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Discussion in 'Horse Racing' started by LisaJ, Sep 5, 2011.

  1. TBPA

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    Seriously Black Caviar at the doggers?!!! Do you realise that Bart missed Saintly so much he couldn't leave him at living legends and bought him home. I think you people judge racing from a strange point of view!

    Really other equine sports are just far better at hiding their crimes so you think that all racing people are evil.
  2. horsescomefirst

    horsescomefirst Well-known Member

    shes not the only mare that will pump out foals, and im sure she wont get dogged **)

    anyway, im interested in the theory that great race mares throw nothing but the daughter do?? i have a broodie thats out of a very decent racemare, maybe i should be breeding tb from her?? hmmm somehting to think about :D
  3. Sharaway

    Sharaway Well-known Member

    Every racehorse gets treated like a god....while it's winning.

    If in her next race she snaps a leg at the finish line what will the story be then?

    You will all cry greedy owners pushed horse to far etc.

    Racing has never been about the horses it's been about the money.

    The horses are just lucky that along their are people who do truly care about them.
  4. sherridin

    sherridin Well-known Member

    There's absolutely no doubt that if Peter Moody hadn't of listened to Black Caviar and given her the time to recover and made adjustments to her training and rehab then she would never be the champion she is now!

    It is a mixture of luck, preparation and horsemanship. There's nothing wrong with profiteering and merchandising a racehorse as good as her. IMO, I felt as though the owners and only the owners were more concerned about the money spent and gained. Which I KNOW that is what racing is all about - the owners and how much money they can spend - but IMHO I didn't care how much it hurt to shell out the $35,000 in one go to make it easier. It was sposed to be a feel good story about a champion racehorse who captures the heart of a nation, a trainer who gave his horse plenty of time to become the champion she is, a jockey who gets the rides of his life on her back and a strapper and track rider who gets a taste of what it's like to have a champion under the their care!

    I want to know what it 'feels' like to watch your horse go unbeaten at every race start, that rush of adreneline as your horse smashes their opposition by 5 lengths and what it feels like be part of a horse that gives you the ride of your life. And I just didn't feel that from her owners. I did get that from her trainer, jockey, track rider and breeder though.

    I know what it feels like to part of a group one winning horse and it's an amazing rush - for all concerned.

    Jez - Sunline died. From complications of laminitis. She had 4 foals - 2 of which have since won races. She retired in 2003 and died in 2009. She battled laminitis and colic surgery in those times.
  5. sherridin

    sherridin Well-known Member

    I would highly doubt she would end up at the doggers! More likely Living Legends if should could not conceive or back to live her days out at her breeders or where she spells. ;)
  6. Lin

    Lin Well-known Member

    And you know these owners personally do you? Or can tell their motivations from a 30 min TV show?
  7. sil

    sil Gold Member

    And yet we think nothing of people who inject their horse's hocks to keep them competing in dressage or jumping.
  8. Belinda

    Belinda Well-known Member

    So yes, I did TAPE it and will watch it some other time. I'm a bit old fashioned like that. I still have a VCR for TAPING, no DVD recorder for me. My one concession is a DVD player - and I'm only 36. No IPOD or i-phone either.
  9. Jez

    Jez Gold Member

    Sherridin - typo was supposed to be HADNT, I am aware Sunline died and her story and how Claire and all her connections sat with her while she tried to fight the laminitis, check back thru the RIP Sunline thread on here..I was actually talking on the phone regarding my horse going to another smaller trainer with a different atmosphere because shes not a horse who does well in a high pressure environment..see we actually take care of their heads as well.

    Sharaway, yes we can agree to disagree, I am not just a fan of the industry, im part of it. If I can explain the putting in 35K thing..when you buy into a horse you are aware there are going to be costs, and lots of them. When you buy a yearling that first year or two (depending on if you have a 2yo type or a 3yo runner) is cost negative, you pay for breaking, education and spelling. Those owners decided to put up a lump sum rather than pay monthly - which is a reasonable option IF you have access to 35K. Otherwise, you pay the same each month if they are in a paddock or full race work - the times they spend spelling leaves a bit of money in the kitty for the times when the trainers fees start coming in. And Peter Moody is not exactly a cheap bargain basement trainer. To me, they made a financial decision that suited them.

    She snaps a leg next start? No different from the horses at ODEs who break their necks over jumps - there are people here who lost horses doing eventing and jumping on this forum, just because there is no prize money involved that absolves anyone of any responsibility? you enter your horse in an event, it breaks its neck and dies...wouldnt have happened if you hadnt made a decision to enter that event. Out of respect for stockies who have been in that situation im not going to hammer that point.

