Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by Noelle, Dec 7, 2007.

  1. Noelle

    Noelle Gold Member

    Can the old fibreglass baths be used for horses' water or do they break down in the sun and shouldnt be used?
  2. pso

    pso Gold Member

    Yep, they can be used...But best to put a frame around them, so that the horses cant knock they are VERY fragile, and cracked acrylic is like glass! Very sharp!
    They do have issues with the you may need to look at replacing them after a couple of years...

    Oh and if you have horses that paw at, or stand in troughs (mine do!!), then def keep away from acrylic a bit of damage to horses legs when they go thru the bottom of them!

    Try and get a cast iron one! They are heaps better (expensive tho!):))
  3. Noelle

    Noelle Gold Member

    Thanks pso. We already have a cast iron bath which we have put into a frame and it is about chest high on the horses so hopefully they wont try and jump in it :D . Just wasnt sure about the durability of the acrylic baths.
  4. HorseSlave

    HorseSlave Well-known Member

    I've just put a cast iron one in myself - and boy are they heavy! I'm lucky I had a Dingo available to move it around or I might have done myself an injury. Two of us can barely lift the thing :)
  5. Noelle

    Noelle Gold Member

    They certainly are :D . I remember what it was like trying get ours into the frame. We had to inch it up slowly. Just lucky we didnt bust a suspender belt doing it. :p

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