Becoming a "Natural"...

Discussion in 'Training Horses' started by Murray, Apr 23, 2003.

  1. Murray

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  2. Ali

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    Wow, that's an excellent article. It really makes you think.

  3. widgelli

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    This is something that I have mentioned before.
    I know that it didn't go down too well when in some of my classes , one child/rider would go ahead a lot faster than another.
    Or one rider could ride nearly any horse and often get a better performance from any horse than its owner could.
    I used to tell my classes when I started with them that some people are born to this game and others have to really work at it.
    One of my favourite sayings is that a horse person is born , never made.
    I could teach anyone to sit on a horse , but to be a top rider you have to have that affinity with them.

  4. widgelli

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    It was interesting the piece about a horse fizzing in the ring , and instead of fighting it physically , to win mentally by asking the horse in question to still perform what was asked of it.
    My eldest son had this happen to him with one of his horses in the Riding Class one time at a show. This horse decided to buck in the middle of his workout. Tony rode him till he stopped, then made him stand in the middle of the figure eight , then perform the whole workout again. For the performance that the horse put on , he was sent from 1st , to 3rd. I thought this was hilarious , as the other two lads who took the top places wouldn't even get on this horse, let alone ride him in the ring.
    For carrying on like he did , he was then taken into the working stock horse , and worked with the whip , which he did without any qualms , coming second.
    It was just a battle of wits in the first place.

  5. beccy

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    Being a natural is definately something you are either born with or your not, no matter how early or late a rider starts.

  6. The Old Grey Mare

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    i agree.
    i am really good with foals & the start of education under saddle/harness. but the "show" riding, is not really something i have done before so now i have to work at it.

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