bites make her so itchy!

Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by Excelsior Centerpiece, Feb 5, 2013.

  1. Excelsior Centerpiece

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    recently got Iris, shes a very very fine skinned TB filly.....

    she gets severe reaction to fly bites- swellings from little lumps to big ones... that get a bit scabby and she gets incredibly itchy and uncomfortable...

    Dose of dex takes the edge of it but would rather not rely on a needle of that once a week..especially as she will be bred from and dex may induce parturition in mares.

    So far we have her going to the beach/weekly washing her in hoss gloss,
    cotton combos on
    getting her a bug eyes mask and fly boots
    Fly sprays
    she still has dex sachets and injections but looking for more info/experiences/ tips or something i may not have thought off...

    last night i think se would have stress coliced if i didnt have some dex in the fridge!
  2. Troppo

    Troppo Well-known Member

    Is she stabled and is there somewhere you can put a fan?

    Myhorses get a fan on 24/7 in the wet season as my gelding gets Qld itch. I know Qld itch is mainly caused by midges but I have found that by locking him up during the day under the fan and letting him out at night it has significantly reduced the amount of midge and march fly bites he gets
  3. kp

    kp Well-known Member

    Get a fly repellent rug. My horse has the same problem and this is what has helped him the most. I've the wild horse brand in mine.
  4. Melle79

    Melle79 Well-known Member

    the lady who agists with me has the same problem. Her little horse is allergic to EVERYTHING.

    She hsa tried a few and has a Wild Horse Flyrug too which has a hood and everything that comes with flyboots that ACTUALLY STAY UP. She doesn't get too hot in it either.
    You can't wash it too often though but hey, better slightly dirty than covered in bites and sores

    It seems to be making a big difference. I have a fly catcher hanging in her yard too, they smell foul but it's disgusting how many flies they catch (they are from bunnings).
  5. shendo

    shendo New Member

    read feeding apple cider vinegar acts as a fly and insect repelant
  6. EVP

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    Midges come at dusk. If you wash her in Malawash and rug with a VERY clean light cotton rug, one for the day and another for the night when you put her away in the stable. After a week use Swift. Most of my horses come from Qld. The humidity here invariably brings out an itch even in horses who never had it when they lived in Qld....lolol

    They will develop their own kind of immunity over time. And each horse is different. The finer skinned ones take longer. Rug with attached neck rug and wash these in something like Napisan to kill bacteria and any seri-ooze. These bites will ooze and crust and its these that get so itchy.

    Once she is totally clean you have to keep her that can leave the rug off for a few hours but never in late afternoon as the midges/badies can gauge the weather. If its going to rain or heavy dew or storm or windy they will come early......thats what we found anyway! We night rugged at 3:30PM no later after we learnt that 5PM+ was too late.
  7. realalvin

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    ahhhhh. what do you mean? is allergic to EVERYTHING?!ahhhh
  8. realalvin

    realalvin New Member

    Each horse is different. plus we are having a terrible stable fly season,I buy one of these fly masks for my boy every year. I swear by them on him.
    They fit him well, he doesn't get overly hot in it and it does help keep the insects at bay.Currently, the only one I own is horseware. bucas , harrison howard are also good choices.

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