    You must know some pretty shitty minded people because all the horses ive had anything to do with are treated like diamonds win, lose or retired.

    Black Caviar off to the doggers..I think not. She will have a life of making public appearances - just because shes not a gelding doesnt mean she wont be part of the living legends in her own way. Re the big race winning mares not producing SUPERSTARS (handy winners perhaps, not often a big race winning mare produces a superstar) yearling buyers and bloodstock afficionados tend to look at the grand dam. Thats what I look for.

    Theres an old saying..keep yourself in the best of company and your horse in the worst...whos company are you keeping???
  10. horsescomefirst

    horsescomefirst Well-known Member

    im glad someone else bought up the dressage issue lol.

    i was going to but kept my mouth shut!! lol

    at least a racehorse is doing what comes natural.....:}
  11. Heifer

    Heifer Gold Member

    Watched my WB do canter piroettes yesterday. Not spins, but piros, with correct foot falls and all LOL. Canter to fence, piroette, canter to fence, piroette - he was deep in thought too, maybe he thinks his training isnt going fast enough? LOL
  12. horsescomefirst

    horsescomefirst Well-known Member

    or maybe he thinks cant wait till i can get my head up and see and get this shit out of my mouth!!!! LOL :D ;)
  13. Heifer

    Heifer Gold Member

    huh? he was in the paddock...
  14. Caroline

    Caroline Well-known Member

    Could someone post the link to the Australian Story segment please?? **):D
  15. Sorrel

    Sorrel Well-known Member


    Here is the link - Paint the Town Black - hope it works.

    She is the people's horse :) Looks and talent

    Australian Story
  16. Sharaway

    Sharaway Well-known Member

    Jez, sadly I have spent some time in the industry in my younger days and saw first hand the fate of many who where not lucky enough to be born a Black Caviar.

    You know full well for very winner there are 1000's of losers that do not get a good home, do not get retired sound, do not get endorsements and merchandise.

    The atrition rate out of the industry is disgusting, was 10 years ago still is now.

    The pleasure side of owning horses equally has it's problems, but the #1 provider of pet meet is not the backyard breeder or the pleasure industry its the tbred and Sbred horses that fill the kill pens.

    You can parade all the champions you like at legends rest, they are by far the lucky exceptions to the rule.

    And to try to paint a rosy picture of anything different is just buying into the bull... And ignoring the cold hard truth.

    Yes There are owners and trainers who try and do the right thing but horses still end up canned by the 1000's all over the country.

    The owners and connections are milking it for all they can, they have to, history shows the chances of them being able to make this much $$$ again from another horse are negligible to impossible.

    They all may never see another horse like this again in their lifetimes, so you bet their going to milk it, you bet she will get the royal treatment to keep her as perfect as possible, she is the breadwinner.

    But don't for 1 sec believe the would do the same for one that didn't run fast at that first trial. It would have been another story of a group of punters willing to loose money to have fun playing at being a racehorse owner.

    The story would never have been told.
  17. Lin

    Lin Well-known Member

    Again, Sharaway, you make broad sweeping statements and yet in reality know nothing about these particular owners or how they will treat Black Caviar when she retires.

    You are simply not in any position to know whether they are "milking it for all they can" or not.
  18. Sharaway

    Sharaway Well-known Member

    True Lin, the other management company down the road could be getting them far better endorsements and a much higher appearance fee.
  19. mylittlepony

    mylittlepony Well-known Member

    Wow, can't we even have a thread about a great racehorse without you anti racing people jumping down our throats?
    Jesus, you people need to get off your high horses and find something better to do.
  20. sherridin

    sherridin Well-known Member

    Hmmm, can't see anyone jumping down anyone's throats or actually attacking the racing industry ';'

    I for one am a huge fan of racing, worked in the industry for a few years and had the privellage of strapping, riding and caring for some very good horses (group one winners too!). I love racing. It's a multi-billion industry and creates massive revenue for our country not to mention hundreds of thousands of jobs.

    Racing has played a massive part in the development of veterinary medicine, equine reproductive medicine and trade employment such as farriers, jockeys, reinsmen etc.

    BUT that does not mean that there are ways to better the industry. The wastage and indescriminate breeding is atrocious. The wastage is due to the amount of horses being bred. The majority of racehorses are very well looked after and many trainers and owners try hard to find them a new life after racing but many horse enthusiasts and riders don't want thoroughbreds or standardbreds because of the stigma attached to them.

    At the end of the day, the cold hard truth is the sport of racing is not Australia's 4th biggest revenue maker because of love - it's money.

    But still, we should all be in awe at the power, ability and courage of this great mare. She is a true champion!

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