Big Head Disease/Bran Disease in Horses

Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by megz86, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. Treat07

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    No, it's only been there for the last say 10 weeks, I thought it may be a head hit, the lumps are like several golf balls in a row between his eyes, not a straight line, slightly diagonal, very lumpy
  2. gkelly

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    My thoroughbred is starting to have a bony swelling happening between his eyes. He is 18 years old and it is only very slight. I did have a thoroughbred many years ago who developed a large bony growth between his eyes but I was never told what it was. Did anyone take any photos so I can compare?
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    As a follow up to this thread. I have moved my horse off seteria and his shifting lameness had dissapeared and he is a picture of health. These high oxylate grasses are poison to horses.

    He is also on Cosequin and is back in form but it does make you question the grasses and also the bioavailablity of the supplemants to their sysytem
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    Looking for more info...

    I came across this thread recently and while it may have grown cold, I'm posting anyway.

    My 10 OTTB gelding has been tenatively diagosed with NSH. There are some oddities with this and I'm at a loss at dealing with, since I had never heard of this disease until now. I am in Tennessee in the United States and it's my understanding this condition is found most often in Queensland. The articles I've read say this is treatable, but I saw several posts here that said most horses are put down. At what point is euthanasia the only option? The photo of the chestnut is exactly what my boy, Sunny, looks like, but the bump is a little higher and slightly smaller.

    I feel horrible because our local vet told me to continue riding since the bump didn't seem to be hurting. My horse did fine until last weekend, when he seemed a bit sore under saddle. He has had his bump since late July and like another poster said, I just thought he'd bumped his head in the field.

    As for treatment, how long have other horses with this condition taken to fully recuperate? 6 months? A year?

    I appreciate any responses!
  5. megz86

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    Hi Kristeena@) Sorry to hear about your pony:( I never ended up finding out what the deal was with my horse but i dont think it was serious because nothing ever changed and hes still trooping along. I dont even know if he still has the bump as i dont have him anymore. This thread is from ages ago! lol

    Im pretty sure most, if not all of the other members who posted still come on reguarly so maybe they will be able to help you more, there also a few vets on here that may be able to offer advice.

    Good luck:))

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