Black Buckskin! YAY!!

Discussion in 'Colour Questions' started by Golden Biscuit, Mar 12, 2008.

  1. Tintara

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    Black buckskin is the term generically used here in Australia to describe a single copy of cream acting on a genetic black. Smokey black is the term used elsewhere in the world for the same thing. Bit like taffy (Aust) and silver (international).

    If you subscribe to the theory that a buckskin is a black base with at least one copy of agouti + a single copy of cream then you would use the term smokey black in preference to black buckskin. If, like Jeanette Gower, you believe that a buckskin is any black base carrying a single copy of cream irrespective of whether or not there is agouti present then you would use the term black buckskin.

    BEB, colour registration is entirely your choice. It always amuses me though that people are quite prepared to utilise the 'expertise' of colour breed societies as in requesting advice and information about colour or how to feed to get the best colour etc yet have no intention of actually registering anything with them ........... And that is NOT a dig at anyone, just an observation borne of many years of first hand experience. :D
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    :)* I would reg my boy with UPWDBA but they dont take broken colours :D
    Hopefully tho I'll get some solid dilutes from him tho ;) (praying for a bucky!)
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    don't worry BEB when i posted pics of haulix for the first time, i had and still don;t have any idea what coloring is etc..., and i got the same reaction, i will admit i was offended as i knew what color his parents where, but everyone kept on telling me other things! don;t worry, they know what they are talking about i just sat back and watched! Like you said its for fun, so don;t worry and have fun **)
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    Hey BEB, don't get too defensive. People aren't having a go at you they are just pointing out that if you want to show him in colour classes (as you said in your very first post) you will need to have him DNA tested for registration purposes :)

    The test is not very expensive. From memory it is only around $40.

    However he is a cute boy regardless of colour.

    Haulix, your old boy is cremello pinto isn't he? I could imagine that would confuse a lot of people when you took him into pinto classes :D

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