Bicentennial National Trail

Discussion in 'Horse Riding' started by eliza, Jul 5, 2016.

  1. eliza

    eliza New Member

    Hi everyone :)
    I am currently trekking the Bicentennial National Trail with my daughter, who is riding our thoroughbred along the way. We also have two pack donkeys and have covered around 1800km of the trail so far.

    We are from WA and when we complete our travels on the BNT, I plan to complete a 1500km long ride through South west WA. Was wondering if anyone has attempted something like this there, or if people maybe know of a great stretch of firebreaks or horse camps that you think would be good to include. Our WA trip is only in the very early planning stages and thus I havent worked out a route yet. Thanks in advance for any suggestions :)

    If anyone is interested in following our travels, we have a blog-
  2. xyzabc

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    Hi, whereabouts are you now?
    I heard someone came through a few weeks ago on the BNT here (Bouldercombe, central Qld) and wondering if it were you.
    I ask because I thought they had a donkey or 2 but they were going south if I'm not mistaken.


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