturday? Thanks!
  15. Firedance

    Firedance Well-known Member

    She is racing at Caulfield this Saturday - you can watch the race at 12 noon our time. :)):)):))
  16. Malakand

    Malakand Active Member

    Thanks so much Firedance, I bet the whole of Australia will be watching this race!
  17. Firedance

    Firedance Well-known Member

    Channel 9 are stating Black Caviar races in 1 hour!!!
    This is different to what TAB announced a few days ago and what is on her own website.

    Anyway hope you don't miss the race live and praying she comes home safe and sound.
  18. Malakand

    Malakand Active Member

    Thank you so much Firedance!!! I'll put Ch 9 on now so I don't miss it. Here's hoping a great lady romps home safely.
  19. ellechim69

    ellechim69 Guest

    Awsome race she looked like she was just out the bush having a canter around
  20. Malakand

    Malakand Active Member

    OH MY GOD what a freak!!! Is everyone else bawling their eyes out?

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