Bay or Buckskin

Discussion in 'Colour Questions' started by stormie, May 16, 2011.

  1. stormie

    stormie Well-known Member

    i call him a bay but after a few people said to me yesterday, that he looked like a buckskin. It got me wondering, I do plan on getting him tested to find out for sure.
    what does everyone else think?
  2. mudslide

    mudslide Well-known Member

    He looks bay to me, is his sire or dam a dilute at all?
  3. Nikiwink

    Nikiwink Well-known Member

    Bay for me - what colours were his parents??

    He's a Torriden youngster yes?? So they would be able to tell you if its a possibility - to be buckskin he needs a buckskin, cremello or perlino parent.
  4. stormie

    stormie Well-known Member

    Sire: Wendamar Nero

    Dam: Judaroo Liberty with chestnut colt (my boys full brother full brother)
  5. wattle6180

    wattle6180 Gold Member

    Definitely bay :) Once he drops that coat, and you have him on yummy showey foods, he will darken out to a richer/deeper colour :)
  6. uno

    uno Active Member

    another vote for bay...posibly just like daddy:))
  7. zoz000

    zoz000 New Member

    Hey I think he is a bay.

    Oh and that is me in the background with the red shirt and my pony :)*
  8. Hayley

    Hayley Well-known Member

    And me on the chair :)
  9. mineees

    mineees Gold Member

    bay for us too...:)
  10. Sassy

    Sassy Gold Member

    Ditto :) ...
  11. Lokenzo

    Lokenzo Gold Member

    I think he is going to be a similar gorgeous colour to his dad either way ;)
  12. Elanda

    Elanda Gold Member

    just like dad......brown**)
  13. Jerrico

    Jerrico New Member

    I would say bay but Judaroo Liberty what colour would you say she is as my horse has the cream flanks, muzzle, armpits etc and i though you would say that colouring maybe some type of buckskin. When i work out how to add a pic lol i will post a pic of him.:confused:
  14. Jerrico

    Jerrico New Member


    Ok first time in a year that i have posted a pic. This is my boy i think he may be a buckskin type maybe a burnt buckskin. This pic taken 2 months ago
    Last edited: May 16, 2011
  15. stormie

    stormie Well-known Member

    i don't know but i will try to find a more up to date photo of her and see if that makes any difference
  16. Pepsea

    Pepsea Gold Member

    A colour test costs $25US, so about $24.something AUS, really easy to send it off etc!
    He's very cute either way
  17. stormie

    stormie Well-known Member

    yeah i know i already looked that up i plan on sending that away as soon i get the samples
  18. Elanda

    Elanda Gold Member

    Liberty would be bay with no point doing a colour test as no dilute parents**)
    Last edited: May 17, 2011
  19. Cav

    Cav Gold Member


    anyway, you have shown the pony now so whats he registered as???
  20. stormie

    stormie Well-known Member

    I registered Hero as a bay, which i believe he is

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